How to Clean Hair Brushes

Why It’s Important To Clean Hair Brushes?

So you love your hair, you take pride in your hair. You wash your hair daily, have regular appointments with your stylist to get it cut, colored, so on and on. It’s possible you spend far more than you even think you should on your hair. You love pampering your hair so much that you forget that your hair brush also needs pampering from time to time. Take some time to make sure you have clean hair brushes.

Imagine this, you just finished washing your hair. It’s all nice and clean. And then you take your brush or comb that you’ve used a million times before on your unwashed hair and use it on your freshly cleaned hair. Think about that for a moment. You’ve just taken your dirty hair that was left on the brush/comb and mixed it with your freshly clean hair. Now it’s not as clean as you may think it is.

How Do I Clean It?

Let’s face it, clean hair brushes and combs are a lot better than dirty brushes and combs. They collect debris of dirt and dead skin and its continuous build-up is not good for your lovely locks. The residue left behind by those lovely hair products, also your hair natural oils can leave your hairbrushes and comb look grungy.

Along with your own, hygiene it’s very important to keep tools of daily use like comb and hairbrushes clean. Your hair brush and combs are a tap of germs, conditioner, oil, dead skin and old hair. It may not seem like a very big deal but clean brushes and combs help the way you style your hair and keep them fluff free.

Wait! There is no need to throw out that old brush or comb and get new ones just because it has accumulated so much lint over the gap of months or years. Here are some very valuable tips to keep your hair brushes and comb clean and work like new.

1. Removing The Hair

It is recommended to do this in a bathroom rather than a kitchen as kitchen is mainly used for cooking food and any loose hair can go into the food and make it unhygienic. First, remove all the hair with your fingers or a toothpick. Pick out as much hair as you can. You can also wet the hairbrush and comb under water this will soften the hair and it would be easy for you to remove them

2. Dampen The Brush

Place a small dab of shampoo onto the bristles of the comb or hairbrushes. Carefully rub the bristles together with your hands but make sure the points of the bristles do not hurt you.

3. Soak The Brush

For the remaining bits of hair and debris, soak the brush under warm water with a bit of baby shampoo or detergent. Generally speaking, baby shampoo is very good for cleaning makeup brushes. The warm water and detergent will soften the dirt and debris in the hair bristles.You can also use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning hair brushes and combs. Pour half cup of vinegar in half cup of warm water and soak all your brushes and comb into it for about half an hour. Wait till the dirt and hair get dampen and soft. Similarly, you can mix baking soda with warm water and soak in your hair brushes.But remember, an exception to the baking soda process is that, not to immerse certain types of hair brushes and comb into it.

The cushioned brush, the wooden bodied brushes, rubber brushes and comb and natural boar bristled brushes. Permitting water to get through the vent hole on cushioned brushes will erode the cushioning of the brush faster and it will reduce its shelf life. A wooden bodied brush or comb may cause wood to absorb water and may cause damage to the finish and make the body swell and break. While natural boar bristle brushes contain natural hair that would take in moisture as would other types of natural hair so the bristles can twist or curl if dampened.

4. Use A Toothbrush

You can use a toothbrush for cleaning the debris and left over in the bristles of the hair brushes and comb. This will indeed be helpful in cleaning the hair brushes and comb till the end of their root inside the bristles. It would be advisable to use a new tooth brush rather than old one. You cannot use the one for your hair that you used for your teeth; could you? Rinse the combs and hair brushes well.

5. Dry The Brush

Take a clean cotton towel would be preferred, dry the combs and hair brushes with the help of the cotton towel and let the remaining water dry on its own. Keep them in some clean place so that further dirt, grime and dust particles do not stick on it as this can easily happen when the combs and hairbrushes are wet.

6. Repeat

Now, after drying, again clean it with a dry towel so that the dust particles are removed if any are there in the hair brushes and comb. And VOILA, You are done! Your hairbrushes and combs are now clean and you can use them for keeping your lovely locks beautiful. Washing the hair tools twice a month can be very helpful for your long tresses; it will not only keep your hair clean but also helps in keeping your hair healthy.

