How to Have A Child Friendly Floor

From the day a child is born they need a place where they feel safe and secure. In order to grow and thrive they need daily mental and physical stimulation. These things begin at home, therefore, you need to provide a suitable place for them to develop.

The floor of your home is one of the first places your child discovers. Laying down to rest and play on a surface which is soft and safe is fundamental to their continuing development. Floors can be cold, hard places, that is why using a suitable rug is imperative.

Choosing a suitable floor rug is a relatively simply procedure if you follow the guidelines of our infographic. It provides a brief explanation to the different varieties of rugs available along with pros and cons for their uses.

The infographic also guides you through choosing the correct size and style of rug for your available floor space, in order that you can creative a visual and tactile experience that your child can explore, learn and play on during their childhood years.

Selecting the right type of rug will provide years of learning for your child, and also provide your home with an aesthetically pleasing look of homely comfort and cosiness in which your child can thrive and flourish.

You will see that there are fabulous choices to be made in terms of colour, designs and patterns. There is a rug to suit every style of home so that it blends and coordinates seamlessly with your décor and provides a safe environment for your growing child.

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