Cheap Cleaning Tips for your House

What is your first reaction thinking about cleaning your house? Let’s be honest everybody hate to get their hands dirty cleaning the house. But the fact is that there is no escape. You have to clean your house to enjoy a clean and hygienic living space. For major cleaning, you can rely on experts which happens once or twice in a year but, what about the regular cleaning? Regular cleaning can help you save a lot of money too as your household items will be maintained well avoiding the major dust or stains. Household cleaning can be overwhelming. However, if you do it correctly, it will be an easy and fun task.

Start by checking in your kitchen to grab some inexpensive cleaning alternatives which are used in the tips below. These are cheap cleaning tricks that help you save money and time both. You will be surprised to know that you don’t have to spend greatly on those expensive cleaners anymore.  Instead, here is a small list of items that you must be using regularly in your kitchen. So take advantage of it. Moreover, If you get the chance to talk to your grandma, ask her about cleaning ingredient for the house in her time. Don’t be surprise to find her list will be much similar to the here mentioned list.

  • Baking soda
  • White or apple cider vinegar
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Essential oils (Any fragrance you prefer)
  • Lemons or oranges (Citric fruits)
  • Fresh herbs (Lemongrass, Basil or Mint)
  • Olive oil
  • Boiling water

Note: Make sure you open your windows while cleaning the house as it removes any bad odor and brings in the fresh air. Moreover, it also helps to decrease the risk of mold, mildew, and bacteria from spreading or growing in the house.

  1. Window Cleaning With Vinegar And Hot Water Spray

Windows are tough to clean and every time buying an expensive glass cleaner can cost huge. Hence, try a spray made of hot water and vinegar mixture. Spray it on the windows and wipe it off using a wiper or paper to dry it completely. Remember to repeat the process if the stains are tough.

  1. Polish The Wooden Furniture Using Homemade Polish

Did you know Olive oil is the best friend of wood? Olive oil acts as a natural conditioner for woods, therefore, it is used in many wood polish and cleaning solutions. Mixing one part of olive oil to the half pat of lemon for polishing your wooden furniture and make them appear as new. Moreover, if you want to clean the wood, a mixture of vinegar and water helps remove the dirt and germs. Remember to use a soft cloth for wiping the wood to prevent any scratching of the surface.

  1. Baking Soda Magic to Clean Carpets

One of the most important item in a house which needs cleaning is the carpet. Most people think that you need an expert’s help to get your carpet clean and stain free. However, if you have baking soda your carpet can be made fresh smelling and stain free without much expense. Baking soda and water paste can help you get rid of stains and for regular cleaning just spread it on the carpet in the night and vacuum it up in the morning. Isn’t that simple? Try it find it effective as well.

  1. Triple Duty Liquid Dish Soap

Dish-wash liquid has multiple cleaning uses hence do not limit it to your kitchen only. You can clean your upholstery, utensil and keeps your hands safe. Liquid dish wash is strong enough to remove food and oil stain and mild enough to keep your hands soft. For cleaning the couch and other fabrics make a mixture of vinegar, warm water, and liquid soap. Spray it on the fabric and gently wipe off using a dry clean cloth. Spay mildly so that the moisture doesn’t ruin the furniture.

  1. Use Ground Coffee To Deodorize The Fridge

How often you are sick of the fridge smells? If you have a ground coffee use, place it in the fridge and let it work. Soon your fridge will be smelling fresh and odor will be removed. You can also use a bowl of baking soda or charcoal to get rid of fridge odor. Use lemon juice and baking soda while cleaning your fridge.

  1. Ketchup To Clean Burn Utensil And Faucets

This one is all time favorite. Ketchup not only taste good but also it clean effectively. Make your faucet and burn vessel base shine by applying ketchup to it. Results are amazing and you will love it.

  1. Keep Your Stove And Oven Germ-Free Using Baking Soda

Ovens are always a hectic item to clean. It needs proper drying and cleaning to ensure its good health. Everyone must have faced the situation of burned marked ovens due to the spill of batter or food inside it. Moreover, the oil and spicy stains make it even worse. In such a situation, baking soda and vinegar spray remove all the stain and smell making your oven and stove look fresh and shinning.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Do share your personal tips to clean your home to make the list more informative and helpful for other readers.


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