The Most Common 5 Appliances You Need To Secure

A considerable amount of reliable home products has changed to be progressively efficient with better features. However, these improvements have influenced the reliability, quality, especially in home appliances. They likewise have turned out to be more labor-intensive and costly to fix.  

With increasingly expensive, and progressively temperamental products, you might need to think about security and the protection of your appliances as an investment against repair rates later on.

There are 5 common appliances that need to be secured in terms of its cleaning perspective and the warranty period.  

1. Refrigerator

The important appliance at your home is a refrigerator. The space behind your refrigerator is apparently the dirtiest couple of square feet in your home. It is a place for residues, dust, gunk and other kinds of stuff that is fallen behind this big appliance.

To clean the appliance, pull out the refrigerator and mop up whatever you find beneath. At that point, vacuum refrigerator coils behind or underneath your refrigerator, which will put less weight on the motor and thus prolong its life.

Replace the loose door gaskets or check out your appliance manual for a new part and find new gaskets at home improvement centers or search it online. You’ll get the additional advantage of saving energy with a tight seal. You can also cover your appliance parts in the manufacturer warranty. In case if the default warranty is expired, you can opt for the online third-party refrigerator protection plans.

To clean the refrigerator, use a little foamy water. Also, a solution of water and white vinegar will clean and sparkle within and outside of your refrigerator. Wipe down racks and crispers on weekly basis, or at whenever you detect a spill. Evacuate fingerprints on stainless steel exteriors with a damp cloth.

2. Dishwasher

You would think that you will not have to clean your dishwasher since it cleans itself each time you use it. But, you should check the dishwasher drain channel in the base of the dishwasher machine for debris, and wipe the gaskets around the doorway to ensure a tight seal.

Once in every week, aerate it by setting a bowl of white vinegar on the top rack and running it, unfilled and for a full cycle.

About 55% of American homes have a dishwasher. In the event that your dishwasher breaks, you can generally hand-wash the dishes, however, utilizing a dishwasher really costs less. Thus, at the time it faces damage, getting it fixed is important. Hence, with cleaning, securing it also can be a good move.

3. Oven & Stovetop

Talking about the oven, most ovens have self-cleaning options. It is suggested giving the oven a chance to do the work for you.  But there are a couple of spots where self-clean option that doesn’t reach, for example, the gunk around the door hinges and frames and the crumb scratching area between double ovens.  You can wipe them up with vinegar or foamy water.

Baked on muck falls off with a touch of baking soda on a sponge or a spritz of commercial oven cleaners. Make a habit for cleaning spills rapidly in the wake of utilizing the oven, and you may never need to scrub it again.

Clean Your Stovetop:

  • Fill your sink with hot, soapy water; splash burners, knobs, and hood vents; if they fit, for a few hours; then scrub it. Repeat this step is necessary.
  • Replace stained metal plates on the off chance that they are beyond the help of steel wool.
  • Vacuum crumbs that have fallen in splits between the stovetop and counter.  

Well, in case of any defects or break downs, you can replace your oven or stovetop if your appliance is under warranty. You can view our complete guide to cleaning your glass top stove if you want more details.

4. Coffee Machine

To evacuate mineral deposits that can clog your coffee machine, pour a solution of two cups of water and one part of white vinegar into the water chamber, insert the espresso filter and run the solution through the machine. At that point run the clean water twice to expel the taste of vinegar.

One of the oldest ways to remove stains from your glass coffee pot is to cover the bottom with table salt, include ice cubes and when they begin to melt, wash around for two-three minutes and then rinse it off.

5. Microwave

The great technique to vanish the baked-on food is to fill a microwave-safe container with the water and keep it until the water boils. Let it settle for a few minutes until the steam loosens any dirt. Wipe and clean it!

Well, cleaning off your microwave is one of those tiresome activities that no one like to do. But, ignoring it can cause your microwave a look dirty and unhygienic. Therefore, it is quite necessary to clean the microwave on a regular basis to help to maintain the appliance thus ensuring that your food tastes as it should.

If you use a commercial cleanser, try a fume-free cleanser and keep the microwave door open for some hours after you end with cleaning. Use caution while utilizing any commercial cleaning product within the microwave. Avoid using a pre-soaked scrubbing pad inside the appliance as the loose particles can catch fire and ultimately explode.

Final Note…

Well, along with cleaning your appliances, protecting and securing your home appliance is an essential step. Thus, it is suggested to get an extended warranty for your products in case of any damage or break downs. Appliances come with manufacturer warranty along with them and it lasts for one year or a two. Once the warranty terminates you need to extend it by opting for extended warranties. The starting 5 appliances warranty and protection plan is the coverage plan where you can pick any five appliances and secure it with extra coverage. And it is truly worth!

14 Common Myths About Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, there are several misconceptions about it. There may be practices that are performed that are not as effective as the real ones. These myths about cleaning may be about the method or the cleaning product. Learning more about the myths behind cleaning methods and cleaners can definitely help you make your home shine and germfree.

To better understand the right cleaning methods and products, here are 14 common myths about cleaning:

Myth: Bleach is an ideal cleaner for all surfaces in your home

This is a common misconception when it comes to cleaning. While it is true that it can kill germs quickly, this is not a great product to use when it comes to breaking down the build-up of surfaces. Moreover, this may be unsafe to use at home, especially if you have children or pets. Bleach can be harmful to your family and pets, especially if these are used in strong concentrations.

Myth: Any cleaner will do when it comes to cleaning

Many people simply get a bottle of their preferred cleaning product and start spraying everything in sight. While there may be some cleaners that are great for one task, they may actually be terrible at others. Thus, it is important to read the label of the cleaner before using it. It is important to determine the things or surfaces that you will be cleaning first. This way, you can choose the right cleaning products that would suit the things that you will be cleaning.

Myth: All cleaners need to be sprayed, then wiped off right away

This is another misconception when it comes to cleaning. There are products that work right away and will not require soaking. On the other hand, some cleaning solutions or products need to sit as well as soak a surface for it to properly sanitize or clean a surface. Thus, it is important to read the cleaning instructions of the cleaner that you are using.

Myth: Bleach works best with hot water

Another common cleaning myth is about bleach and hot water. Many people actually believe that bleach and hot water make a perfect pair. However, this is not true, as hot water mixed with bleach can actually turn white into a yellowish tint. To avoid the yellowish stain on white surfaces, you should not use bleach and hot water together.

