How To Clean When You Have A Massive Hangover

The Party

So you’ve just thrown the ultimate party at your place. Everyone had so much fun, inducing yourself. You may have even had a little too much fun since you’re feeling it the next day. You have a massive hangover now and you don’t feel like cleaning. But after managing to climb out of bed you make your way into the living room and into the kitchen where you see beer cans everywhere it smells like beer. You see spilled liquor on the table and countertops. Although the party seemed like an idea at the time, you now find yourself regretting it. Probably because you don’t feel like cleaning it up, you feel like going back to bed.

But you know that if you leave everything the way it looks right now that it will just make more work for you later. So you suck it up and start cleaning the horrific mess. How can adults be so messy? Well, alcohol, that’s how. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, try to think about all the fun times you had last night with all of your friends and maybe even family. It was a fun night indeed.


To make things a little bit easier for you, we’ve made a list of things to help you clean your house post-party. For starters, the moment you know you’re going to have a party, there are other things you should grab from the store besides alcohol and snacks. It’s never a bad idea to over-prepare yourself for things. You can never be too prepared. Anybody who tells you different is lying. Not only will it make you feel better about the event, it will make your hangover feel better too.


You’ll also want to make sure you pick up:
If you start off with a clean house pre-party things go much more smoothly the next day. Make sure your dishes are put away, the dishwasher is empty, and the trash can has a fresh bag in it. You’ll be so happy you took the time to do that the next day when there are other messes that need to be cleaned up. You can focus solely on those, instead of the dishes you didn’t want to do all week. It’s good to get in the habit of having a solid cleaning routine, especially if you’ll be hosting parties in your home regularly.

The Hangover

When it comes time to tackle the mess you want to start off by clearing up all of the beer cans, the liquor bottles that were left, and everything off of the counters. Throw the trash in the trash and the recyclables in the recycling bin. If your trash gets full, this is the time to take it out tie it up and set it by the door for it to go out. Then put in a fresh garbage bag. Next, light a candle if you have one. This will help get rid of the stench of the liquor, wine, and beer.


Now you want to take a spray bottle, fill it with half water and half vinegar (either white or apple cider will work.) Spray the solution on the counter and let it sit while you move onto doing the dishes. If there really aren’t any, kudos to you, you don’t have to do them right now. Before you wipe off your counters, go into the bathroom with your spray bottle and spray the surfaces in there including the toilet, sink, and mirror. While that is sitting you can go back and wipe off the surfaces in the kitchen. Once that is done you can return back to the bathroom following the same procedure and then you are free to enjoy your morning coffee in peace (hopefully – if you have children, I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll pray for you.)

The End Result

Because you took the extra time to prepare yourself for the party and the aftermath. You can now easily clean up your home the next day. Even if you did acquire a massive hangover. If you didn’t, and you’re feeling great, well then kudos to you! Drop me a comment below.

6 Tasks Best Left to Professionals

When it comes to hiring a cleaning companies, even residents outside of the USA in other major cities (e.g. Calgary) are spoiled with choices. There are many companies out there, and with good reason. It is becoming increasingly popular for busy people to hire cleaning companies to help clean their homes and offices. Maid Sailors has helped thousands of New Yorkers manage their time and budgets by providing on demand cleaning services.  While home cleaning is generally thought of as “de-cluttering”, professional cleaning companies can do much more. Here’s a list of a few key tasks that a professional can do for you, even if your house seems clean.

1) Carpet cleaning

Whether it is in a busy office setting or a high-traffic home, carpets take beatings. Some stains are very stubborn and won’t come out with traditional, at-home cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies have better equipment and stronger cleaning solutions that are commercially available, in addition to highly trained and experienced staff, and are therefore able to tackle even the dirtiest carpets.

2) Households 

Between brunch, work and birthdays, we all lead very busy lives. Add kids, after-school activities and maintaining your relationship, finding time to keep at tidy house doesn’t happen until it absolutely needs to (e.g. when it’s too late). Whereas it used to be that only the well-to-do hired a cleaning service to clean their homes, these days, many families in all tax brackets are hiring cleaning services to help with their household cleaning. Tasks such as vacuuming, dishes, floor washing, window washing and even laundry can be outsourced to a competent domestic cleaning company, leaving you more time to do the things you really want to do.

