Cleaning Schedule Breakdown: Back to the Basics

Orchestrating a cleaning schedule can at times be a confusing job – Especially if you have a house full. You have to think how long each task will take, who will be performing it and when it needs to be done. But when it comes to cleaning schedules just like fingerprints no two are the same. And no two schedules will work for the same household. So you’re left trying to create your own.

Maybe your home has small children and you understand that some weekly tasks need to be performed daily in order to prevent getting behind. Or maybe you live alone and you notice that some daily tasks may only need to be done on a weekly basis. Whatever the case may be, creating a scheduled routine to stick to will help keep you on the right track.

I’ve created the following guidelines as a starting point to help you develop your cleaning schedule for your daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal chores.

Daily Chores 

These are the chores that need to be done every day in order to maintain basic structure in your household. Daily chores are the bare minimum of your cleaning schedule as a whole. Now just like we discussed above every household is different. Some of your daily chores might need to be done multiple times per day (like dishwashing), while others can be put into the weekly chore category. 

When it comes to 
daily chores it’s important to understand that things happen. Just because you have a schedule doesn’t mean life is going to adhere to it. If circumstances prevent you from completing your daily household tasks, it’s ok. It happens. As long as you’re not allowing mold to grow in the sink everything’s going to be fine.

Weekly Chores

Most household chores won’t fall into the daily category but they will fall into the weekly category. Scheduling these chores in addition to your daily chores will help you prioritize better so that you can complete the task in a timely manner. Nine times out of ten weekly chores can be done within a day or two. They’re not something you need to do all week long. 

If you have a big family or children, consider diving the weekly chores up among everyone. Provide them with 1-2 things to be responsible for and a deadline for when those things need to be done by. This helps eliminate stress and increases the overall function of the household.

Monthly Chores

Ah monthly chores, things you only need to worry about once a month. It’s easy to forget or neglect these chores since they’re done less often. Adding them to a cleaning chart allows you to easily and confidently remember these tasks. Considering the same delegation method we talked about with weekly schedules, dividing up monthly tasks can also be beneficial. 

Seasonal Chores

Seasonal chores or even yearly chores are the most forgotten chore which is why they’re the most important to put on your schedule. Even though our attention is only drawn to these areas a couple of times throughout the year they’re crucial to maintaining your household.

Consider scheduling a weekend each season to tackle all your seasonal chores. This could be the time to put away decorations, do yard work, or even some spring cleaning. Get your family together, split chores evenly, and finish them in a timely manner. 


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