Myth: Vinegar is the ideal disinfectant and this can get rid of germs better than the other cleaners can

This is a common cleaning misconception. While this can remove guck as well as junk off surfaces, this does not kill all germs. Vinegar may be useful for some situations, but useless in others. Thus, it is important to choose the cleaning product wisely. You can base your choice on the things that you will be cleaning.

Myth: Using more detergent means everything is cleaner. This is a common misconception when it comes to cleaning clothes or doing laundry

It is true that adding extra detergent can help when it comes to heavy soiled clothing. However, this is not true when you use too much detergent when washing regular amounts of clothes. Extra detergent or not, the clothes that you are washing would still come out clean after doing laundry. When an excessive amount of detergent is used, this can leave soap residue on the clothes that need to be washed off.

Myth: Frequent carpet vacuuming can wear your carpet out

Many believe that if you frequently vacuum your carpet, it can wear out easily. However, the best thing that you can do to keep your carpet clean is to vacuum it frequently. This way, your carpet will remain clean all the time.

Dust that may have accumulated in the carpet can be removed so that it will not destroy the carpet material. In fact, professional carpet cleaners can attest that vacuuming carpets frequently can help in cleaning the carpet, restoring its beauty, and prolonging its life.

Myth: All green cleaning products are safe to use

A green label does not necessarily mean that the cleaner is safe to use on all surfaces. Moreover, not all greens are safe to use for your home as well as around your children. Thus, it is still best to read the label of the cleaner before using it. Not all products on the ‘green’ corner of the local retail store are safe. Thus, it is still best to make it habit to read the label of the cleaning products you buy. Even though not all ingredients are indicated on the product label, you will still get a good idea on what the product is made of and you can judge whether the product is safe to use or not.

Myth: If it smells clean, then it must be clean

Just because the area smells flowery and fresh, it already means that the area is clean. The smell may deodorizer and not on the actual cleanliness of the area. The safest clean is actually odorless. Therefore, you should not be fooled about areas smelling clean, but are actually full of germs. This is one of the more common myths about cleaning.

Myth: Steam cleaning your carpet can cause it to stink and grow mold

Most people worry about the carpets smelling stale right after having them cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner. However, steam cleaning your carpet is the best way to keep your carpets clean. Professional carpet cleaners use steam cleaning to effectively clean carpets. While at first, the carpet smells moldy at first, this can go away and you are left with a clean carpet.

Myth: Homemade cleaning products do not work as well as the commercial cleaners

This is another common myth about cleaning. Homemade products are generally safer to use in cleaning. In addition, they work well too. In fact, there are homemade cleaning product recipes that are useful for a wide array of uses and they are effective in cleaning.

Myth: Hairspray is the ideal product that you can use to remove ink stains

This is only effective because this contains alcohol. Instead of using this, you can go straight to the source. Instead of using hairspray, you can make use of alcohol to blot out ink stains.

Myth: For washing windows, newspaper is the perfect alternative to paper towels

Yes, the newspaper can be an alternative to paper towels. However, this cleaning alternative is not an ideal option. It may take the lint out of the glass windows. However, this can also leave smeared ink from the newsprint on the frames as well as the glass of the windows. Therefore, if you are cleaning glass windows, using paper towels and the right cleaning solution is still the best option.

Myth: You should make use of furniture polish while cleaning wood

When cleaning wood surfaces, it is best to dust the wood regularly using a lint-free microfiber cloth. You should not use furniture polish all the time. Using furniture polish is not a bad thing as you can use this occasionally. However, you should not use this all the time and excessively as this can harbor dust.

These are just some of the common myths about cleaning. If you follow these cleaning myths, the methods and cleaning product that you use may not become as effective as the right cleaning methods and products. Thus, it is best to learn more about these misconceptions and make it a habit to do your research first before trying new cleaning methods and cleaners. When you know the proper way to do the cleaning in different areas in your home, the task becomes easier and safer for you, your family, and your pets.

Do you know any other home myths about cleaning? Drop us a comment and share your insights with us! We love hearing from you.

Best Laundry Services In NYC

If you live in New York City, then you know just what a hassle doing laundry can be. Few are lucky enough to have their own washer and dryer, and many end up lugging their laundry down to the local laundromat once a week or more to make sure they have clean clothes. If this sounds like a familiar struggle to you, then it may be time to consider using a professional laundry service.

A laundry service can pick up your dirty clothes, professionally launder them, fold them, and deliver them back to you at a time that’s convenient. Talk about life-changing! On the flip side, if your NYC rental does have access to a washer and dryer, you may also be able to schedule laundry service as part of your regular cleaning services as well. Don’t forget to check out our best apartment cleaning service guide if you are a true New Yorker!

Top Laundry Services In NYC

Not sure where to begin on your search for the best laundry services in NYC? We’ve got some recommendations.

1. Hangr Lane

This company is known for its excellent customer service and its substantial new-customer discount. You also have the option of setting up your pick-up using their app or doing so directly through their website. From there, you can choose a pick-up time and your laundry will be returned to you same-day, in most cases.

2. Hamperville

This particular company serves parts of Queens and Brooklyn, as well as all of Manhattan. They offer wash and fold services as well as dry-cleaning starting at about $1.50 per pound, which is pretty competitive. They also have a convenient laundry-tracking tool on their website that will let you know exactly where your clothes are in the laundering process.

3. Boomerang

Customers rave about the easy-to-use app offered by Boomerang, which keeps things simple by allowing you to press a large orange button to request laundry pick-up immediately. Once your laundry is done, you’ll be notified and you can press the same orange button to request delivery of your clean clothes—usually same-day or the very next day, depending on when you placed your order.

4. WashClubNYC

WashClubNYC is a popular laundry service that takes on both residential and commercial customers, and they currently serve both the Manhattan and Brooklyn neighborhoods. Their services start at just $1.34 per pound but also include an 8% gratuity.

5. Cleanly

Customers love that Cleanly delivers your fresh laundry in sealed plastic bags inside of reusable laundry bags for extra convenience and freshness. Their app is also a breeze to use and makes it easy to customize your order, from designating low-heat drying to choosing warm wash versus cold wash. Cleanly is also known for their excellent customer service.

Benefits of Using A Laundry Service

Not sure whether a laundry service is right for you? There are a few key benefits to consider.

