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7 Tips To “Green-ify” Your House

Summer is coming to a close and it’s time to tidy up. However, don’t rush to Duane Reade or CVS and start squandering money (although, let’s be honest, you’ve might’ve already done this throughout the summer) on products for your windows, carpets, and floors. Not only are many of these cleaners excessive, more importantly, they’re unhealthy. Tap into your inner Hulk (in a non-violent way) and go green! There are a variety of ways to do some quality house cleaning without adding all the chemicals in your home. Plus, you won’t contribute to the pollution of the environment (which may cause you to sleep soundly at night).

Here are 7 solid tips to help you have a greener home:

1. Use Things You Already Have In Your Home 

You would be amazed at how many things you have in your kitchen that can do the job just as well (if not better) as widely marketed products. Baking soda, salt, and vinegar will do wonders for the cleanliness of your home. Add some lemon juice as well and it will freshen up the place with some nice fragrance. Kitchen cleaning and carpet cleaning have never been easier.

2. Ventilate Often – Especially While Cleaning

A lot of toxins are probably already stored in your house and you are breathing them as you read this (we are implicitly assuming that you’re home. If you’re outside, then there’s a 100% you’re definitely breathing toxins). Open windows as often as you can to keep the air currents running and avoid having stale rooms.

3. Recycle Your Plastics

Remove plastic from your home. Instead of holding onto one-time plastic containers (“Chinese” food anyone?), buy reusable glass containers (you’ll save money in the long run).

4. Use Bar Soap For Cleaning Table-Tops

Yes, cheap standard soap bars are often as effective as expensive cleaners. There are also many home-made soap recipes which you can use to save yourself the money for soap in the long run.

5. Re-Use The Unusable

This might be confusing, but once you understand, you’ll smack yourself for not doing this earlier. Instead of wasting money on disposable washcloths, use old t-shirts or towels to wipe windows and dirty surfaces. Save money, save time.

6. Watch Your Water Usage

Water conservation is an effective way to have a positive impact on the environment while simultaneously saving money. Don’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth. Don’t flush the toilet five or six times “just to make sure”. These behaviors will prevent you from flushing dollars down the drain.

7. Book Maid Sailors

Who are you gonna call If you’re too busy to do the dirty work? Maid Sailors. Our cleaners are equipped with eco-friendly cleaners and understand that these services have to be provided with environmental thoughtfulness.

Once you go green, you won’t go back. You’ll save money, feel refreshed and who knows, maybe elongate the lifespan of our planet.

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