3) Offices

While daunting, keeping a business environment clean is necessary. From a hygiene standpoint, it’s important to keep germs at bay when you have so many people coming and going in your workspace daily. From an optics perspective, image is everything in business. To give your business a polished, professional image, you are going to need to ensure that everything is spit-shined.

4) Mattress and Upholstery 

Mattress cleaning is a job that most of us don’t worry about. But the reality is, germs sleep in your mattress 24 hours a day.  Additionally, dead skin and dust mites, which can cause allergies and respiratory issues, sleep with them. Mattresses need to be cleaned periodically. For a truly deep clean, it’s a job best left to professionals. Even if you don’t hire a cleaning service for anything else, this annoying-yet-necessary job should be one you outsource to a professional for best results.

5) End-of-tenancy 

Whether you are moving to a new home or a new office space, end of tenancy cleaning services help you to leave your current space in excellent condition for the next occupants. Many cleaning companies offer specialized EOT cleaning services, which can save you a lot of time, energy, and hassle. Plus, you’ll get your deposit back.

6) Windows

Windows can be a very challenging thing to clean. In some cases, such as in a high-rise building, it simply isn’t possible to tackle this job without the skills, expertise and equipment that professional window cleaners have. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable dangling from a 47th story window. Now ask yourself if you’d rather have someone else do it while you fix the copier.

Stop wasting time, money and stress on certain tasks that simply aren’t fit for an amateur. Also, realize that things don’t have to be in complete shambles before you begin to entertain the idea of cleaning. Maid Sailors is always here to advise promptly and clean magically.

5 Ways to Get Organized Right Now

Looking to get your home organized right now? Organization is key to efficiency and relaxation in your home. Depending on how much space you have and how much you own, however, you will need a strategy.

Maid Sailors has assembled the five best ways to do it:

1. Use Pegboards

Pegboards are commonly used in home workshops to hang tools, but these handy organizers don’t have to be limited to this age-old task. For example, you can hang labeled bags full of items on pegboards to quickly organize smaller items you’re storing. In your kitchen, a pegboard can be used to organize pots and pans within reach.

2. Tag Wires For Your Electronics

Wires from entertainment centers and computer workstations will create chaos when you unplug or move electronics. With wire ties, you can bundle wires from specific areas for easy location later. You can also label ties by writing device names on clothespins or bread bag tags and placing them on wires at the outlet. You’ll never lose track of your Macbook charger ever again!

3. Get A Storage Unit

Clutter can get in the way of a home organizing plan. If you find that you have many items that you rarely use, consider putting them in storage units. This will also make moving easier later because the items can be loaded onto a truck quickly. For long-term storage, plastic totes are often better than cardboard boxes thanks to their durability.

4. Color Code Clothes Hangers

An organized closet can help you find the clothes you need right away every time. For this task, you’ll need hangers of a few different colors. While you can color code clothes by season, you can also go by clothing type, such as shirts and pants, or any other method you like.

5. Use A Whiteboard

To-do lists are handy, but creating a new one each day can become cumbersome thing to do. Instead, make a long-term list of duties that you can mark and erase repeatedly. Just make your list by hand or print it out and cover it with a sheet of clear plastic, which you can write on with a dry-erase marker. For visibility, you can hang it on your refrigerator or on the wall. Each time you finish a task and mark it done, write the date for the next time you’ll need to do it.

Even using one of the tips above will probably revolutionize your life. If you’re still having trouble, you know we’ll be there in a jiffy so you can make it to dinner in a timely fashion.

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Apartment

Looking for some ways to spice up your apartment? New York City is one of the most desirable places to live in the world—and for many a good reason—but it’s no secret that the living quarters here are often smaller than those of other cities. Many big-city residents find themselves frustrated with design limitations. Certain organizations, like Modernize, know how to make the most out of your living space and your budget.

Here are Maid Sailors’ favorite tips to maximize the efficiency of your cozy space and add some zeal to your decor for an easy home makeover.