Save Time and Hassle

How much time per week or month do you spend at the laundromat? If you’re like a lot of NYC-dwellers, then you spend a fair share of your time lugging laundry to and from the laundromat—which is no easy feat on its own, let alone if you live in a high-rise apartment building.

With a professional laundry service, you can eliminate trips to the laundromat and enjoy the convenience of having your laundry picked up directly from your residence and brought back to you, clean and folded, when it’s done. This will save you the precious time (and of course, the hassle) of taking your clothes to the laundromat and dealing with crowds, broken machines, and other frustrations.

And when you consider how much your time is worth, it’s easy to see how a professional laundry service can be some of the best money you spend.

Take Care of Your Garments

When you leave your clothing and garments with a professional laundry service, you can also enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your clothing is in good hands. If you have garments that need special attention while washing or drying, simply bring it to the attention of your laundry service and they will take care of it.

Having your clothing professionally laundered can keep your garments in great shape for much longer than if you were to launder the same items yourself. As a result, you may find that your clothing lasts longer and doesn’t need to be replaced as often, which can save you money.

Save Precious Square Footage

Even if you have an NYC rental with washer and dryer hook-ups, you probably know all too well that square footage is a precious commodity when it comes to NYC rental living. Rather than spending your money on a washer and dryer and sacrificing the square footage that comes along with doing so, why not leave your laundry up to the professionals?

Potential Drawbacks of Using a Laundry Service

Of course, hiring a laundry service does have some potential disadvantages, so it’s important to consider these as you decide on whether or not this is right for you.

Can Be Expensive

The most common reason people tend to give for not wanting to use a laundry service is that it’s too expensive. In NYC, most companies charge per-pound of laundry, and it’s not uncommon for rates to hover around $1.50 per pound. This may be outside of your budget, especially if you have a lot of laundry that needs done on a regular basis.

On the other hand, many laundry services offer special discounts that can make it more affordable. For example, some offer a first-time customer discount, and others may offer a substantial discount if you pre-pay. This can help to offset some of the costs. When thinking about price, it’s also important to factor in the time and hassle you save by not having to launder your own clothes or take them to your local dry cleaner.

Potential Delays or Errors

As with any pick-up/delivery service, there is always the possibility of there being errors or delays. NYC traffic can be unpredictable, so a laundry delivery could occasionally run late or be delayed until the next day. This can be a problem, especially if you were counting on wearing a specific outfit to an event. Fortunately, a lot of these kinds of problems can be avoided by simply choosing a reputable and experienced laundry service.

What To Look For In A Laundry Service

If you’re thinking about using a laundry service, of course, you want to find the right one for your needs and budget. As you shop around, then, there are a few things worth looking for that can help you make the best decision.

Specific Services Offered

Begin by making sure you find a company that offers the specific services you need. For example, if you need same-day pick-up and delivery, make sure you look for a same day service that offers this as a guarantee on orders placed by a certain time. If you have special garments that need to be laundered, such as delicates, you’ll want to go out of your way to find a service that knows how to care for them properly.

Laundry services can vary widely in the specific options they offer customers, so this is where you’ll need to do a little research. For example, some companies may offer wash and fold services only, whereas others may also offer dry cleaning and tailoring as well.

Subscription or One-Time Service?

There may be occasions where you simply don’t have the time (or energy) to make it to the laundromat; when this happens, having a laundry service you can turn to for a one-time wash and fold can make all the difference. Many NYC companies offer one-time laundry service, but there are a handful that require you to enter into a subscription in order to use their services. Be sure to consider your needs and find one that works for you.

Keep in mind, also, that many companies with laundry subscription services also offer discounts to subscribers. You may be able to save 10% on your services, for example, by having them done weekly or even twice a month. This can be a great option for those looking to save some money.

Schedule Limitations

NYC is the city that never sleeps, but what about your laundry service? Some offer 24/7 service 365 days a year, whereas others may have more rigid hours of business. You’ll want to consider how time-sensitive your need for clean laundry is when deciding on a service. If you tend to wait until the last second to do your laundry and then need it done ASAP, you’ll probably want to find a service that’s available 24/7, seven days a week. If you’re able to plan your laundry needs a little further in advance, you may be able to do just fine with a company that has more traditional hours.

Pricing Structure

In NYC, you will find that most laundry services charge by the pound—with per-pound rates averaging around $1.50. Be sure to confirm the pricing structure of the laundry service you’re considering, though. Some may charge additional fees for folding, delivery, or separating dark and white laundry.

You’ll also want to find out where a company stands when it comes to tipping, too. Some companies will automatically include a gratuity with their fees, whereas others may not.

Convenient App Interface

These days, using a laundry service is all about convenience. While any laundry service should be able to accept orders via telephone and through their website, not all have yet gotten on-board with having their own app. Using a laundry service with a user-friendly app can make your life even easier. You can use the app to request a pick-up, track your laundry throughout the process, and receive an alert when it’s done. From there, you can use the app to arrange a delivery time that’s most convenient for you.

Can A Cleaning Service Handle Laundry?

There are certainly many advantages to using a professional laundry service when you live in NYC. From saving the time and hassle of going to your local laundromat to enjoying the convenience of pick-up and delivery of clean, folded laundry, these services can make your life a lot easier.

Another option to consider, though, is turning to your cleaning service to handle your laundry. This option will be best for those who have access to either have a washer and dryer in their rental or have access to one in their building. By adding laundry services onto your existing maid service or nude maid service you can check one more item off your list. Not to mention, having your laundry done by your house cleaner means not having to worry about scheduling pick-up or delivery times. In many cases, it’s also more affordable to do things this way.

How Maid Sailors Can Help

At Maid Sailors, we’re proud to offer laundry services as part of our available cleaning services. All of our cleaners are laundry experts, and each customer’s laundry is carefully and diligently cared for. This service is available to all customers who have access to a washer and dryer either in their rental unit or in the building. Please be aware that this service is not offered as a standalone option; it must be combined with an existing cleaning service, and customers must provide both detergent and fabric softener.

Still, if you’re looking for a way to save time and money on your laundry services, Maid Sailors is here to make your life easier. Allow us to tackle that pile of laundry as we clean your apartment so you can come home to a clean apartment and freshly laundered clothes. By going this route, you can also avoid the hassle of finding a separate service to handle your laundry needs.

Ready to find out more about our laundry services or our cleaning options? Contact our team at Maid Sailors today! In the meantime, we hope this will serve as a useful guide to finding the right laundry services in NYC to make your life easier. At Maid Sailors, that’s what we’re all about.