Bonus Tips

  • Throw away pieces of hair stuck in your brushes because that could build up oil in your scalp and this can damage your hair.
  • Remove your hair from your hair brushes and combs after each brushing
  • Always clean your hair brushes and comb gently so bristles do not break off.
  • Never use finger to scrub a brush, it is very painful to get pinned in the finger by a bristle and even worse under a fingernail.

Hopefully, you’ve learned some awesome tips on how to keep your brushes and combs clean! If these worked for you, drop us a comment below. And if you have any other tips on house cleaning please leave us a comment below. We love to hear from our readers!

3 Most Recommended Toilet Bowl Cleaners

As of now, you’ve probably been using Lysol’s toilet bowl cleaner since it’s the hottest thing on the shelf. But the reason it’s so hot is that it’s cheap. And If we’ve learned anything by now it’s that cheap doesn’t always mean better. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not discrediting Lysol. They are one of the biggest cleaning brands on the market. But here at Maid Sailors, we believe in cleaning your home with natural products that aren’t filled with harmful toxins.

A lot of people tend to shy away from green cleaning often times because the products are more pricey (with good reason). But did you know there are other options? We’re going to show you some natural alternative products to clean your toilet with that won’t break your bank account. 

What Makes A Good Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Toilets are indeed the nastiest place in your home and you want to make sure that you’re giving it the proper cleaning it needs. Not only are they filled with loads of bacteria a toilet can also be home to mold and rust. These are all things that you need to take into account when searching for the perfect toilet bowl cleaner. You want one cleaner that can take care of everything, all-in-one.

When searching for a good toilet bowl cleaner ask yourself these questions, How well does it kill bacteria? Does it fight against rust inside and out? Does it kill and prevent mold? Am I paying a good price for the things I want to accomplish when I’m cleaning?

What Are Some Of The Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners?

Mrs. Myers

Mrs. Meyer’s aromatherapy toilet bowl cleaner makes the nasty job of toilet cleaning more bearable. Their cleaner cleans and deodorizes the entire bowl without using chlorine, dyes or solvents. Instead, they use essential oils that are plant-derived with ingredients. This makes it effective, biodegradable, and septic safe.

And if you’ve ever cleaned with essential oils, you know they are one of the most powerful resources you can use. Mrs. Myers will run you about $5 for a 24 oz. bottle of toilet bowl cleaner.


Have a toilet that has been neglected for so long that the build-up is beyond being able to be cleaned? If you don’t have the money to purchase a new one, there’s no need to. With Lime-A-Way’s Toilet bowl cleaner, you’ll have that toilet looking good as new. This is one intense product.

Of course, toilets that are really bad most likely need multiple applications. So please be cautious with this product intense product and follow the instructions. Nonetheless, when you have a toilet that nothing else will work for, turn to Lime-A-Way.

The Honest Company

Similar to Mrs. Myers The Honest Company also produces a toilet bowl cleaner with plant-derived ingredients. They’re cleaner is one to get the job done and leave your bathroom smelling great without any harsh chemicals such as SLS/SLES, Dyes, Ammonia, Synthetic Fragrances, Chlorine Bleach, and Methylisothiazolinone.

A 24 oz. bottle of toilet bowl cleaner from the Honest Company cost $5. It’s not much more than a regular toilet cleaner. And you really can’t put a price on a clean toilet.
What are some toilet bowl cleaners that you’ve tried?

Cleaning Products to Use When You’re Low on Money

Let’s just be honest here, things are expensive nowadays. What happened to the days where a loaf f bread cost a penny or even 10 cents. Yeah, unfortunately, those days are long behind us. The good news is that just because money is tight that doesn’t mean you need to cut back on your household cleaning. It’s possible that your favorite cleaning product may be too expensive right now. So we went ahead and did the research for you. We’ve compiled a list of cleaning products and supplies to help you stay on top of your household chores without breaking the bank.

Does that sound good? Keep reading!

Cheap Cleaning Supplies

When we think of the term cheap cleaning supplies’ we didn’t just want to look at the price. Of course, the price is the number one factor. We also wanted to find products that either reusable or that last longer than a month. Check out some of the best cheap cleaning supplies below. 

