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8 Steps for a Clean Spring

How smart is your cleaning routine? Do you even have one? You’re probably not doing enough to maintain a clean home. Don’t worry – these simple steps can be easily adopted and effortlessly maintained. Put in the work to do this once and you’ll be amazed at how habitual this can become. Spring into summer with a clean home!

1. The System

Or, should we say a new system? Whether your current routine is ineffective or nonexistent, you need to follow this peculiar but imperative rule of thumb: start on the left of the doorway then, move clockwise. No more backtracking!

2. The Grid

Regardless of the size of your space, it should be visualized as a grid. This way, you won’t miss anything or go over the same spot twice. One of the cleaning mistakes that slows the cleaning processes is going over an area more times than necessary. By imagining a grid, you can plan efficiently and execute flawlessly.

3. The Top to Bottom Approach

For major clean-ups, tackle all things that need cleaning at the top first – ceiling, ceiling fan, shelves. Dust and dirt will be shaken down onto the things that you’ve yet to clean. Do the floors last. Vacuum the carpets after dusting off anything above it. Otherwise, the dirt is more likely to fall onto them and you’ll need to rev up the hoover again.

4. The Tools

Carry all your cleaning tools and materials in a cleaning tote or bucket. Everything should be accessible. As you clean, you’ll build momentum. If you need to pause and fetch a tool, you’ll destroy this momentum. Don’t waste time. Put all your necessities in a pretty bucket and walk it from room to room like a puppy.

5. The Products

Cleaning tools need cleaning (and love), too. Mops and cloths gather dirt, and they won’t be able to function well if they aren’t clean themselves in the first place. The vacuum’s bag must be emptied, or the vacuum is useless. After you finish cleaning, spend 10 minutes cleaning your tools. This will save you hours (and dollars) in the long run.

6. The Simple Hacks

There are “unusual” tools that can actually make things shinier like new. Did you know that baking soda can clean your carpet, sofa, microwave oven, bathtub, cabinet doors, pans, and silverware? It can be extra powerful when combined with other household items such as vinegar. Use what’s already in your kitchen to clean your kitchen!

7. The Clutter

Another simple cleaning hack is to de-clutter whenever the opportunity presents itself. De-cluttering is easy and can be an ongoing process that ultimately saves you hours. Straighten the pile of magazines, empty the trash bins or fold the blankets during cooking downtime or while watching your favorite sitcom. Make it a habit to do small de-cluttering tasks and involve all the family members (or pets).

8. The Myth of Multitasking

When doing deep cleans, make sure that you focus on the cleaning task itself. It’s easy to miss specific areas when you aren’t concentrating on the job. So, get rid of anything that distracts you from accomplishing the said task. Tuck your phone out of sight and keep the TV turned off throughout the cleaning session.

Trust us – home cleaning isn’t easy. Follow these steps and the process will be significantly easier. If you need a professional to show you how it’s done for cheap, feel free to call Maid Sailors.

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