What Are The Best Home Security Systems For Every Budget?

Affordable home security means different things to different people. What is cheap and affordable to one person might be too expensive for another. That is why we have rounded up five affordable home security systems to help you as you make your choice.

Let’s look at them right away.

Fortress Security Store Alarm System Kit

Even this alarm system is rather cheap for just around $100, it still gives you the added security and convenience that a mobile app offers.  Whenever the system detects unusual activity, you receive an alert through your phone.

The only downside to fortress security alarm system kit is the lack of professional monitoring. While professional monitoring is the surest way of keeping your home safe, it comes with a monthly subscription. So for a budget of under $100 you will have to make that sacrifice.

Wink Lookout

If your pockets run a little deeper, you can start out with the wink control hub. This affordable smart hub runs a network of connected devices that manage home automation devices such as thermostats and lights, as well as home security.  It goes for under $200.

This affordable home security system also gives you a great foundation you can build upon later on.

On the downside, wink lookout lacks security cameras. You will have to dig deeper into your pockets. If you want to have cameras around.

Scout small pack scout preselected small pack has all the basics you will need to begin protecting your home. It also helps you to add professional monitoring to your home security package.

One of the most exciting features of this pack is the ability to add monitoring. With just $9.99 per month, you can add professional monitoring. This is quite an affordable monitoring option for anyone looking for an affordable home security system.

It’s disappointing to know that scouts small pack only has one monitor sensor. This sensor can detect motion for not more than 25 feet. It, therefore, won’t be enough if you have a larger home.

Simplisafe Hearth Package

No one will know you are working on a budget when they see this security system in your home. Simplisafe offers other more affordable home security packages, but if you have a little more to splurge, you will love the extras in the hearth package. With $375 you will get fire protection and a 105 dB siren, the two must-haves for a home safety plan.

Smoke detectors are lifesavers. They are even better when they are part of your home. when they detect smoke, the fire alarm activates your security alarm system. This ensures that even when someone is sleeping through the alarm, they can still get notified.

Although simply safe hearth package is a great and affordable home security system, it lacks smart home integration. Simplisafe products can be easily integrated with nest thermostats and August smart locks, but they are still not compatible with smart hubs such as Amazon echo.

Nest Secure Alarm System Starter Pack

Net is one of the big players in the home automation and security industry. They began by selling smart thermostats. They offer full-brown home security. Nest has a reputation for being expensive, so it is great that they have a $500 security starter pack.

All nest secure components are smart. That includes the nest guard system hub which has a keypad, alarm and motion sensor all together.  Nest also comes with smart window sensors that are linked up with all the other components of the system.

Compared to most do it yourself home security systems the nest secure starter pack is rather sparse. It lacks all the extra sensors and features you would be getting in another starter pack.


Front point is well known for its exceptional customer service. They are also among the best companies you can buy from.  Since it was started in 2007, the company has made its employees and customers their top priority.

Front point offers security systems configured to fit your needs.  They can deliver a highly customized system as soon as tomorrow. Their security system gives you awareness, protection, and control.

These security systems are easy to set up, so you can easily do it yourself. And you can count on their superb customer care to come to your rescue anytime you run into problems.

Another impressive feature of Frontpoint security systems is that they are wireless. They are therefore a great choice even if you live in a rented space since you can always pack it up when you need to move. The system also lays a good foundation for adding more devices in the future.

Forefront also offers crash and smash protection that keeps your security system working even when your control panel is destroyed.

Final word

You don’t need to own a fortune to have a quality security system. Irrespective of whether you are trying to save by investing in affordable equipment or by self-monitoring. These five affordable home security systems will provide you with the needed security at a cheap price without compromising on the quality.

About the Author:

Sam Hoffman is a content marketing consultant who helps businesses reach the exact audience. Sam is passionate about research and analytics. He frequently writes about the latest trends in home security. 

Which Biometric Verification Is Beneficial And Cost Effective For Identity Verification

Criminals are becoming more smarter and technical. Now they are applying techniques for their fraudulent activities that are extremely intelligent and not straightforward to track. Thefts are not limited and nobody can say, he is fully secure. But one can try to as much safe as he could. Even after the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning identity theft is still rising. Why is it? Do you believe AI can only be used for a good purpose? Fraudulent uses artificial intelligence to enhance their way of bypassing security checks. As AI can subdue identity theft it can also strengthen identity theft it depends on who is using AI or why AI is being used? Demand for biometric verification is rising because it is considerably better than traditional verification processes. Many commercial applications are using biometrics to reduce fraud, provide access to logical assets and through which it is easy to control access to their premises. Mechanism of authentication via the biometric device is very strong as it is opposed to something you have. Every human body parts consist of many physiological features that are different from every other human.

Importance of Biometric Verification

Biometric Verification is capturing huge market due to many reasons, One is the separate physiological feature of every human being. Usernames and passwords are not enough for confidential data or any profoundly secured product. Usernames and passwords are vulnerable to be stolen. The primary reason for security and data breach is weak or compromised passwords and sophisticated hacker attacks can even steal strong passwords. Approach for securing data or restricting access through usernames and passwords is very vulnerable and costly. Resetting passwords require IT support, takes time and reduce the productivity of the employee.

Best Biometric Verification

Physiological and behavioral are two main types of biometrics include the face, fingerprint, hand, iris, DNA, ear, retina, gait and many more. But which is most prominent and why? The answer is facial verification is best than all others. There are many reasons facial verification is superior to others. Fingerprint verification was capturing the market swiftly when facial verification took place. Probability of failure in facial verification is very low than fingerprint verification. Facial verification work with the digital image of a person it captures the image of an individual break its features and matches it with the pre-existing database. On the human face, Present facial verification system can recognize 80 nodal points which include length and shape of cheekbones, the shape of face and size of the nose.

Advantages of Facial Recognition Technology

There are many advantages of Facial recognition service. One and top is that every business should be KYC and AML Compliance and identity verification is one of the basic KYC verification requirement.

Increased Security

By using facial recognition it increases the security of an organization and chances of error are very low. It enhances security for all even for small firms and government agencies and with the help of security camera, facial recognition surveillance systems are automatic. Any organization even if your business is online can easily track a person and flag customers and there is nothing of customers that can be stolen. Facial recognition is also very helpful for finding terrorists.

