The Four Best Dish Sponges

A dish sponge is one essential item that should be on all cleaning supply lists. It offers the best of both worlds in terms of being a reusable and disposable cleaning supplies. Dish sponges are easy to wash and inexpensive to replace. It’s best to get them in bulk on Amazon.
Although they are a necessity, they should be chosen wisely. You shouldn’t just get any old dish sponge. That’s why we went ahead and researched sponges to find a dish sponge with the most scrubbing power and versatility to help with all of your household cleaning tasks.

Types Of Sponges

Natural sea sponges grow on the ocean’s floors and are 100% natural and earth-friendly. We recommend these sponges for tasks like removing caked-on food from dishes. They are soft and highly absorbent.
Microfiber sponges are soft texture sponges that can be used on any surface without concern. We highly recommend using this type of sponge for cleaning your car or windows. These sponges only work well for removing surface oil and dirt. They are not a scrubbing sponge.
Dry sponges are typically made of rubber. We recommend using this type of sponge for surfaces that can’t tolerate water like lampshades and certain fabric upholstery. They are commonly used to clean soot after a fire. When the dry sponge gets covered with dirt or dust, just slice that part of the sponge off for a fresh sponge to clean with.

What To Look For In A Dish Sponge

what’s the main purpose of a dish sponge? To efficiently remove food and debris from surfaces right? That’s right. Most of the time dish sponges are used to remove caked-on food from dishes, pans, and utensils. Occasionally we use them for other household tasks such as cleaning shower walls. So we thought it would be helpful to determine what makes the best sponge. We found that a dish sponge needs to be useful in a wide variety of functions in order to be labeled the best. In other words, a sponge that is useful for more than just washing the dishes.
But that isn’t the only thing you should look for when searching for the perfect dish sponge. You also want a sponge that holds great absorbency and blocks out odor at the same time. Another important factor in deciding whether or not sponge is the best is if it has a scrub pad attached to it. Some sponges are just that, sponges. And some of them come equipped with a scrub bad on the back for multi-usage.
Keeping in mind the number of ways you can use a sponge, and the many different types of cleaning sponges that exist, there is a lot of information to consider when deciding which sponge will make your cleaning task easiest. That’s why we took the time to research this information for you. We’ve come up with a list of the four best dish sponges on the market to help you clean easily and effectively.  

The Four Best Dish Sponges

  1. Scrub Daddy Original
The Scrub Daddy is number one on our list for a reason. You may be familiar with it already if you watch the NBC hit show Shark Tank. Lori Greiner thought it was good enough to invest in and we think so too.
This sponge has it all. In fact, the Scrub Daddy was doing so well the company actually expanded the brand and now has several sponges including number three on our list, The Scrub Daisy.
  1. Lysol Multi-Purpose Scrub Sponge
These durable antimicrobial sponges have been treated with a solution that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and mold which makes them one of the best sponges on the market. They also come equipped with a scrub pad for multi-use. You can use them in the kitchen, the bathroom, or in the basement.
  1. The Scrub Daisy
The Scrub Daisy as mentioned earlier is one of the offsprings of the Scrub Daddy, the original best dish sponge’. This sponge, aside from its beauty, comes with an interchangeable stem that fits three different head sponges. Each sponge that fits the Scrub Daisy severs a different purpose which makes it one of the best versatile dish sponges on the market.
  1. Dobie Cleaning Pad 
The Dobie cleaning pad is a Scotch-Brite product. Next, to the Lysol multi-purpose sponges, Dobie cleaning pads are the next best thing you’ll find at the grocery store. These sponges are absorbent, non-scratching, odor-retaining, soft, and flexible. 

Review: The Honest Company Aromatherapy Toilet Bowl Cleaner

If you haven’t had a chance to read our post about the best toilet bowl cleaners on the market you can check it out here. One of the toilet bowl cleaners on that list is from The Honest Company. Here at Maid Sailors, we love products from The Honest Company!

Their products are all-natural, plant-derived, and perfect for any family. With Honest products, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, strong smells, or double duty. Their products do the work for you. Of course, we know there are just some people you cant convince to change. Those people have been using the same products for years and years. But if you’re open to change we welcome you to try out this product after reading our review.

What makes this toilet bowl cleaner the best?

Aside from the amazing smell of the product, it’s a great product for three other reasons. This product has passed testing for safety and efficiency. It contains essential oils for an extra added clean. And it’s septic safe. Let’s take a look at what makes this toilet bowl cleaner the best toilet bowl cleaner.

Green American

No, it’s not great America, it’s green American. Although, I believe that if you use products like this you are a great American. The greener the better, right? Of Course! So what is Green American?

Green America certifies business that are leaders in environmental safety. The Honest Company has been awarded this because of their social responsibility evaluated in accordance with Green America’s standards.  A Good Toilet bowl cleaner like this one is labeled environmentally safe for the all American family. Or in this case the green American family. Get it? Green American.

Safer Choice 

The Honest Company’s aromatherapy toilet bowl cleaner was given the Safer Choice award. The Safer Choice award is awarded by the EPA. The Environmental Protection Agency awards recognization to products designed with safer chemicals for the family, the home, and the environment. Products that don’t sacrifice the quality or performance of the product. In other words, the perfect product for green cleaning in your home.

USDA BioPerferred

It’s 97% USDA BioPerferred. What does this mean? A product has undergone extensive testing and has been labeled an effective biobased product. Biobased products are products derived from plants as well as other renewable materials. They provide an alternative to conventional petroleum-derived products that contain harmful chemicals.

These days there are so many products on the market that aren’t biodegradable. Products that aren’t just harmful to our households, but harmful to our environment. It’s important to pay attention to what kind of products you’re using in order to keep your house and community safe.

Pro Tip: Drizzle the cleaner around the inside of the toilet bowl before you go to bed and let it sit overnight. When you wake up take your toilet brush to it before flushing. The aroma of the cleaner will fill your bathroom beautifully.

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