Spray Bottles

You can get a pack of 3 spray bottles with assorted colors here for just $5.95. That breaks down to $1.98 per bottle. And this way you have color coated bottles for each room in the house to put your homemade multi-surface cleaner in. Winning!

Microfiber Rags

Microfiber cleaning cloths are the new and fabulous way to clean. Forget wasting money on paper towel. Grab a 20 pack of color coated microfiber rags here for just $12.87. Just the like spray bottles, purchasing these rags is a one-time deal. Unlike traditional cleaner and paper towels that you have to repeatedly buy several times a year. 

Cleaning Sponges

These highly absorbent microfiber cleaning sponges are great for bathroom cleaning (especially the shower). Aside from the bathroom, these sponges work wonders for dusting, polishing, and waxing. They are also reusable just like regular microfiber rags. When they get dirty just pop them in the washer with your other rags. You can get them here for just $1.95.

Dust Slippers

Ok, I’ll admit it, this one isn’t a necessity. But if you’re like me you like to be comfortable when you clean. These dust slippers are perfect for house cleaning. If you can fit them in the budget they only cost $2.16!


Thinking about grabbing a bucket from the Dollar Tree? Think again. Let me stop you right there. Some things from the dollar store are really great. I love shopping there too. But you want a bucket that’s durable and that’s going to last you a long time. You don’t need to spend more than $3 on one that will do just that. In fact, this bucket only cost $2.70 and it’s sure to be the last one standing.

Cheap Cleaning Products

When it comes to finding ‘cheap cleaning products’, I’ll say this one was a toughie. But we managed to do it. We managed to find cleaning products under $3 that are all-natural and last an extended amount of time. Check out some of the best cheap cleaning products below.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Surface Scrub

So if you know anything about us here at Maid Sailors, it’s that we love all-natural products. This product might come as a shock to you being that it’s an all-natural plant derived surface scrub that only cost $1.96! But it is! Mrs. Meyer’s is a great brand. And the best part is, is that it comes in powder form so you can create a liquid solution out of it using one of the new spray bottles you just bought.

Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Wipes

These wipes are botanical disinfecting wipes for the perfect easy clean. Just like regular disinfecting wipes, they kill 99.99 percent of germs. They are extremely effective against cold and flu viruses and deodorize all without super harsh chemicals like bleach. A bottle of wipes cost $2.79, a price you can’t beat

Scotch-Brite Microfiber Hardwood Floor Mop

Microfiber mops are the best thing to clean your floor with. They work 100x better than traditional mops and they last way longer. One of the reasons these mops last longer is because when you’re done mopping you can throw the microfiber mop pad right in the washer. This mop will run you about $14. 
If times are tough, we hope you take advantage of some of these money-saving cleaning tips! And if you have any more you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to comment below.

Cleaning Supplies That Make Good Gifts

Have you ever thought about giving cleaning supplies as a gift? Maybe you’ve thought about making a cleaning basket with all your favorites. Or maybe you just had one thing in mind. Maybe you didn’t even think about it until you came across this post. Whatever the circumstances might be, we’re here to tell you that cleaning supplies make a great gift. And they do so for several reasons. 

Honest Company Gift Cards

Honest Company gift cards make a great personal or white elephant gift. These aren’t a baby shower or bridal shower prize type of gift. Because let’s face it, gift cards can add up fast. But if you’re looking for something new or different to get someone, maybe someone that just had a baby, this is it.

The Honest Company has a huge variety of products to help any new mom. Their products range from diapers, feeding, and cleaning, all the way to personal care and vitamins. Instead of picking the product out for them just get them a gift card! They’ll be super glad you did!

The Scrub Daisy & The Scrub Daddy

We’ve previously talked about the Scrub Daddy and the Scrub Daisy in this post. And with good reason. This product makes a great housewarming gift. It’s fun, colorful, and it’s worth every penny. 

The Scrub Daddy is the original product from the company. It’s a dish sponge shaped like a smiley face with a fresh lemon scent. Who doesn’t love a smiley face? Anyways, it’s one of the best sponges on the market. And it makes a great stocking stuffer!