Fast and Accurate

Facial verification is very fast and accurate there is no need for visitors to come and wait for the door to open. Or if any employee wants to gain access into a system it will give access or decline user in seconds.

No Contact

It is preferred over fingerprint verification because it is hectic for employees and customers to put their thumb on a fingerprint scanner and wait to verify. There is no physical contact between user and device for verification.


Facial verification is very cost effective as it doesn’t require any scanning devices to give access to a system. A company can use mobile, laptop or security cameras for verification.

Fight Night

Fight Night: The Ultimate Viewing Party Plan

It’s almost fight night! The Mayans were indeed early in their prediction of the apocalypse – exactly three years too early. The world will end tomorrow night as it witnesses the most important battle of all time. On Saturday, May 2nd, at 10:30 pm (EST), the undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. (47-0) will take on the not-so-undefeated Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao (57-5).

If you’re not a boxing fan (don’t worry, very few people actually are), it’s still worth knowing the finer details because the fight will be broadly syndicated to millions of viewers (including your co-workers). This will is, after all, one of the most anticipated boxing matches of all time: despite the $100 price tag for pay-per-view ordering (yes, pay-per-view still exists), the fight is still expected to generate over $300 million in proceeds. This will also be the first time a fighter is paid over $100 million to take a beat-down; said differently, Mayweather and Pacquiao will split the total purse 60% and 40% (respectively). Do you really want to miss the chance to see a cocky, filthy rich, undefeated fighter finally lose?

Make this a memorable experience for you and your friends. Organizing a viewing party won’t be expensive if you split the cost of the PPV bill. Especially when compared to the alternative of buying a ticket for $30+ to view the fight at a crowded, “bro-infested” bar. We’ll show you how to prepare your place properly. And afterward, you can call Maid Sailors to knock out any remaining cleaning challenges.

Select Snacks Strategically

If you’re hosting your party on the east coast, chances are many attendees will show up after they’ve eaten dinner. Thus, no need to emulate a Super Bowl set-up; focus on lighter snacks that minimize crumbs and potential garbage. Vegetables with dip (e.g. hummus, blue cheese), cheese plates, and Tostito’s “Scoop” Tortilla chips are solid options that will minimize mini-messes across your home (you’ll also decrease napkin usage).

Pro Tip: Don’t place the snacks in front of the television.

Label Your Trash Bags

Read this before you snicker. If the only trash-receiving-entity in your home will be the trashcan in your kitchen, you’re asking for a Round 6 disaster. Make things easy for yourself (and your guests) by placing 2-3 evenly spaced trash throughout your living room (e.g. corners). Further, feel free to label the bags with “recycling”, “cans only”, “food/other”, etc. In order to provide your guests with some direction and ultimately lessen the cleaning burden on Sunday morning.

There’s nothing more satisfying than resting your eyes on an unnaturally organized pile of garbage bags. The alternative? Get ready for a mosaic of food trays, aluminum cans of Bud Light, Solo Cups and half-eaten Pizza (let’s be real, you’ll order Dominos at some point against our recommendations).

Bulk Up on Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

You need these anyway, so why not use the party as an opportunity to stock-up? Place excess rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom and paper towels in the kitchen. Keep them visible and unleash your inner Chief Executive Officer – people will most-likely take it upon themselves to clean a mess or wipe a spill they’ve made if the tools are in the open. Don’t miss a knock-out because someone couldn’t find the Bounty Paper Towels you stowed away.

Your Sink is a Cooler Version of a Regular Cooler

Unless you have an industrial-sized cooler that you’ve consistently used, you should empty a couple bags of ice into your sink and throw a couple of cans on it. This avoids any potential spills that could arise from a standalone cooler and eliminates the imminent task of dumping excess water. This also disqualifies the sink as a de-facto storage area for solo cups, empty cans, and other trash (trust us, even the most familiar guests are often unpredictable creatures).


The finer details of your fiesta are up to you. If you’re planning on having a beer, avoid glass bottles and opt for aluminum cans. These are safer and easier to clean (also no stray bottle caps will be hiding inside your couch). Generally speaking, solo cups, paper plates, napkins and paper towels should be considered “must-haves”.

If you’re having food delivered or catered, opt for disposable forks and knives as well. The next morning, despite how the fight goes, feel free to call Maid Sailors if you decided to disregard all of this advice ( a cleaning might even be cheaper than ordering the fight itself) .

Steel Is A Great Eco-Friendly Option For Building Any Structure

Steel is regarded as one of the world’s strongest building materials; To be specific, it easily withstands a strong environment and weather effects that can damage other structures. Another surprising trait it has is that it minimizes waste and saves energy. This makes steel the absolute best eco-friendly option to use as a building material, which we will explain more.

Steel Meets Every Standard and Code for Green Building

Some of the steel’s great eco-friendly properties come from its exceptional durability; Its durability is important because it prevents homes and other structures from being abandoned and becoming waste. It’s also a great economic choice in general because of its durability, as it has unparalleled environmental resistance, large structural length, and low maintenance costs. Traditional homes with wooden frames, on the other hand, fail to meet the new eco-friendly and durable direction that the construction industry is heading towards.

Cold-formed steel specifically is recognized in every green building and eco-friendly rating program. This shows that it’s well positioned to meet even the highest standards of sustainability in the construction industry; In fact, programs like LEED, or the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, program by the US’s Green Building Council and the National Green Building Standard program strongly recommend it as an eco-friendly building material.

Using Steel as a Building Material Promotes Minimum Waste and High Recyclable Value

Steel is a material that allows multiple opportunities for recycling; Specifically, it can be recycled into new studs, joints and other components that are used in the building of new architecture. Its value as a recyclable material also lies in the fact that it’s the only material that holds an automatic default value, showing that it’s significantly more sustainable than other materials.

There is also little to no waste in the construction of steel buildings, as each piece of steel is specifically manufactured, engineered and delivered with the purpose of fitting a specific structure. To put it simply, it’s custom designed to fit a building’s structure, which means that there is no “waste” being produced onsite from the steel.

Steel is simply one of the most reusable and recyclable materials available in the construction industry. This comes from the fact that its strength does not creep, buckle and/or “wear down”; It offers huge opportunities for re-purposing as well, as any piece of steel can easily be reused in different projects and situations. Lastly, it’s 98% recyclable, which makes it the embodiment of eco-friendly construction materials whenever and wherever it is used.

