Installing a wheel chair lift

Installing A Wheelchair Lift In Your Home

Vertical wheelchair lifts are a must have for homes with disabled or elderly members. Most of these systems are typically powered by electricity or hydraulics. The system allows lifting or lowering you between different floor levels without the need to get off your wheelchair. The following guide will describe the benefit of installing wheelchair lifts and the different types you can choose from.

The major benefits of installing wheelchair lifts are:

Ease of Use

Wheelchair lifts are highly recommended compared to ramps because they are easier to use. In many cases, disabled individuals have limited upper body function. Even the elderly have problems using their arms. So ramps may not always be beneficial in moving between different floors. A lift will make it easier for you and your caregiver to move up and down the floors.

Freedom of Movement

You can install wheelchair lifts in your home and even in your vehicle. The system gives you more freedom when it comes to transportation. You could also move around on your own without someone’s help. Most disabled and elderly people prefer being independent, and these lifts can make your life much easier.

More Value to your Home

A home with wheelchair lifts has a higher value. Most families will want to have a new home that offers more convenience of movement to their elderly or disabled members. It will also make it easier to sell your house.

Why Are Vertical Wheelchair Lifts Valued?

They give you a better way in and out of your home. Even school and other institutions used them for main it easier for the disabled and elderly members to access the building. Many buildings that already have the standard elevators install wheelchair lifts for people with special needs. They are also perfect for buildings that don’t have enough space for ramps because they don’t consume as much space.

Types of Wheelchair Lifts

When planning to install new wheelchair lifts, you will come across multiple options. The most commonly installed types are as following:

1.Enclosed Lift

In this type of wheelchair lift, the occupants and the wheelchair remain enclosed within the cabin when moving up and down. It is recommended for installing outdoors due to safety and weather considerations.

2.Stage Lift

As the name suggests, this type of lift will just have a platform for you to sit on. It is typically used for short elevations, such as for lifting onto a stage.

3.Shaftway Lift

These types of lifts are designed to fit into existing walls. They are installed in both residential and public buildings. They are much like your conventional lifts.

4.Opal Lift

It is much like the enclosed wheelchair lift and has a platform enclosure within the walls. But it is different from others because it has a ceiling opening. So if you have an elderly or handicapped family member, you should consider installing the right wheelchair lift in your home.

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