Be A Natural: Solutions for Safe Cleaning

You don’t need fancy products to have a completely sanitized home – surprisingly, you may already have everything you need sitting in your fridge. Further, as a millennial, it’s your sworn duty to only use natural solutions whenever possible – if a natural solution is not possible, delay solving the problem for as long as possible until a natural solution is developed (jk lol).

Sadly, many cleaning products on your Amazon or Duane Reade have many chemicals that can be considered harmful and/or relatively toxic. Left to their own devices, these agents will cause unwanted side effects, such as skin irritations and rashes; prolonged use may even contribute to respiratory diseases.

“Green cleaning” is much safer (no surprise there). But where should you start? Also, will “going green” eliminate the green inside your wallet? Don’t panic – we’ve written a cheat-sheet with natural solutions for healthy heavy-duty cleaning. Keep your apartment clean while minimizing damages to your health (and the environment) – it’s like killing three grass-fed birds with one stone!

Clean Cheat Sheet

  • When Life Gives You Lemon Juice, Make a Cleaning Aid
    We wonder if Theologians believe lemons were a sanitizing gift from our almighty creator (if you believe in that sort of thing)? Lemons have acids that can help remove stains and dirt from various surfaces. Use lemon juice in the bathroom or kitchen to eliminate soap scum and built-up hard-water deposits. Further, when mixed with salt, the resulting solution makes a perfect scouring paste.
  • Lastly, lemon juice is very effective with deodorizing and disinfecting countertops and can be used to clean dishes. To achieve lemon juice’s full cleaning potential, merge it with olive oil to form an excellent hardwood polishing solution. Remember, don’t use acidic cleaners on granite counters!
  • You Catch Less Physical Ailments With Vinegar
    Vinegar ain’t no joke – it’s a very effective all-purpose cleaner. Mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and now you’re ready to clean the entire home. The solution works wonders for the bathtub, countertops, sink, and faucets. If you’re trying to impress your friends (who isn’t?), use it as a floor cleaner. Before you get too excited, beware: it can harm marble and wood.
  • Baking Soda
    Substitute baking soda for other non-abrasive cleaners. If you have a garage, you can use baking soda to clean its concrete floor. Inside the house, use it for nasty oil and grease spills.

Concluding Remarks

While cleaning may be dangerously boring, it shouldn’t be dangerous. Give our natural solutions a try – if you’re still having trouble, call Maid Sailors and we’ll fix up your home real quick.

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