Do It Yourself

Tired of that stained sofa or an outdated floral-print chair? Spice it up by changing it yourself. Unless you’re going for vintage chic, leave the past in the past and refresh your upholstery with exciting, modern fabrics.

Simply recovering a chair or sofa with a crisp, neutral color or a vibrant hue can add light and joy to your living room. Similarly, selecting bright and bold new bedding will spruce up your bedroom with little effort. To ensure a cohesive look, first select the main color. Then choose a few accent colors and weave them into your home in a fun and creative ways.

For example, if you love teal, you can opt for teal fabric for the sofa and accent with fuscia and cream-colored pillows and throws. Small accessories like planters, picture frames, and book spines can also carry your accent color through space. Textiles are an easy way to update your home, so have fun with curtains, table runners, and towels, too!

Use Your Space Wisely

A good way to spice up your apartment is to utilize the space you have. If you’re limited to storage space, double up on functionality by incorporating storage into unexpected spaces. One of our favorite solutions is to frame doorways with a shelving system. You can store books, small items, and decor in this space, which would otherwise go unused.

Raise your bed a bit and slide storage bins beneath the frame for an easy storage solution. You can keep off-season clothes and shoes here, or even craft supplies, toys, books, and accessories. If you want to go for something more permanent, you can find bed frames with built-in storage units. Some even have steps that lead up to the mattress!

Windows can create a storage problem, too, since you don’t want to block the influx of natural light with a shelf or another piece of furniture. Walls with windows are the perfect opportunity to use half-size bookshelves and cabinets to create extra storage space.

Try New Things

If you’re not digging your current decor, you don’t have to spend a ton of money giving your home a makeover. The cost of living is high enough, so save some cash by heading out to flea markets, artisan fairs, thrift stores, and donation centers. You may find an old lamp base that you can paint and refresh. Picture frames are easy to upcycle, too. Just because it isn’t new doesn’t mean it won’t be new to you! Upcycling is great for the environment, too.

New York is a beautiful place to live, so don’t let tight living spaces bring down your sense of style. Small changes can go along way to refresh your home, so have fun and get creative! Spice up your apartment today!

Is Your Garage Putting Your Home At Risk?

Do you live in your garage at times? Are you one of those people who has a poker table in their garage? Do you spend a lot of time out there? Or do you live in a community where people leave their doors open an smile at one another? That’s all fine and dandy until you get so busy enjoying life that you forget to take necessary precautions for keeping your family safe.

Now, this isn’t some article that’s going to make you want to call your insurance company. There’s nothing faulty wrong with your garage. It’s fine. However, there may be some things that you’re not doing out there that are putting you and your family at risk.

Here’s a list of reasons your garage could be putting your home at risk:

  • It’s Probably The Main Entrance

Most of the time the garage door can act as the main entrance to your home. You might even use that door more frequently than the front door. And maybe certain people know this about your home. If this is the case, It’s time to upgrade your security as soon as possible. Add new locks, with deadbolts. Put a motion noise detector inside, so you’ll  be able to hear anybody that walks in. And install security cameras. Nowadays you can even put up cameras that are easily accessed from an app on your smartphone.

  • Your Car Is There

Having a vehicle is a big investment. The last thing you want to do is walk outside in the morning and notice that your car is gone. Trust me, it happens more often than not. Even inside your garage keep your car doors locked and install security features. You can also try frosting any windows that are attached to the garage and then try adding motion detector lights. When those lights pop on, chances are they’ll get scared and run.

  • Expensive Items and Tools Are Stored There

Yes, your car is valuable but you probably have other valuable items in there too. Storing valuables out there is like leaving your kids unattended in a park bathroom. Just because they right outside don’t always mean they’re safe. Keep things that are truly valuable locked in a fireproof safe.

If your garage needs a little TLC we can tidy it up in an hour or less.

5 Great Hacks For People Who Hate Doing Chores

Not many of us love cleaning. In fact, most of us kinda hate it to a certain degree. It always takes quite a bit time, it gets boring really fast, and more often than not we’d rather be doing literally anything else. Just the thought of how much time we spend on getting that pesky water ring out of the table or making sure the coffee pot is cleaned out; it can drive some people insane.

