The 4 NYC Design Themes You Need to Know

The home serves many purposes. Not only is it a place to relax and re-energize after a day of work but also a place for creativity, making memories, entertainment and productivity. If you’ve been feeling like your home atmosphere is no longer encouraging any of those sentiments, it’s time for a makeover.

Freshen up your domicile with a new look. Before you begin brainstorming (and subsequently quit), Maid Sailors has already summarized the hottest trends. These can instantly make your abode more uplifting, motivating and productive. If you feel that you’d like try something new, here are some of the best interior designs of 2015.

1) Natural

Organic design elements that celebrate nature have been trending in 2015. The focus has been on finding innovative and modern ways of bringing the outdoors inside. Don’t just rely on floral wallpaper and throw pillows. Large windows that expose lush areas, water features and fresh green walls are additions that have an invigorating effect on space. Nature-inspired patterns and prints are paired with vibrant interior paint colors, raw finishes, and accents to create dimension found in natural landscapes. To easily incorporate a natural look in your home, experiment with organic textures like salvaged wood and stone pieces. Add plants and fountains to instantly liven up your space. There are also more customizable pieces, such as etched glass doors that feature natural themes, which you can add easily.

2) International

Adding cultural concepts and globally diverse pieces to interior design has become very popular this year, and will definitely win the hearts of those who love foreign locales, history and sociology. Design elements such as heritage art, cultural motifs, exotic woods and symbolism can be incorporated to create a worldly theme. Whether your design has its roots in Scandinavia, Morocco or the Far East, an anthropological look can be achieved either by a coordinating theme or eclectic pieces such as pottery, area rugs, books or sculptures. This interior theme will speak most to those who love to travel, or those who simply love a particular culture and want to decorate their homes in that style. Or those who are too lazy to travel.

3) Minimalist

It seems people are starting to realize the liberating effects of de-cluttering space; thus, designers are integrating this theme into their clients’ interiors. If you get the feeling the inside of your home is stressing you out (think laundry piles, stacks of mail, or simply too much “stuff”) then you may want to explore a minimalist approach in your next interior overhaul.
Open floor plans, symmetry, bare surfaces and good lighting are all features of a minimalist approach to design. Minimalist interiors will often use a simple approach in color to keep the room looking light and airy. Neutral colors and open spaces allow our eyes to take in an area as a whole, making everything look more expansive. Breaks in color and too many knick-knacks will make our gaze unable to settle. Minimalism doesn’t mean a completely sterile environment, but it does mean eliminating a lot of knick-knacks and clutter. After you’re done, your place will be so simple, Buddhists will be lining up to sublet.

4) Countryside

Many have fallen in love with weathered wooden finishes, rust-colored metals, and hardy leather that are often found in country homes. Cow hide has also been a big hit of 2015 that fits into country interiors, which makes great area rugs over hardwood floors. Sliding door hardware is another country trend that has been popping up all over, and would make a great door for a pantry. Add more farmhouse charm to your home by using benches on the side of your dining table, adding cuts of lavender to your kitchen, or buying rustic-looking hardware for drawers and cabinets.

Concluding Remarks

Your home should be a reflection of your own style, so make sure to go with something you love. Maid Sailors is happy to stop by and help clean your place entirely before you begin your creative journey. Always remember: no matter what happens to be trending, if it doesn’t fit your style, then it simply makes no sense to design your home that way. Remember, interior design is always evolving, and the goal is for you and your home to evolve too. Hopefully these solid trends will provide you with some ideas to try something new and exciting in your home.

5 Ways To Make Your Home Classy

Are you looking for efficient but creative ways to add a splash of refined individuality to your home? While most homeowners want a beautifully decorated home that their friends will envy, many homeowners struggle to develop a style that has simple personal flair. Many will simply “copy and paste” the styles found in local stores or even purchase an entire ensemble of pre-set furnishings found in a department store. While these approaches are acceptable (at a bare minimum), Maid Sailors wants to share five easy ways to add instant swag to your home without depleting your funds. Add an extra, visible touch of individuality. Take your interior design game to the next level with these solid plays.

1. Update Your Pantry Doors

Your kitchen pantry is one of the most visible features in your space. Install a decorative pantry door to transform your kitchen’s pantry. For example, one idea is to install a framed glass pantry door with a gorgeous etched or frosted design that is suitable for the décor in the room. The frosted or etched design can conceal the items inside the pantry while also giving the space that extra touch of character that sets it apart from your friends’ kitchens.

2. Choose Hardware Loaded With Flair

With interior décor, less is more. Often, the smallest touches can have the biggest impacts on your room’s look. The hardware on your doors will determine the look that you’re trying to achieve; thus, it’s highly effective to choose unique hardware. For example, barndoor hardware works well with homes that have a rustic or country style. It can also look amazing in homes with restored wood features, such as distressed doors, cabinets and drawers. This is just one example of how hardware can be used to add a great finished look to the space (there are obviously hundreds of examples, if not thousands).

