Cleaning Aftermath: Post-Renovation Disaster Management

The Cleaning Aftermath

If you’re having your apartment or house renovated then you really should start thinking about cleaning your place, post-renovation, which is when the real work begins! Builders and renovators are not professional cleaners. Thus, after they’re finished installing your new kitchen or fixing your bathroom, all that dust floats from room to room. It gets stuck on every surface, leaving no orifice behind! Unfortunately, for situations as heavy as this, a simple sweep or quick mop of the floor just won’t do.

The best solution is to invest in hiring seasoned, professional cleaners (like Maid Sailors), which will save you a lot of time, trouble, and potentially, injury. But, for those brave souls who choose to go it alone, we’ve drafted these tips on how to eradicate all of that dust and grime from your newly renovated living space!

Post-Renovation Disaster Management

  • Anticipate the storm. First off, there’s nothing like preparation and taking extra precautions to make sure dust doesn’t damage any of your electrical appliances or furniture. Do this by covering all your home items with plastic sheeting and/or bags and make sure they are well sealed with duct tape.Another very useful tip: keep windows open during renovations. This will allow a lot of dust and stray particles to venture out into the wild (versus settling in your living room). Most people don’t bother with preparation and begin the cleaning process after the builders have completed renovations. Don’t end up like most people. If you do a little preparation, you will avoid costly mistakes!
  • Dealing with floor dust. The last builder just walked out of your door and left you the delightful early Christmas present of a white, dusty floor. However, before you reach for that broom, think again! Sweeping dust usually means you’re just transporting it somewhere else, so why waste your precious time and energy? Sweeping is only a good idea if there are larger pieces of debris on the floor.First, in order to avoid suffocation, make sure the room is well ventilated. Next, use your vacuum cleaner to pick up the initial first-round of that stubborn dust. You’ll notice that after all of your cleaning and clearance efforts, there will still be some stubborn dust remnants. Finish the job by mopping your floor quickly, ultimately ridding your floors of that pesky dust. Extra credit goes to those who use a strong domestic cleaning product; while you’ll notice smudges on your floor at first, these will subside after a quick second coat.
  • Dealing with more dust. Now it’s important when cleaning to remember that builders’ dust doesn’t just limit itself to landing on your floor! It gets trapped on skirting boards, windowsills, shelves and just about any other surface in your living space. Ultimately, you can use a damp cloth. Pick it all up and really get into those tight corners.

Remember, if all of this sounds like too much work and you don’t have time to effectively prepare you can hire professional cleaners who will get the job done and leave your counters sparkling. In any case, remember that patience is paramount to a successful builder. If you rush it you won’t do a very good job. It’s important to be as thorough. After all, it is your home!


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