It’s time to shout out no more! With these incredible house cleaning hacks. You will discover a world where taken care of your home takes up almost no time. A nice combination of knowledge and cleverness are what fuels this list to provide you the best tips possible, therefore you can keep everything really nice and clean while having tons of extra time you otherwise wouldn’t. Here are 5 great hacks for people who hate cleaning.

1. The Microwave Conundrum

The microwave is a very useful tool for quick cooking and heating. However, if we do not know how to properly cover some foods while heating, they can make quite a mess splattering and, scrubbing everything off can prove to be tedious.

Say goodbye to hours of hard work. All you have to do, in these situations, is to grab a nice microwave-proof bowl and fill it with some water. Then drop in some lemon wedges or lemon halves; have it run until the water starts boiling. Plug the microwave off but don’t take out the bowl yet, let it sit in for about 1 to 2 minutes. After this is done just take out the bowl, grab a cleaning cloth, and remove all the dirt with a nice and easy stroke; quickly giving your microwave oven an almost never-used feel to it.

2.Those Dreaded Rings on Your Table

Whenever someone fails to use a coaster on your precious tables, it always shows. You find yourself, yet again, in that horrid situation of removing the marks of your friend’s lack of care for your furniture. You have to act fast, but it has to be easy; luckily it is. First, grab an absorbing towel, give it a good swipe to eliminate quickly any excess moisture; then bust out the hair dryer and blow those hellish rings into the depth of oblivion for ever!

3. Goodbye Blender Scraping

The blender is one of those everyday appliances that we are usually more afraid to use than embrace; all thanks to how much of a chore can be cleaning it afterwards – the thought of it is just sometimes straight up terrifying-  However, there’s light at the end of the tunnel; for there is a very simple way to clean a blender.

Getting your hands dirty by trying to remove everything by hand is a waste of time and effort. Instead, fill your blender with hot water, to about half way through, and a good splash of liquid soap. Give it a really good spin for a couple of minutes. Empty it and remove the excess soap with clean water. Done! You have yourself a pretty clean blender in no time.

4. Clog Drains

Sometimes your hand or dishwasher can get clogged up, and you won’t have any earthly idea as to why how it got like that in the first place. Cleaning your clogged drains can be a very frustrating and infuriating situation should you not know how to deal with it swiftly. Regardless of how it happened, there is a very quick solution. Grab a cup of vinegar and some Alka Seltzer pucks; drop them and leave them to act for 10 minutes or so. Simply finish the cleaning process by washing down with boiling water to ensure a complete and thorough clean.

5. Magic Carpet

Having a carpet floor is a bold decision, but it does not have to mean complete and utter commitment to it every hour of the day. We are all aware of those mysterious and inconceivable stains, that appear out of nowhere, in our carpets and how much of a hassle it can be to get rid of them. Fret not for there is a quick and easy solution.

When you spot one of those dreadful carpet stains, act quickly and squirt it good with a combination of one part vinegar and two parts water. Then, place a lightly damp cloth over it and grab a hot iron and press it for just about half a minute, and voilà! Should that stain prove to be a tough opponent, just press the iron on it a couple more times and it should disappear.

No More Hate for Cleaning

Cleaning our house or personal space doesn’t have to be the most tedious and tenuous of task. Use this simple hacks to turn your those chores into simple and enjoyable solutions to make your life easier. What are some of the home cleaning task you find the hardest to do? What other tricks do you know to improve home cleaning? Share your experience by leaving a comment below!.

5 Ways To Unclog That Drain Without Buying Anything

Do you have water in your kitchen? What about some vinegar (you know, the same bottle that probably came with the cupboards? Does anyone actually buy vinegar?) Any red plastic cups (used or not)? If you said yes to any of these questions, congratulations, you have everything you need to turn that clogathon into a barren pathway for sink activities!