Steel Allows More Insulation for Your Home and Better Support for Solar Panels, Which Saves Energy Costs

We really can’t stop singing the praises of steel as a building material and its strength is truly what allows it to be a great eco-friendly option, similar to an eco-friendly cleaning service. In fact, its strength allows for your home to support massive layers of insulation without compromising its structural integrity. Thicker insulation means that your home won’t lose as much heating or cooling from your house’s heating/cooling systems, which will cause your energy bill to plummet. Placing more insulation in steel homes also allows you to set your home’s temperature to a lower level, as you’ll no longer have to account for heat loss through-out the home. Some estimates even state that steel homeowners are paying at least 30% less on their energy bills compared to traditional homeowners.

Maybe 30% less on your energy bill doesn’t sound like enough though, well, what if we told you that even more savings are possible? Steel homes offer greater support for solar panels when compared to other homes built with different materials, as their strength can easily support the weight of one or multiple solar panels. To make it even better, solar panels greatly increase the value of your home while also significantly reducing, and in some cases even eliminating, an expensive energy bill, as you will be producing your own energy and you’ll be entirely self-sustainable. Investing in a solar panel is just a great option overall, this is because the average return on investment for solar panels is at least 15%; That percentage is also expected to go up, as energy is continuing to grow in price while solar panels have consistently low maintenance costs and little to no energy costs involved. Having a solar panel also means that you’ll always feel secure knowing that your home can sustain its energy needs indefinitely.

Steel Is Resistant to Weather and Environmental Changes

Again, the durability and resistance of steel cannot be understated, as that is its greatest strength. In fact, steel is completely resistant to mold and it cannot grow at all in a steel home; Its inability to produce mold comes from the fact that steel cannot absorb moisture. This means that a steel home won’t need any treatments to resist mold, insect infestation or decay.

Snowstorms, earthquakes, and floods are no match for steel either. Steel homes can completely resist earthquakes of magnitudes up to 7.9. Steel can also be purposed to be completely resistant to floods in certain designs. Lastly, steel structures won’t collapse under massive amounts of snow, as they can hold large amounts of weight.

Benefits Of Ducted Air Conditioning In Your Home

The ducted air conditioning technique has turned out to be a great choice, especially when regulating temperatures of different rooms in the same building. The systems are designed to consume different amounts of energy depending on the task intended to perform. Ducted air conditioning installation is one of the most important home appliances that need to be set up in a house. It is important to air ventilation in the house.

The reason for this is that the ducted systems are renowned for its discreet and low key nature which means that the consumer will be able to install this style within their home and not have to worry about it. Purchasing and installing an air conditioner is the best way to combat the hot summer weather as ducted air conditioners are easy and the best cooling devices available today.

This type of cooling system is so incredibly popular that it is used in many commercial buildings for its effectiveness. Common applications for this powerful cooling systems include the multi-level type of buildings, shopping complexes, and hotels. When compared with other air conditioning systems ducted air conditioners typically perform much better overall. Ducted air conditioners actually based on the outside environment.

People also want that they live in the house in a comfortable way. In the hotter months, they must do something in their homes as the hot air will be reduced and go outside and then the temperature inside become cool. So if you purchase fans also then the better option is to take the small air conditioner that sits in the window in the living room. Next, because the bedroom is stifling, another portable unit is set in the bedroom’s one window. Then, several more fans are purchased to circulate the cooler air around. But, as time goes by these homeowners find that the small cooling units freeze up or do not put out enough cool air.

The fans are most effective when strategically placed in the walkways. Thus, on a regular basis, someone is tripped and there are falls and cords ripped from electric sockets! Having such an efficient cooling system begs the question of what the benefits of built-in air conditioning systems could possible.

Home air conditioning provides many benefits over running fans or even the traditional air conditioning unit that is installed via the window. For one thing, home air conditioners are centrally controlled. Unlike window limited units these home air conditioning have the capability of cooling the entire home at one time via an air duct system that pumps as the air and evenly distributes it throughout the house. With the window units, they are not only becoming obsolete but they are limited in their usage too.

The Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning

Low Electric Bills

The benefits of air conditioning systems that are built-in include saving money which you can use on a same day cleaning service. Often that the ducted air conditioner circulating the cool air in every room of the home and save more electricity than the multiple portable fans and AC. This is the one unit that saves the electricity is more effective at keeping all the rooms of the home cool. A further saving of electricity occurs because these units have a very accurate temperature gauge that automatically adjusts to temperature fluctuation. This temperature gauge is extremely helpful when the weather is unpredictable.

Convenience, Comfort, and Contentment

These built-in systems where the air is quietly circulated all through the house take up less indoor space leaving windows and walkways free. The rooms are kept at a comfortable temperature level desired. Also, the buyer can be assured that the professionals will install a trusted brand that will be reliable and function well for years to come.

Health Advantages

There is also health advantage by use to these units, which include the better air quality comes with the temperature controlled cooling over the running fans. Home units have installed the filtration systems to trap the air dust and other polluting particles to give a cleaner more breathable environment. This helps against chronic disorders such as asthma, coughing and sneezing and lessens the chance of sickness. The air we breathe is important as home air conditioning units are sure to provide a safer option for all.

The home air conditioning systems with air ducts in every room tie in some health advantages. For instance, those most vulnerable to heat extremes will not have their more fragile immune system stressed. These vulnerable ones are children, elderly and those with chronic illness. Also, there is the Air filtration that comes with every AC. This cleaner, filtered air is what is circulated through the home and is especially needful for those who have allergies or live in areas with poor air quality.

So the benefits of home air conditioning systems that are built-in do become evident as electricity costs are down and the air is quietly comfortable and filtered. Another thing that is often unnoticed is how home life is highly improved since family members are not cranky in a hot, stuffy house! Indeed, more and more homeowners are choosing to invest in these silently efficient indoor climate controllers.

Hiring a Nude Maid Service Maid Sailors

Hiring a Nude Maid Service

If you need a little help in keeping your home clean, you’re not alone. These days, it’s not difficult to find professional home cleaning service nyc no matter where you live. However, one unique and relatively new business model that is beginning to emerge in the home cleaning industry is that of nude maid services.

While it may sound silly at first, nude maid services have really picked up in popularity across the country. Whether this is something you’re interested in yourself or you’re thinking about booking a nude cleaning service for a partner/spouse, there are some things you should know before moving forward.