Now the Scrub Daisy is a dish wand. It’s a dish wand that’s shaped to look like a daisy and equipped with a decorative stem handle which makes it perfect for any kitchen. The wand has three interchangeable heads for multi-purpose use. This is another great housewarming gift or it could even be a birthday present.

Microfiber Rags

The hottest thing in the cleaning category right now is microfiber cloths. Most people are making the switch from paper towel to cleaning rags. Why? Because they work better and don’t create as much paper waste. Which is a pretty good reason if you ask me.

But when should you give someone a pack of microfiber rags? When is an appropriate time to give this as a gift? Well anytime really. You could make them a white elephant gift, a birthday gift, or a Christmas gift. And if you really want them to like it, find out their favorite color. I promise you, they’ll love it! And it’s the thought that counts!

Mrs. Meyer’s Products

For those of you who know us here at Maid Sailors you know, we love Mrs. Meyer’s products. Their products are more than just cleaning supplies, they’re lifestyle supplies. And that’s why they make such a great gift.

With Mrs. Meyer’s products, you can make a gift basket, buy one of their gift baskets, or give a singular product as a gift. They’re products range from hand soap to multi-surface cleaner. And one of the best things about it is that they are all natural products. So you aren’t giving someone any harmful chemicals to ingest or clean with.

The company also makes candles. Their candles along with their hand soap make a wonderful baby or bridal shower prize. And their gift baskets make the perfect white elephant gift for under $15. With that price, you’re both winning.

Gifts For The Office

Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

Clorox disinfectant wipes make a great white elephant gift for your office party. Offices are a typical germ-filled place. It’s where people from all different backgrounds and homes come together.

You never know what kind of bacteria could be found on an office desk. That’s why nine times out of ten you’ll walk into an office and see several people with disinfectant wipes at their desk. Do them a favor, save them a trip to the store.

Microfiber Rags

Another gift everyone in the office can use is a pack of microfiber rags. Let’s face it, these days green cleaning is in and paper waste is out. Help your office save time and money by gifting them a pack of cleaning rags.

If you want to get really creative you can get a pack with a variety of colors and color code them. You can do this several ways. Either by room, task, or cubical. Whatever is easiest for you.

Pro Tip: If your office works with a cleaning company chances are they use these rags too. This means that you can ask them to pick up your dirty rags, wash them, and return them. If they are able to accommodate this for you consider making a separate bin for your rags. That way you will know when they get taken and when they return.

7 Instagram Feeds that Will Inspire you to Recreate your Space

Do you find yourself on Instagram for hours at a time admiring all of the organized, stylish spaces? Are you wondering how you can make your home Instagram ready? Get ready because today we’re discussing 7 Instagram feeds that will inspire you to recreate your space.

If your anything like us, then you’re loving all of the organized stylish homes on Instagram. These days they’re everywhere! So instead of being envious here at Maid Sailors, we choose to be inspired by these Instagram accounts.

To make it a wee bit easier, we’ve narrowed it down to our top seven Instagram accounts to follow for home organization and stylish decor. From kitchens to offices, these feeds are curated with the best photos to inspire you. Following these Instagram feeds will inspire you and make it feel possible for you to recreate the home you desire.

1. @Westelm

West Elm is a chain retailer that sells a variety of local handpicked furniture, home accessories, and kitchen items. What I love about their Instagram is that you can instantly become inspired by their decor and shop their inventory right on Instagram. Does it get any easier than that? We don’t think so. Follow @westelm and @westelmredbank for new and innovative inspiration today.

2. @Simplyspaced

Looking for new and innovative ways to organize our pantry? Simply Spaced home organization’s got you covered. They’ve got some great tips like mixing glass jars with wicker baskets and using clip-on changeable labels. They love transparency! Follow them for more great home organizing tips today.

3. @Theeverygirl

The Everygirl is the ultimate online resource for women. Aside from their amazing lifestyle advice the everygirl also offers home organizing and office styling tips. If you’re a successful career driven women who’re looking to enhance her home office check out @theeverygirl.