Boiled Water: The best thing since…water

These images will be difficult to process: food, debris, hair and oil clog your drains. The good news is, because the words ‘cement’ and ‘solid brick’ weren’t on this list, you can use boiling water to break this down like a domestic sledgehammer.
Boil water and pour it down the drain. Also, if you think your toilet is also suffering from cloggage, open the seat and check for small bubbles congregating in the water. Yes? Good. Use boiling water because this means there’s a clog deeper in the drain.

Large Plastic Cup: Turn that double-cup into a single-cup for unclogging purposes

Let’s say your kitchen sink is super clogged like your nose as the flowers blossom and pollen imperializes the air. The only tool (you think you have) is a plunger. Are you considering a tool that has had intimate relations with the inner crevices of your toilet to fix your sink?
Save yourself a trip to the emergency room and find a plastic cup.
Most people have large 32 to 40-ounce cups from fast-food restaurants and gas stations. The bottom of these fit nicely in the drain. Push the bottom of these cups into the drain to clear the clog. Some clogs cannot be cleared without professional help. You may need the use of a snake or hydro-jetting, as offered by companies like L.J. KRUSE COMPANY, to clear your clog.

Metal Wire: We’re sure these are laying around somewhere near the duct tape

“Back in the day,” people used to use old wire hangers to clear clogs, but those have become largely obsolete. Most people have rolls of wire, however, which are useful.
Steer clear of coated wire used in gardening, but other types of thin wire are useful for clearing clogs. Create a thin hook on the end to grab string or hair by pinching the end of the wire. Do not use wire in a drain (such as the bathroom sink) if it can get stuck in different components (like a stopper or toilet plunger) because you could make the clog worse (and ruin your weekend).

Bleach: You have this

Bleach is similar to drain cleaners because it contains sodium hydroxide. You can use bleach to help clear a clog. Allow the bleach to work it’s way through until the clog clears. Use hot water from the tap to wash the bleach down.
If you’re going to use any of the remedies above, be sure that you don’t already have other substances in your drain, standing water or pipes. A mixture of different substances may not be safe. For instance, don’t mix vinegar and bleach. This makes toxic chlorine gas. For heavy-duty clogs, call a professional immediately.

What now?

Save the Amazon orders for phone chargers and 30 packs of bottled water because tap water alone can solve 90% of your drainage issues. Now, after you finish impressing your roommate(s) and/or partner with your James Bond-esque resourcefulness, make sure to chop less organic vegetables near the sinkhole. You can also add a screen filter to catch those pesky quinoa grains and chia seeds that always seem to stray away from the pack. As for your toilet, maybe eating less fiber could do the trick. If all else fails, call a Maid Sailors. We unclog drains the same way Steph Curry drains three-point shots.

Clean Your Entire House With These Three Kitchen Ingredients

If you’re looking to reduce the cleaning products in your household, you’ve come to the right place. The good news is that you can you can clean with products that you probably already have on hand. For centuries, people have been cleaning with kitchen products such as vinegar, baking soda and even lemon juice (or fresh lemons.)

Whether you believe it or not, these items are safe and effective. More safe and effective than the harmful chemicals found in most cleaning products. If you start cleaning with these natural cleaners, you won’t only declutter your cleaning supplies but you’ll save money and you won’t have to worry about harsh toxic chemicals.
  1. Vinegar

Vinegar can clean both salmonella and E.coli. The two very things you’re trying to avoid when it comes to cleaning. It’s a natural disinfectant. You can either use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar depending on the task. You can use vinegar to:

  • Make your coffee pot sparkle. Run it with a pot filled with equal parts of white vinegar and water. Then let it sit for an hour.

  • Unclog the tub. Apple cider vinegar is good for removing hair that gets clogged up in the tub. Pour some down the drain (about a half of a cup) and let it sit in there for about twenty minutes before pouring hot water down it.

  • Clean the microwave. Take a microwave safe bowl and fill it with water. Then put about two teaspoons of vinegar in it and microwave on high about five minutes. Afterward, everything easily wipes away.

  • Prevent mold and mildew in the bathroom. You can use white vinegar in the bathroom to prevent mold and mildew. Do this by keeping it in a spray bottle and spraying it on shower walls, curtains, and tub after your shower.