What is a Nude Maid Service?

A nude maid service is more-or-less what the term implies! Rather than having a fully dressed maid come to your home and handle your cleaning tasks, a nude maid service offers topless and even fully nude cleaners for your viewing pleasure. Often times, these maids can handle all your “routine” cleaning services (such as sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming) in addition to other light household tasks, such as preparing meals or even bringing you a beverage. You can also, check out how to hire an ethnic maid service here.

It’s important to understand what a nude maid service is not, however. These are not escort services, and any reputable nude maid business will have a strict terms of service agreement that you will be required to sign before your appointment. This agreement will outline the terms of the work to be completed and may explicitly prohibit any lewd acts, propositions, or even picture-taking of your maid during the appointment.

Ultimately, a nude maid service is designed to serve two purposes. One is to take care of your basic house cleaning tasks so you don’t have to handle them yourself. The other is to provide you with an enjoyable view while these cleaning tasks are tended to. Nothing more, nothing less! You may also be wondering, “How do I find nude house cleaning services near me?”. The answer is simple! You can reach out to a couple of professional cleaners in the area and ask if they offer it, or rely on search engines like google! Just search “nude maid services near me” and a few should pop up.

Why Hire a Nude Maid Service?

There are a few reasons some people choose to hire a nude maid service over a traditional house cleaning service.

Enjoy a Clean House…With a View

Having somebody else come in and clean your home for you is nice, but what if you could enjoy the added benefit of watching an attractive maid your home as well? A nude maid service provides you the opportunity to sit back, relax, and take in the view all while your home is cleaned thoroughly.

Be the Envy of Your Friends

Whether you end up purchasing a nude maid service as a one-time treat for yourself or on a recurring basis, having a nude maid come in and clean your home will make you the envy of all your friends. Who wouldn’t be jealous of a person who not only hires someone else to clean their house, but to do so in the nude?

Treat Your Partner or Spouse

Many nude house cleaning services offer special promotions around Valentine’s Day and other holidays, which can provide a fun opportunity for you to treat your partner or spouse to a nude cleaning service for the first time. Many couples have found that these services can help renew the “spark” in their relationship. Of course, this is something you’ll want to talk over with your partner (it’s not something you should surprise him or her with!)—but many partners and spouses are appreciative of such a fun and unique gift idea.

Potential Drawbacks to Hiring a Nude Maid Service

As you can probably imagine, there are some inherent drawbacks to hiring a nude maid service as well.

May Not Be Spouse-Approved

If you have a partner or spouse, you’ll need to run the idea of hiring a nude maid service past him or her before booking your appointment. While some partners are supportive of bringing in a nude maid service (and may even enjoy the view themselves!), others may not be as open to the idea. You don’t want to create any permanent rifts in your relationship by hiring a nude cleaning service without your partner’s approval—so be sure to keep this in mind and find a way to approach the subject tactfully, keeping in mind that not all partners may be thrilled with the idea of bringing a nude worker into your shared home.

Not Appropriate for Households With Kids

If you have children, you’ll also need to make sure they’re removed from the home during your nude maid appointment. This can create scheduling conflicts with those who already lead busy lives, which could negate part of the convenience of hiring a house cleaning service in the first place.

Might Get the Neighbors Talking

Not all nude cleaning companies are discrete with their services. If your maid shows up in a vehicle that clearly advertises nude cleaning services, you can pretty much guarantee that your neighbors will notice—and they will start gossiping. People will make a lot of unfair assumptions about people who hire nude cleaning services, so be sure to consider how your reputation may be affected by something like this.

If gossiping neighbors are something you’re worried about, consider looking for a nude maid service that will show up in an unmarked or otherwise discrete vehicle. This could give you some added peace of mind and help you avoid the judgment of your neighborhood.

May Be Seen as Objectifying

When you’re paying somebody to perform a service nude in your home, it’s easy to see how this can be viewed as objectifying to the worker. Consider whether this is something you’ll be able to live with, or if your conscience will make you feel guilty about it.

More Costly Than Traditional Maid Services

Not surprisingly, nude maid services often cost significantly more than traditional house cleaning services or office cleaning services. Most companies charge by the hour for nude cleaning, and many companies also have a minimum number of hours that you need to book as well. If you’re on a tight budget for house cleaning, this may not be a practical option for you unless you can find a discount or other special promotion.

Keep in mind that some nude cleaning businesses do offer discounts for first-time customers, so this could help you get a better idea of whether the extra cost would be worth it down the road.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Nude Maid Service

If you’re leaning towards trying out a nude maid service for yourself, there are some things you’ll want to consider before you book.

Level of Nudity

First of all, find out what level of nudity is offered by the company if this is important to you. Some companies advertise themselves as offering “nude” maids, but what they actually offer are maids dressed in lingerie. If actual nudity is what you’re looking for, take time to find a fully nude maid or topless maid service in your area.

Pricing and Services Offered

Cost is another important factor for most people booking a nude house cleaning service. Find out what kind of pricing is available; most companies charge per-hour and may require a two-hour (or more) minimum for your appointment. Others may have package options available for a flat fee. Either way, be sure to find out what you’ll be paying (don’t forget to add a tip!) and what type of deposit is required, if any.

And of course, know what you’re paying for. While part of the cost of a nude cleaning service is the view, you’re still paying for your house to be cleaned. Find out exactly what cleaning services will be included with your fee. Some companies only offer light cleaning and dusting, whereas others may include deep cleaning and even cooking services.

Terms of Service and Policies

Nude cleaning businesses tend to have strict policies and terms of service to protect their employees. Be sure to read through the terms of service before booking your appointment so you understand what’s allowed versus what’s not allowed during your service. For example, many companies have very strict terms against physical contact with maids at any time. Most companies prohibit you from taking photos or videos of your maid as well.

Confidentiality Agreement

When providing your contact information to any new company, there’s always a concern about privacy and how your information will be used. Find out whether your nude cleaning company offers any type of confidentiality agreement. This will give you added peace of mind in knowing that your information won’t be shared with any third parties. Some companies will even have a generic company name appear on your credit card statement for added privacy.

Are Photos Available?

Many nude cleaning companies have a handful of maids from which to choose. Check the company’s website to see if they have photos available of their individual maids, and if you can request a specific maid for your appointment. Otherwise, you’ll likely be assigned the first available maid who is free during your requested appointment time.

