9 Essential Areas In The Bathroom You Mustn’t Forget To Clean

The kitchen may be the heart of your home but the bathroom is your sanctuary, a sanctuary of cleanliness. It’s where you and your family members spend multiple times a day for personal hygiene activities. However, a bathroom cannot be a sanctuary if it’s not thoroughly cleaned and regarded.

Keeping the bathroom clean is what homeowners desire, except that sustaining a room that’s prone to rust, dirt, and mold can be complicated. It’s substantial to take thorough care of your bathroom even if it isn’t fun, lack of effort and attention can cause long-lasting damage to your beloved sanctuary over time.

However, it takes more than having the best design and ambiance to keep your bathroom clean. You can have all the best plumbing fixtures and high-quality bathroom accessories, and it still won’t make your bath look clean. Without regular maintenance, your sanctuary won’t be as inviting as you’ll think it will be.

How Clean is a Clean Bathroom?

Before you start to clean your bathroom, you’ll mostly be wanting to clean the visible areas that are the most prone to getting dirt and dust. However, you have to keep in mind that there’s more than meets the eye especially when it comes to the cleanliness of the room you’re using.

There will always be certain areas in your bathroom which you need help with. Thus, hiring a reputable cleaning service will do all the cleaning for you. Some services have significant experience with it comes to cleaning, especially if there are specific instruction you wanted to be cleaned for your bathroom.

For more in-depth works for your bathroom, there are plenty of design and renovation companies that focus on bathrooms.

Mist the Showerhead

The showerhead can be affected by the mineral deposits contained in water, and it will leave you with reduced water pressure and weak water flow. When mineral deposits in your showerhead buildup, it may cause damage, therefore, leading to a shorter lifespan for your showerhead.

The best way to clean a showerhead is by misting the showerhead weekly with a mixture of half a cup of water and half a cup of white vinegar while keeping the jets of the nozzle clear. Allow the water and vinegar solution to sit and drip for a couple of minutes, and wipe with a dry cloth after.

Base of the Toilet

Cleaning the toilet may seem effortless because of the highly visible spots such as the lid, seat, bowl and the top of the tank. However, the underside of the bowl and the plumbing pipe behind the bottom of the tank accumulates dust and can also be affected by stain and other particles.

The best way to clean the base of the toilet is with steam. Steam can reach hot temperatures and can easily moisten dust and mold that can build up on your toilet. By using a steam wand, it makes it easier for you to clean and disinfect the area behind the toilet.

Dust in Your Light Bulbs and Light Fixtures

Light bulbs and light fixtures are also prone to dust because it’s one of the most exposed accessories inside the bathroom. With the use of a microfiber cloth, even the smallest and most microscopic dust particles will become attached to the microfibers.

Also, you have to remove focal light bulbs such as glass globes. Using a glass cleaner, you can clean the surface without breaking the light bulb. Allow it to completely dry before attaching it back to the fixture to prevent dust particles from re-attaching to the focal light bulb.

Bathtub, Sink, and Shower Drains

The bathtub, sink, and shower drain is easy to clean because you can easily access it. This is the reason why people neglect to clean the areas mentioned above. You have to make it a habit to remove the actual drain or the cover of the drain to prevent further grime and hair build up as well as using a soft bristles brush to clean the inside of the drain.

Dust in the Fans, Air Vents, and Returns

Fans, air vents, and returns are the products that are essential to cleanliness because it keeps the air in your bathroom clean and circulating. Using a vacuum is an effective way to do a deep clean rather than settling for dusting the surface of the fan.

Also, you could freshen and naturally disinfect the air by spraying a dusting wand with water, vinegar, and a few drops of tea tree oil solution.

Making Your Faucet Clean and Debris-Free

Similar to the showerhead, mineral deposits such as limescale can accumulate inside the spout of your faucet. Water pressure can be significantly affected depending on the faucet if the aerator gets clogged.

If you disassemble the nozzle of the sink, you can clean the aerator and other components with ease using white vinegar. White vinegar is the best agent against limescale, making your faucet debris-free and clean.

Window Screens and Shower Curtains

Window screen and shower curtains are more prone to dust and dirt build-ups compared to the bathroom fixtures and appliances. Before dust and dirt could build-up anywhere around the bathroom, it must go through the window.

The dirt and dust build-ups in the window screens and curtains can have a massive impact on the cleanliness of the air you’ll breathe in, inside the bathroom.

Bathroom Vanity and Drawers

A Bathroom vanity has drawers which can accumulate a lot of dirt because it’s commonly used by everyone in your household. Dirt such as falling hair, grease, lotion drippings, etc. can all buildup and lead to something nasty. In addition, it can permanently damage your drawers through the decomposition of the materials from the chemicals of your products.

Exposed Plumbing Pipes

Metal corrodes when exposed to air and water. Rusty metal will break easily if it’s not well maintained. The pipes should be sprayed and wiped with diluted white vinegar regularly to retain its quality. Finally, you can use a metal polish to buff the exposed pipes, making it look shiny and brand new.


Thoroughly cleaning your bathroom is no easy task, especially if you do it alone. However, there are a lot of ways to make your job easier. You can hire an excellent cleaning service or you can use DIY solutions like water and vinegar mixtures.

Always remember that the overall cleanliness of your bathroom will rely on how you’ll effectively use a little bit of your time and effort to clean and maintain your sanctuary — saving you a lot of time and money in the future.

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