  • Make glass cleaner. Take a spray bottle and mix one tablespoon of vinegar in one quart of water. Spray on glass surfaces and wipe dry and you have a homemade glass cleaner.
  1. Baking soda

Baking soda is known for keeping nasty smells out of your fridge. But it’s odor absorbing properties can do much more than that. And it contrary to vinegar it doesn’t hold a strong smell. Try out these tips for cleaning with baking soda:

  • Remove unwanted stains. Baking soda works wonders in a coffee pot or coffee mugs to remove the stains that come with making coffee.  Fill mugs or pot with one part baking soda to two parts water and let it sit overnight. In the morning, rinse and scrub.

  • Clean hair care tools. Soak your brushes and combs in one part baking soda and one part water solution. Do this for a few hours.

  • Get rid of pet odor. True to its word, baking soda is great for removing odors from your home. Sprinkle it on your carpet or furniture and let it sit for about twenty minutes before vacuuming.

  • Clean the grill. Sprinkle baking soda on your grill and let it sit for about ten minutes. Then pour hot water over it and let it soak for a few hours. When you come back you will easily be able to remove the burnt food and crud.
  1. Lemon Juice

Have you ever noticed that most of the products you find in the cleaning aisle have a citrus scent to them? That’s because some citrus, like lemons, are a natural disinfectant because of the acidity they hold. And as an added bonus using lemon around your house will make it smell great. Here are some things you can use lemon juice for:

  • Making a multi-surface cleaner. Take an empty spray bottle and fill it with a half gallon of water. Then add one tablespoon of vinegar and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Shake it up and you have a homemade multi-surface cleaner for your home.

  • Polish your furniture. By taking one pint (16. oz.) of vegetable oil, and one teaspoon of lemon juice and mix them together you can make your own furniture polish. Simply rub the furniture and you’ll have a clean and polished surface.

  • Prevent lime and rust. Take some lemon juice and rub it on your faucets. Let it sit overnight and rinse in the morning.

  • Remove stains from clothing. There are so many products out there that claim to remove stains and just don’t do the job. Apply lemon juice to the tough stain and a little sprinkle of cream of tartar. Rub it into the stain letting it sit until the stain it is gone, then throw it in the washing machine.

Looking for other ways to save money and clean your home? Check out our other post!

6 Tips On How To Declutter Your Bathroom

Ah, Bathrooms. The room in your house that is set aside strictly for grooming and maintaining healthy hygiene. Because this room in your house is solely for the purpose of taking care of business that means it can get pretty messy at times. We have some tips to help you get your bathroom clean and organized so you can end the clutter.
Here are six great tips for decluttering your bathroom:

Tip #1 Have A Designated Bathroom Basket 

The great thing about a bathroom basket is that you can put all of your bathroom cleaning supplies in it and you’ll always know where to find them. Grab a small basket from the dollar store and put it under the sink. Then fill it with Windex, bleach, toilet bowl cleaner, and you’re good to go.  

Tip #2 Get Crafty With Appliance Storage

There are many different things you can do to store hair care appliances like blow dryers and hair straighteners. For example, you can attach a file organizer or magazine rack to the side of your bathroom sink, or to the inside of a cabinet door. Then store your dryer and straightener inside. This way these are out of the way and not left out on the counter. The more counter space the better.

Tip #3 Make Use Of Drawers

Small miscellaneous items like Headbands, toe spacers, and bobby pins tend to get thrown on countertops and left to gather dust. Sort them into divided organizer drawer trays. You can get them at the dollar store in packs of three. And the great thing about them is that you can use them all throughout your house. You can also get a utensil organizer, the same kind you would use in your kitchen for forks, knives, and spoons, and put it in the draw for toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.

Tip #4 If You Don’t Use It, Lose It 

It’s common to walk into any private bathroom and find products that simply aren’t being used. Products that don’t work the way you thought they would. Or even products that are expired like old medicine. The sooner you get these products out, the sooner you have more space to play with. Make sure the products you actively use are front and center while products that you only use on occasion are put away.