4. @Organizedbyaly

Located on the east coast and featured on the Rachael Ray show, Aly Finklestein shows off the ultimate home organization skills. From kitchens to closets @organizedbyaly has got you covered. I mean seriously, can this closet get any cuter? Go ahead, follow her!

5. @Clutterhealing

I don’t know about you but I just love the name of this Instagram account. Clutter Healing is a professional organizer and intuitive house healing service in West Hollywood, California. They provide you with tips and tricks on how to stay organized and live an amazing life as a minimalist. Follow @clutterhealing for more energy healing inspiration.

6. @Organizedliving

Get home improvement ideas at your fingertips when you follow @organizedliving. They’re leading in closet storage systems and organizing tips. You can also find a local Organized Living office to help you. 

7. @Neatmethod

NEAT Method is a luxury home organization service located in over 36 markets across the globe. Their Instagram is the ultimate resource for learning to create style and efficiency in your home. Follow them @neatmethod for more luxurious organizing tips!

Where do you find your inspiration? Do you find it on social media? If so, which Instagram feeds inspire you? Have the accounts we shared in this post inspired you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! 

Our Three Favorite Laundry Detergents

Laundry detergents can be a sensitive subject in many households. A lot of detergents on the market today have allergens, they don’t clean accurately, or the smell vanishes before you pull your clothes out of the dryer. In order to determine the best laundry detergents on the market, we took a look at what’s inside of them. The best of any product is one that’s one size fits all.
In other words, a good product is one that can be used by families all around the world without limitations. When it comes to detergent, just like we listed above some of the common limitations are allergens and toxic chemicals. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to our three favorite laundry detergents that can fit the needs of any family.

Arm & Hammer Detergent

When it comes to Fabric care, Arm & Hammer has it in the bag, literally. They’ve been around longer than any other detergent on the market. When in doubt, use Arm & Hammer. All of their products are stain fighting and powerful. Plus they have several products that are hypoallergenic, free of perfume and dyes, for sensitive skin, and bio-enzymatic. 
If you’re looking for a detergent that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but is still effective, go with Arm & Hammer. Their products are affordable and 100% effective. Plus they offer a variety of choices and scents you’ll love.

The Honest Company Laundry Detergent

The Honest Company has created a powerful stain fighting, gentle, plant-based detergent. This hypoallergenic, multi-enzymatic based detergent is perfect for any family. It’s specially designed for sensitive skin, and it even comes with a special formula for babies
Their innovative formula utilizes 4 stain-fighting enzymes to clean even your laundry’s toughest messes. This detergent has been Lab-tested on everyday stains like blueberry jam, baby formula, spaghetti sauce, mud, green peas, coffee and even red wine. The Honest Company was even awarded the Good Housekeeping Award for this detergent!

Mrs. Meyer’s Laundry Detergent

It’s gentle on fabric, powerful on dirt and grime, and smells amazing. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day laundry detergent is produced from naturally-derived ingredients as well as essential oils. It cleans and freshens clothes without the use of phosphates or harsh chemicals. And it’s HE compatible.  I mean, does it really get any better than that? 
Mrs. Meyer’s laundry detergent doesn’t stop there. They also have amazing dryer sheets that come in several different scents. Scent boosters if you like to add a little extra to your laundry. And even fabric softener for the cherry on top of a nice wash! 
You can’t go wrong with these choices. What laundry detergent are you currently using? Are you be promoted to switch to a new detergent after hearing what we had to say about them? Let us know!

Using Essential Oils Around Your Home

Using essential oils in your home

If you’re unfamiliar with essential oils and what they can do, get ready to be schooled on the amazing uses of essential oils. These oils are, in my opinion, the best thing on the market. That’s because they are so versatile. Each one of them has several different uses. I use essential oils every day around the house to clean, in my face wash and mouthwash, and of course in my humidifier in my office.