3. Add Dramatic Arches

If you want to make a truly elegant statement in your home, replace your standard 90-degree corners in doorways and entryways with dramatic arches. These can be enhanced with rounded corners and columns can be used sparingly for extra emphasis. This method gives a grand impression of the space and sets the stage for those entering the room. They also add graceful definition in the backdrop of the room that adds a decadent frame to the space. This may seem like a major undertaking, but the technique of adding arches and rounded corners is relatively simple. A contractor may be hired to help you produce the desired results in your home (for cheap).

4. Create Display Areas in the Kitchen

Many kitchens lack the same flair that other rooms have, and this is because there is often limited space to add accent pieces to décor and style. Most of the wall space may be covered by cabinets, backsplash or appliances. While the cabinets and backsplash may have styles of their own, you can add further definition and character to the room by creating decorative display areas. Install see-through glass cabinets, open shelves or other display areas. If you choose to use glass cabinets, keep in mind that the dishes and other pieces behind them will become part of the décor. Ultimately, consider if you want to have a few accent cabinets or if you want the entire cabinetry system to include see-through facades.

5. Install Decorative Tiles

Subtle variations with your tiles can revolutionize your home’s character. For example, even the most basic tile design can exude elegance if it’s installed diagonally. Another method is to alternate tile installation designs for extra flair; for example, the lower section of a tile back splash in the kitchen may be installed in an offset pattern. Additionally, there may be a decorative border followed by tile laid on the diagonal above this. Lastly, you can install standard tiles in combination with a gorgeous mosaic. This artistic touch will truly differentiate your space and set you milestones apart from your neighbors, friends and enemies (haha!).


While you may be tempted to mimic the styles showcased in magazines, home décor stores, and the internet, you really need small, subtle extra touches to make dramatic improvements to your personal space. Take a shot, and then take a screenshot. Maid Sailors can come clean up the mess after you’re done.

5 Hacks For Your Small Kitchen

If you live in New York City, your kitchen is probably part of your bathroom. Even if you’re well adjusted in the suburbs, you probably wish you had a Kitchen fit for Food TV. Maid Sailors wants you to know that it’s possible without cleaning out your savings account. You have to think outside the frying pan in order to make your small kitchen more spacious. Here are 5 time-tested hacks to optimize kitchen space.

  1. Open It Up

The kitchen can sometimes cause claustrophobia. Cabinets hang over your head, sleep by your feet and surround you. Sometimes it is even impossible to reach what’s inside them. Sometimes, space just comes down to the number of cabinets you have. Open up space by exchanging cabinets you can barely reach for shelves you can clearly see. Use shelves for easily accessible and often necessary items – spices, condiment, and oils. For cabinets placed above your head, replace with shelves and place dishes, cups and other utensils. Remove cabinets you don’t need and liberate your kitchen.

  1. Use Lights

It’s all about the perception. Poor lighting choices will induce a prison-feel. For example, fluorescent lighting will give your kitchen a sickish glow, making it seem miniature and stressful. Cure your kitchen by installing incandescent lighting that will introduce artificial sunlight; for best results, set it up above your countertops. Also, replace lighting on your ceiling with incandescent spot lighting directed towards the cabinetry and introduce the shadows that will illuminate and “enlarge” your kitchen. Give your kitchen some character by installing some floor lighting fixtures. If you plan on having this kind of fixtures, make sure that your flooring is on point; play with the colors to set the mood just right (but don’t get too carried away).

  1. Change Colors

Colors change everything. For our purposes, use them to transform the atmosphere. Want to make your kitchen ceilings seem higher than they are? Draw the attention upwards by painting the walls in pastel colors and add some white details; alternatively, you can pick lightly colored cabinets and countertops. Does your kitchen induce a dullness that reminds you of mayonnaise? Incorporate some bold details and repaint a few cabinets or a table with some vivid colors, such as red or purple. Also, if you have some pipes that simply cannot be hidden, try incorporating them into the whole design. Guildford’s hot water specialists suggest consulting with experts to see what types of paint you are allowed to use on pipes. Turn your pipes into the main attraction.

  1. Decorate

While empty walls can give away the impression of bigger space, they often facilitate unnecessary clutter all over your tiny kitchen. Those dull walls should be utilized and you can create so much more additional storage. Mount an appealing pot rack and hang all of your shiny pots and pans as decoration. Put up some shelves for your spices, decorative boxes, and bowls. Set up a small wooden rack for your favorite drinks or bottles of wine. If you haven’t caught our drift, understand this: the possibilities are endless. You can even install a small foldable wall-mounted table for enjoying a cup of coffee or cutting up some veggies.

  1. Pantry

But wait! “My house didn’t come with a pantry!” you’re probably thinking. Well, remember when we asked you think outside of the frying pan? Turn an old, unused closet in your hallway into a do-it-yourself pantry. Fill the shelves with boxes of food, flour, and cans. Organize each shelf, group items by their type and call it a day. This additional storage area will make your kitchen clutter free and leave allow you to use other parts more efficiently.

Don’t blow the bank on construction. With these simple hacks, you can allow your kitchen to evolve from a claustrophobic storage box to an open, attractive culinary shrine. If you end up getting too carried away afterward, call Maid Sailors to clean up the mess.

This post received a significant contribution from Lana Hawkins, a crafty girl from Sydney, Australia.