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7 Tips To Deep Clean Your New Home

So you’ve managed the packing, the moving to-do list, and you’ve finally arrived at the new place. What now? The best thing to do to make your house feel more like a home is to do a proper cleanup. Even if the previous owners left the place in good condition, chances are, things were missed. These tips and tricks will help you get the new place in the best possible shape, and turn it into your new home!

1. Get Some Fresh Air

First things first. Get some fresh air. And I mean, really fresh! Airing out your home by opening doors and windows can help eliminate that musty, shut-up feeling that has been building up over the winter. This is important if your home hasn’t been lived in while it was on the market. It’s also good if you’re renting, to get rid of the paint smell, and make it feel homier. You should also get an air purifier for smoke. Getting yourself a high-quality HEPA air purifier can help you keep your home fresh. eliminating up to 99% of dust, allergen and pet dander from the air. You may not smoke, or own pets, but if the previous owners did, there’s a good chance some of that is still in the walls. A good air purifier will eliminate most of the danger associated with second-hand smoke.

2. Clean Out Your Closets

Spring is a great time to declutter. Getting rid of clothes you don’t wear, items you don’t use, and appliances you’re pretty sure you were going to get fixed someday, is surprisingly satisfying. Organize a yard sale or check out your local commission sales to get rid of gently used items, and make yourself some extra cash for a summer wardrobe, or a much-needed vacation. Take part in your community by donating items to worthy causes. Decluttering will free up space in your home, making it feel more open and easier to keep tidy, and moving is the perfect excuse to leave behind anything you don’t need anymore.

3. Scrub The Walls

It may seem like overkill, but you’d be surprised how fast your bright walls can look dingy. Wipe down those scuff marks and fingerprints with a gentle clean. Use non-abrasive cleaners and sponges to avoid damaging your paint job. For trouble spots, like those around doorknobs, and baseboards where dust and grime can collect more easily, mix a solution of one part vinegar to one part water, and scrub gently with a non-abrasive sponge. Pat dry. This is great if your home’s previous owner was a smoker, or if you find you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, to get grease and grime off the walls.

4. Clean the Carpets and Rugs

Estimates predict up to a pound of dirt, grime, soil, and hair can collect in every square foot of carpet! vacuuming helps, especially when you’re using a HEPA vacuum, which eliminates the dust that springs up as you vacuum. But a better way to clean carpets and rugs is to invest in steam cleaning two or three times a year. Steam cleaning can help to get stubborn, stuck in grime out of the fibers of your rugs and carpets, as prevent them from getting into the air you breath. Steam cleaning can also help with the grime in your upholstery, especially if you have pets in the home.

5. Work Top To Bottom

As you’re cleaning, employ the professional method: Start at the top, and work your way down. That means everything from dusting the furniture from the highest point, to scrubbing baseboards, walls, and cupboards from the top downward. This ensures that any dust floats downward to be swept up. It makes your job a lot easier and means you won’t miss any spots as you move through your to-do list.

6. Declutter Kitchen and Bathroom Too

No deep clean is complete without a proper scrubbing of the kitchen and bathroom. Kitchens and bathrooms are where there tends to be a lot of bacteria, and staining. Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty! Scrub between tiles to keep your bathroom floors from getting dingy. Don’t forget the kitchen backsplash. As you are decluttering, it’s a great time to test your kitchen appliances for functionality. That will help protect against kitchen accidents. Cleaning out and scrubbing down the fridge (to remove fridge odors) and stove is a great way to get rid of the jars and bottles that you forgot were back there, and keep track of everything you have. Cleaning out bathroom cupboards can help you declutter and get rid of expired makeup, vitamins, and other odds and ends that make their way to your medicine cabinet.

7. Use Green Cleaners

Finally, as you move through your home, use green natural cleaners whenever possible. Homemade cleaners like vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda can be just as effective for getting rid of everyday grime and dirt, even in your kitchen and bathroom. And especially in the kitchen, it means you avoid chemicals that can harm you and your family. When homemade isn’t doing the job, look for the green products in your green cleaning aisle to limit exposure to harsh chemicals found in many household cleaners.


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