TIp #5 Add A Recycling Bin

You may not know this, but there’s a huge problem with toiletries filling the landfills. Most if not all bathroom products come in plastic containers that are being thrown away after each use. They then end up piled up in a landfill where they won’t disintegrate. Just but a small bin by your trash can where you can throw the containers after you’re through with them. You can then reuse them for crafts or sell them online on places like Etsy and Ebay.

Tip #6 Install A Shelf

This might be one of the more obvious bathroom decluttering tips. But the real question is where do you install that shelf at? One of the best places to put a shelf is above your bathroom door. this is where you can put all of those products that don’t get used on a daily basis. And it looks neat too.

How to Remove Ink Stains from Clothing

Unfortunately, pens leak. And when they do, the ink stains anything and everything it touches. There are so many faux remedies for removing stains from clothing but very few of them actually work. The good news is that ink stains can be removed from your leather and other clothing if treated properly. This means if you catch it in time and follow these steps before putting your clothes into the washer you might have a chance.

We’re going to take you through the process of how to remove many kinds of ink stains. Ink stains from ballpoint pens, permanent ink, and even washable markers (easily washable on surfaces, not fabrics), that stain your fine leather and fabric.

How To Remove Ink From Leather

Before you try to take on a leather stain you need to determine what type of leather is it first. There are a few different types of leather including suede, vinyl, pleather, faux, and smooth. If your garment is suede or smooth leather, you need to take it to a dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning leather. Those types of leather are often the most expensive and you don’t want to ruin your chances with it. Besides, dry cleaners are trained to get those types of stains out they can help you.

If your garment is vinyl, pleather, or faux and you have an ink stain you can begin cleaning it with the following method:

Take isopropyl or rubbing alcohol, (works best for DIY removal of ink stains from leather), and begin by dampening a white cotton cloth or swab with the alcohol. You want to use a white cloth for this because a colored cloth can transfer its color to the leather. You don’t want to create an even bigger mess. It’s also important to know that the fresher the stain the easier it will be to remove it.

You should work from the outside in, dabbing gently with the cloth. Keep the work area small so you don’t risk spreading the ink. You should be able to see the ink transfer to the white cloth almost immediately. Use a new dampened area of the clean white cloth ink coming off to prevent re-staining the garment. Do this nice and gently until the stain is removed. Allow your garment to air dry afterward and/or between treatments if you have to do it multiple times. And you my friend, will have an ink-free piece of clothing.

How To Remove Washable Marker Ink From Clothes

The term washable marker doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s washable. Some of these markers are more washable than others. And some, just aren’t washable at all. If you have children then you know what I’m talking about. They can be a pain. But with a little alcohol and elbow grease, you can get the ink stains from these washable markers out of your beloved clothing.

Start by wetting a cotton swab with alcohol and testing a small piece of the garment to make sure it doesn’t damage it or cause discoloration. Look for a piece that’s not so noticeable just in case the alcohol doesn’t react well to your garment. If it doesn’t damage it, you’re good to go. You can start in on the stain by working from the outside in changing to a new swab as it absorbs the ink. If you find that traces of ink still remain on your garment after this process then it’s safe to move onto using products like OxiClean or Purex 2 color safe bleach. Following the instructions on the package, you’ll want to submerge the garment in the solution overnight (at least eight hours) before washing. It’s important to note that depending on the garment you might have to repeat this process a couple of times.

How To Remove Ballpoint Ink Stains From Clothes and Fabric

For people who have a home office, you probably have a ballpoint pen on hand. These can easily get thrown in the washer on accident and explode all over your clothing causing a huge mess. Don’t worry, we’ve been there too it happens. But how do you clean that nasty mess up?

First, you’ll want to take some rubbing alcohol and a damp white cloth and test it on a small piece of the clothing to make sure the alcohol won’t damage it. And Just like any other stain, you’ll want to work from the outside in preventing the spread of the stain. If you find that traces of ink still remain on your garment after this process then it’s safe to move onto using products like OxiClean or Purex 2 color safe bleach. Following the instructions on the package, you’ll want to submerge the garment in the solution overnight (at least eight hours) before washing. It’s important to note that depending on the garment you might have to repeat this process a couple of times.