Keep in mind that even if you are able to request a specific maid based on photos, there is no guarantee that the maid will be available during your appointment slot. If this is the case, the company may contact you to provide you with the maid’s schedule so you can change your appointment time as desired. Otherwise, you will be offered the opportunity to choose a different maid.

Cancelation and Rescheduling Policies

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason, make sure you’re aware of the company’s policies for this. Many Airbnb cleaning services and nude cleaning businesses understand that schedules can change and things can come up at the last minute. In most cases, you should be able to receive your deposit back or avoid further cancellation fees as long as you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment.

All companies can vary in this regard, however, so it’s best to read the terms of service carefully so you’ll know what to expect if you need to cancel or schedule for any reason.

The Bottom Line on Nude Maid Services

With plenty of pros, cons, and things to consider when it comes to nude maid services, you may still be wondering whether this is truly right for you. Ultimately, only you (and perhaps your spouse) can reach that decision. Should you decide to move forward with hiring a nude cleaning service, be sure to keep these key considerations in mind to find the service that’s right for your needs.

And of course, if you decide to stick with a traditional cleaning service in NYC, our professional team at Maid Sailors is always here for you.

Why Your First Date Should Be At Bloomingdale’s

Where better to go for your first date than Bloomingdale’s? We’re currently writing this from New York City; as we look around, we see single people disappearing into their smartphones, couples disappearing into their smartphones and genuinely happy groups of lovers wielding selfie sticks. Looks like it’s a happy Valentine’s Day. Are you brave enough to go on a first date tonight? Maybe you’re planning on restarting your romantic career after a breakup (or a move-out) or simply looking for something unusual to do with your committed partner. Maid Sailors has a budget-friendly suggestion that will force you to rethink New York City.

After all, New York City must be the best place to find a date, right? There are restaurants sandwiched between bars, nightclubs open until 5 AM, magical musicals on Broadway (“OMG, Hamilton!”), and (if you’re into this sort of thing) museums. Wrong. Dating in NYC is hair-ripping stressful because of the paradox of choice. Let’s say you’ve gone through the “oh so stressful” process of filtering all of your Tinder matches to isolate the “matches” you still think are cute, advancing parallel conversations with all of them, and finally (after three hours or so), setting up one not-so-fateful meeting.

Are you now ready to embark on the hours long, multiple browser window process of picking a place? If you’re sharp, you’ll realize that we’ve taken the liberty of skipping a major step – what activity will you and the lucky lady/man/in-between pursue? Which part of town is most convenient? Are three dollar signs too aggressive for a first date? (answer: obviously). Stop wasting all of your energy behind the curtain – by the time the date materializes, you’ll barely have the energy to scroll through Instagram while your date texts his/her friends in the bathroom.

Schedule your first date at Bloomingdale’s. If you live in Manhattan, hit up the 59th street location. If there’s no Bloomingdales (or equivalent) located in your neighborhood, take a stroll through the corn fields or get your cousin to drive the pick-up truck while you two network in the back (just kidding, but you get the idea, I hope). This is a fail-safe and foolproof strategy. Here’s why:

1. The Right Distractions

It doesn’t matter how many dollar signs on Yelp or Michelin stars a restaurant has, if there’s no chemistry between you two, things will get boring. Now you’re locked into a 20-minute Guantanamo-style forced interrogation and you’re realizing you don’t even like Kale Salads anyway. In Bloomies however, this won’t happen. There’s no requirement to sit at the bar awkwardly and ask whether the “last year of grad school is really the hardest” or if “working at a startup is really all that exciting”. Conversation dying down? Let’s check out a bunch of Gucci shoes we can’t afford right now (don’t be offended, just making a statistically safe assumption here). Need to walk away for a minute? “Hey, I’m going to go the dressing room and actually try this overcoat on. Do you mind staying here and scrolling through Facebook for a while?” You get the idea. You have all the right distractions at a department store that you’ll never find inside an A-rated restaurant (we say A-rated because there may actually be some four-legged distractions at a B or C-rated restaurant, but then again, you won’t really be able to use these to your advantage).

2. Second Date – Same Day

Walking around Bloomies is exhausting. They separate the floors by gender, so there’s a decent chance you’ll end up walking up and down escalators. If your favorite brand is on the other side of the store, this is a perfect excuse to walk and talk while people watching. We guarantee there will be at least 10-12 “Snapchattable” moments during your urban hike. After about an hour or so of doing this, if you haven’t scared your potentially-soon-to-be partner off, it’ll be time to eat, pray and love. Bloomingdales has a few restaurants on campus; further, there’s a cute frozen yogurt shop called 14 Carrots (hehe, get it!) on the top floor. Congratulations, you’re now on your second date.

3. Risk Management Friendly

We’ve assumed a rosy scenario. Let’s assume things aren’t going well. The conversation isn’t organic, the place is packed with shoppers (or other first daters), and your date actually hates capitalism and cringes at the thought of hand-made clothing assembled outside of the continental United States. Meeting in a public place with no time or activity commitment gives you (or your date) the opportunity to leave without feeling like he or she has deserted you at bay (or vice versa). Sitting alone at a bar, restaurant or a movie theater may seem awkward and downright suspicious; examining a pair of rainboots by yourself? Not so much.

4. Perfect For Task Switching

This is definitely the least important reason and should only be used in emergency scenarios. We’re all busy and shopping alone can seem like a clear waste of time. But then again, when in Rome, do as the New York City tourists do and buy things. If your date isn’t going as well as you’d imagine, this is a great opportunity to check out the Ralph Lauren clearance section (it’s been like 2 degrees every day in NYC so a $100 parka is looking really delicious right now). If it’s going very well, stop worrying about it and start worrying about how much shopping you won’t have to do later if you take care of a few incidentals now. Lastly, you might surprise yourself; I’m sure your date needs a few things here and there. Show them how understanding and open-minded you are by allowing them to do so; offering an opinion here or there or even playing “dress up” could be tactful ways to ultimately spend quality time inside a dressing room.


Make this Valentine’s Day a happy one. Take your dating game to the next level by showcasing your cleverness. A mid-afternoon stroll through Bloomingdales is a solid option – there’s plenty to see, Snapchat, and (if you must) try on. If things are going well, this will be a story for the ages. If things don’t? Tell your date you had a good time and text your next date the following: “Hey, I actually got here a little earlier than we thought. I’m waiting near Women’s fragrances. See you soon!”