A Systematic Approach to Cleaning & Organizing Your Bedroom

For most people attempting to clean and tidy up their bedroom, it’s often a case of not knowing where to begin. From the mess on your dusty dresser to the pile of clothes in the corner of your bed; there’s so much to do and it looks like a very tiring and time-consuming job! Well, typically, it is; however, if you were to approach each task in a systematic manner, the results would pleasantly surprise you!

Not only can you get your bedroom looking spick and span again, but you can do it in record time! All you need is this foolproof bedroom cleaning and organizing guide and you’re good to go!

1. Tackle Tough Tasks First

Look around your room and spot the biggest ‘mess’. Perhaps, it’s a bunch of clothes lying around or multiple pairs of footwear placed in a disorderly manner on your shoe rack; whatever it may be, get it out of the way first! If you’re dealing with clothes, make space on your bed to fold and segregate items according to occasion or color, before neatly putting them away. Follow a similar system for any mess that you’re dealing with in your room and you’re guaranteed to not feel overwhelmed by it.

2. De-Clutter Your Dresser and Table Tops

It’s habitual to dump stuff on any clear space you find in your bedroom. These spaces generally end up being your dresser, nightstand, and other tabletops. To begin de-cluttering these ‘dumping zones’, pick out items that actually have designated storage space. Some of these items may include jewelry, accessories, hair appliances, chargers and cables, and various other knickknacks. It will only take 2-3 minutes to quickly put things back in place before you are left with the things that SHOULD be where they are!

3.Additional Pre-Cleaning Tidying Up

Before you start the cleaning process, finish up organizing your room by making sure that everything is in its rightful place. Examples of additional tidying up may include putting away bags and jackets, or newly opened packages and discarding the boxes/packaging. Once you are satisfied with the tidiness, get the cleanliness to match!

4. Dust from Top to Bottom

Begin at the highest point (on top of cabinets and high shelves) and work your way down. Use a good dusting tool such as microfiber dust cloths or dampen a dust rag and wipe your furniture and other surfaces in your bedroom. These include the bed frame, bookshelf, mattress cover, nightstand, closet doors, and tabletops. In general, dusting will take a few more minutes than the tidying up phase, however, it’s necessary!

5. Vacuum/Sweep/Mop

A useful tip when cleaning your floors is to move things around or carry small (light) furniture out of the room. This makes vacuuming or sweeping a whole lot easier and quicker because nothing gets in your way. Start cleaning from one corner of the room and work your way to the doorway for a fast and thoroughly clean. Don’t forget to clean under your bed and other furniture as this is where those sneaky dust bunnies hide!

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