So today I’m excited to share with you the many different ways you can use essential oils throughout your home. I’ll also share the best place to buy them too! So continue reading!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are plant-based oils that have been concentrated into hydrophobic liquid. They are a type therapeutic oil that you can use for a variety of sickness, illness, allergies, and more. Basically, they are a wellness solution that empowers you to dodge harmful chemicals while energizing your life. With them, you’ll be able to ditch the stress and negativity, in order to reclaim your natural radiance

What can I use them for?

As I said above each essential is unique. Each oil has its own purpose as well as many others. Although there are hundreds of oils on the market today, below is a list the main ones that you’ll find in most marketplaces.

Lemon Oil:

  • Prevents mold by distilling it in a humidifier
  • Makes all-purpose cleaner
  • Keeps cut fruit like apples and avocado fresh 
  • Add a few drops of lemon oil into hot water to soothe a sore throat

Eucalyptus Oil:

  • Relaxes the human body, mind, and soul
  • Soothes feet pain
  • Fights off colds and sinus infections

Tea Tree Oil:

  • Removes mold by directly apply it to the surface
  • Cleans and disinfects
  • Makes all-purpose cleaner
  • Freshens breath
  • Mixed with borax this oil makes a great carpet cleaner
  • Kills germs

Lavender Oil:

  • Reduces anxiety, stress, and tension
  • Increases spiritual awareness
  • Relieves itchy scalps
  • When mixed with two tablespoons of coconut oil lavender oil helps repair dry cracked feet 

Frankincense Oil:

  • Helps relieve sore muscles
  • Using five drops of Frankincense, five drops of grapefruit oil and some coconut oil on your skin can help reduce stretch marks
  • Elevate your spirituality by diffusing frankincense in your home

Peppermint Oil: 

  • Combined with sea salt and baking soda you can create toothpaste with this oil
  • Breathe this oil in through your nose to relieve nausea
  • Improves mental focus
  • Clears respiratory tract

Black Pepper Oil:

  • Soothes muscles and joint pain
  • When inhaled directly it can reduce symptoms of anxiety
  • Add a drop to your food to aid digestion

Lemongrass Oil:

  • Wards off unwanted insects
  • Adds extra flavor to soups and teas
  • Helps relieve muscle pain
  • Kills germs

Rosemary Oil:

  • When added to your shampoo this oil helps thicken hair and reduce dandruff
  • Helps aid the improvement of your memory
  • Improves your overall gallbladder function

Sweet Orange Oil:

  • Mixed with lemon oil and inhaled during pregnancy can reduce morning sickness
  • Boosts your energy level
  • Freshens the air
  • Disinfects countertops 

Sandalwood Oil: 

  • Helps relax during yoga and meditation
  • mixed with frankincense and lavender sandalwood helps reduce wrinkles
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Enhances overall mood and energy levels

Pro Tip: Add about 10 drops of your favorite oil into your vacuum bag or dust container for a great smelling clean.

Where can I get them?

You can get essential oils at any grocery store like Walmart or Meijer near the vitamins. Or you can find them at pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens in the same section. But the best place to get them is in bulk on Amazon. This way you aren’t spending $7-$12 a bottle. Instead, you’ll spend around $20 for nine different oils. Which is a good bargain if you ask me.

For more essential oils and their uses check out this post.

How to Make Memo Boards for the Home

Everyone needs a place that they can designate to jot down notes and post reminders from time to time. Especially if you’re a business owner. Or if you work from home. Welcome to the wonderful world of memo boards.

Christmas cards, invitations, mail, coupons, recipes, business cards, art projects, and menus can easily pile up on the kitchen table creating a mess. Some of these things could probably be filed or thrown away. But they’ve piled up on the table so high that you don’t want to take the time to go through it now. Do yourself a favor and get organized by creating a memo board.

There’s no need to go out and buy an overpriced memo board. You can simply make one by making use of thrifty items you have around the house already.

Here are some clever ways to make a memo board that are simple and inexpensive: 

Bike Wheel Memo Board

Old fashioned bike wheels make wonderful memo boards. If you don’t have one you can find them at flea markets or on eBay for cheap. This is a good board to hang postcards, pictures, and business cards on.

