Cleaning Baby Toys

The last thing you want as a parent is for your baby to get sick. But the truth of the matter is that babies are more susceptible to get sick because of their weaker immune systems. You can, however, prevent your baby from getting sick regularly by cleaning their toys often.


By following these three practical solutions and strategies you can learn how you can clean baby toys safely at home.

Use The Dishwasher

If you check the label on your babies toys some of them actually say dishwasher safe. Hard surface toys like building blocks, bath toys, and shape sorters can be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher. Heat from the dishwasher will help to sanitize your babies toys while the soap cleans them.

Bath toys are more likely to develop mold and mildew over time on account of the water that harbors in them which mold feeds off of. Just like your bathroom needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent mold, so do baby toys. Make sure to clean them at least once every two weeks to prevent bacteria buildup.

Good Ole’ Soap & Water

Washing your hands with soap and water is the easiest way to remove germs from your hands. Why not use it to remove germs and bacteria from your babies toys? Some baby toys like blocks, rattles, and teethers can be cleaned in the sink with soap and water. Simply let them soak in a bowl of hot water with dish soap for 1 to five minutes, scrub, and then rinse.

If you need to clean, oh let’s say a stuffed animal, for example, Teddy Needs a Bath is here to save the day. Teddy Needs a Bath is a large laundry bag specifically designed to wash baby dolls and plush toys like your child’s favorite teddy. Just place teddy inside of the bag zip it shut and wash on a gentle cycle.


Teddy Needs a Bath also has a line of dryer sheets that make your child’s stuffed animal smell like cotton candy. No more fighting to get their favorite stuffed animal in the washer. They will be begging you to wash it!

Environmental-Friendly Disinfectant

Baby toys that include any electrical equipment or batteries should not be cleaned by submerging them in the dishwasher. Or in a bowl of hot steamy soapy water. This is where an environmental-friendly disinfectant comes into play. You wouldn’t want to clean your babies toys with any harsh toxins or chemicals that could end up causing an illness.

A lot of environmentally-friendly cleaners, like the honest company, have an entire line dedicated to baby products for cleaning. You can get baby multi-surface cleaner and disinfectant wipes to help you clean a variety of toys. These type of cleaners will help you clean quickly and easily, keeping your baby safe and healthy.  

Another Thing…

If your baby is in a daycare it’s important that you know exactly what their protocol is for cleaning their toys. Most daycares have a set of guidelines for cleaning. But it’s important that you know what they are to ensure your baby stay the safest and the healthiest.

Kids and babies of all ages tend to spread germs quicker than adults. They touch so many things on a daily basis and typically wash their hands less than the average adult. Thus giving way to more bacteria which easily spreads germs from one kid to another. The older your baby gets the more crucial it is to have your child wash their hands on a regular basis to help prevent the spread of these deadly germs.

What are you using to clean your babies toys? How well does it work for you? Let me know below.

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