Chalkboard Memo Board

By taking magnetic chalkboard paint you can paint a wall or a door to use as your own personal chalkboard. This board is ideal for anyone that will proactively use it on a daily basis. On this board, you can write, erase, hang things, and even decorate. 

Cookie Sheet Memo Board

Thanks to Sadie Seasongoods we now know how to create a fun diy cookie sheet memo board. It’s simple. Start by taking any old metal (not aluminum) cookie sheet cleaning it and painting it your favorite color. After that, you can create a backdrop by using colored paper, duct tape, or even fabric. This is a fun and easy project that anyone can do. 

Paper Roll Memo Board

Calling all list lovers! If you’re one of those people who love your list, this is the memo board for you. Instead of writing all of your lists out on sticky notes or on the back of a napkin simply install a roll of paper to your wall for a spot to jot. 

Shutter Memo Board

Did you know you can take an old shutter and restore it to make an awesome memo board? You do now! Just paint it and put it up wherever you’d like. This memo board is perfect for hanging outgoing mail, Christmas cards, and even your car keys. You could even use this memo board as a cute vintage housewarming gift.

Wine Cork Memo Board

There’s plenty of reasons to save your wine corks when you’re done with them. And one of those reasons is because you can make a memo board out of them. This is a really fun project to make to place in your kitchen, living room, or dining room and hang pictures on. You might need a lot of wine corks for this particular project depending on how big you want your memo board to be. So if you’re a wine drinker you better get to drinking!

Do you have a cool and innovative way to create a memo board? If so, share it with me below! I love to hear new ideas. And who knows your experience may end up in one of our blog posts!

Why You Need To Clean Your Mattress Properly

It’s important to clean your mattress, did you know that? Often times we have mattresses for years and they never get cleaned, not even once. Think about it like this, if you went to a hotel and you knew that they never cleaned their mattresses would you sleep on it? Probably not. So why are you sleeping on your uncleaned mattress? Because it’s yours? That’s no excuse. You get dirty too. Which is why you wash your sheets right? But when you wash your sheets and you don’t clean your mattress you’re just putting clean sheets on a dirty mattress ultimately causing them to get dirty immediately.

Did I give you something to think about? I hope so! Because that’s what today’s post is all about. How to clean your mattress properly and effectively. You’ll also want to check out our post about the importance of proper pillow care when you are finished.

Pro Tip: Invest in a good mattress protector. Put the mattress protector on your mattress to prevent it from getting dirtier than it needs to be. 

Why is cleaning your mattress important?

As mentioned above, if you don’t clean your mattress you’re basically sleeping on a dirty surface, even if your sheets are cleaned. Did you know that every night, your body makes about half a liter of sweat and sheds nearly a gram of skin? You do now!

That means that your mattress can easily become home to fungal spores, bacteria, bed bugs, and dust mites that want to feed on your newly shed skin. The average mattress has about 2 million dust mites. Which should come as no surprise seeing that without regular mattress cleaning, your mattress is one of the dirtiest things in your entire house.

How often should you be cleaning your mattress?

Many people would bat an eye at the thought of cleaning their mattress. It’s just not on their to-do list. Cleaning their sheets seems to be enough for them.

Your bedding itself should be washed at least once a week. This will minimize the amount of oil, sweat, skin, and fluids that get into your mattress. And your pillows should be cleaned at least four times a year. But this doesn’t exclude your mattress from needing to be cleaned. When it comes to the mattress itself you should try to clean it twice a year.

Pro Tip: When you take your sheets off to wash them spray your bed down with some disinfectant or vinegar and let it dry before putting your clean sheets on.

Are you worried about what might be hiding in your mattress while you sleep?

If you are worried about what type of pests might be hiding under your sheets, aside from cleaning your mattress yourself, you can always get your mattress professionally cleaned. Professional mattress cleaning is one of the easiest steps you can take to protect your health from a dirty mattress.

Pro Tip: Sprinkle some baking soda on your mattress and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then take your vacuum hose and vacuum the mattress before spraying it and putting new sheets on. It’s almost like cleaning the carpet, it’s easy, try it.

Now do you think it’s important?

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ve decided to take a new approach to mattress cleaning. And if you have children in the house, it’s important to make sure their mattresses are cleaned too. Children are more prone to sickness and disease so it’s crucial that we take the extra steps in order to prevent them from obtaining bed pests. 

A Brief History of Vinegar

A Brief History of Vinegar

Do you know how vinegar came about? Today we’re going to briefly discuss the history of vinegar. Research shows us that we can trace vinegar all the way back to before 4000 B.C. It has been helping people for thousands and thousands of years. It’s nature’s gift to mankind. Vinegar is a sour liquid that comes from the fermentation of diluted alcohol products. This yields the organic compound acetic acid, its key ingredient. The acidity of it is what makes it the greatest household necessity. Acid is what cleans and disinfects surfaces.

The point is vinegar has been used for tens of thousands of years. You should always have some handy in your house. You never know when you’re going to need it. We’ve done some research for you, gathered some facts, and listed all the different types for a brief history of vinegar for you.

Fun Fact:

During the 18th-century people soaked sponges in it to help offset the foul odor of raw sewage and the lack of indoor plumbing. They had Small silver boxes called vinaigrettes that they used to carry these sponges. 


  • Apple Cider Made from cider or apple must, has a brownish-gold color and is known as the mother of vinegar.
  • Balsamic Balsamic is aromatic and aged produced in the Modena and Reggio Emilia provinces of Italy.
  • Cane – Cane is made from sugarcane.
  • Date Made from fermented coconut water or sap, is used extensively in Southeast Asian cuisine.
  • Distilled This is variously known as distilled spirit, or white vinegar, and is used in cooking, baking, meat preservation, and pickling, as well as for medicinal, laboratory, and cleaning purpose.
  • Malt Malt vinegar, also called alegar is made by malting barley, causing the starch in the grain to turn to maltose.
  • East Asian Black Chinese black is an aged product made from rice, wheat, millet, sorghum, or a combination thereof.
  • Fruit/Kiwifruit Fruit vinegar is made from fruit wines, usually without any additional flavoring.
  • Palm Palm vinegar is made from the fermented sap from flower clusters of the nipa palm.
  • Pomegranate Pomegranate vinegar is used widely in Israel as a salad dressing and in meat stew.
  • Rice Rice is most popular in the cuisines of East and Southeast Asia.
  • Sherry Sherry is exclusively from the acetic fermentation of wines. There is a generous aroma that comes from Sherry, including a note of wood. Which is ideal for vinaigrettes and flavoring various foods.
  • Wine Wine vinegar is made from red or white wine

Fun Fact:

The term “vinegar” comes from the French word “vin aigre,” meaning sour wine.

What is the best vinegar for cleaning?

The best kind of cleaner you can use for cleaning is white or distilled vinegar. Apple Cider is good for some tasks but white usually gets the jobs done. White or distilled is good for cleaning toilets, showers, coffee pots, floors, and even countertops.

If you have vinegar around your house, you can pretty much use it for anything. At least, that’s what we do in my house! No more buying toxin household cleaners or spending unnecessary money in the cleaning aisle. Furthermore, when I say this is the only thing you need to keep in your cabinets at all times, I mean it.

Fun Fact: 

The shelf life is pretty much indefinite due to its acidic nature. It is self-preserving and does not need refrigeration.

What else can I do with it?

There are plenty of things you can do with vinegar besides cleaning. That’s why it’s the perfect household necessity. It serves multiple household needs. Back before we had Lysol, Mr. Clean, and Pine-sol this is what people used. As a matter of fact, it’s as effective today as it was back then. Below, we’ve listed a few more tasks you can do with it:

  • Freshen up the fridge
  • Brighten coffee mugs and teacups
  • Eliminate Odors
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Save a garment
  • Clean toilets
  • Lose the carpet stain
  • Renew paint brushes
  • Help kill mold
  • Make an antibacterial cleaner
  • Soften feet, and get rid of odor
  • Kill Weeds
  • Clean your microwave

For more tips and tricks to use around the house visit this site.What’s your experience with using this household favorite? Do you have any tips you’d like to share with us? Did you enjoy a brief history of vinegar? Tell us below!