7 Instagram Feeds that Will Inspire you to Recreate your Space

Do you find yourself on Instagram for hours at a time admiring all of the organized, stylish spaces? Are you wondering how you can make your home Instagram ready? Get ready because today we’re discussing 7 Instagram feeds that will inspire you to recreate your space.

If your anything like us, then you’re loving all of the organized stylish homes on Instagram. These days they’re everywhere! So instead of being envious here at Maid Sailors, we choose to be inspired by these Instagram accounts.

To make it a wee bit easier, we’ve narrowed it down to our top seven Instagram accounts to follow for home organization and stylish decor. From kitchens to offices, these feeds are curated with the best photos to inspire you. Following these Instagram feeds will inspire you and make it feel possible for you to recreate the home you desire.

1. @Westelm

West Elm is a chain retailer that sells a variety of local handpicked furniture, home accessories, and kitchen items. What I love about their Instagram is that you can instantly become inspired by their decor and shop their inventory right on Instagram. Does it get any easier than that? We don’t think so. Follow @westelm and @westelmredbank for new and innovative inspiration today.

2. @Simplyspaced

Looking for new and innovative ways to organize our pantry? Simply Spaced home organization’s got you covered. They’ve got some great tips like mixing glass jars with wicker baskets and using clip-on changeable labels. They love transparency! Follow them for more great home organizing tips today.

3. @Theeverygirl

The Everygirl is the ultimate online resource for women. Aside from their amazing lifestyle advice the everygirl also offers home organizing and office styling tips. If you’re a successful career driven women who’re looking to enhance her home office check out @theeverygirl.

4. @Organizedbyaly

Located on the east coast and featured on the Rachael Ray show, Aly Finklestein shows off the ultimate home organization skills. From kitchens to closets @organizedbyaly has got you covered. I mean seriously, can this closet get any cuter? Go ahead, follow her!

5. @Clutterhealing

I don’t know about you but I just love the name of this Instagram account. Clutter Healing is a professional organizer and intuitive house healing service in West Hollywood, California. They provide you with tips and tricks on how to stay organized and live an amazing life as a minimalist. Follow @clutterhealing for more energy healing inspiration.

6. @Organizedliving

Get home improvement ideas at your fingertips when you follow @organizedliving. They’re leading in closet storage systems and organizing tips. You can also find a local Organized Living office to help you. 

7. @Neatmethod

NEAT Method is a luxury home organization service located in over 36 markets across the globe. Their Instagram is the ultimate resource for learning to create style and efficiency in your home. Follow them @neatmethod for more luxurious organizing tips!

Where do you find your inspiration? Do you find it on social media? If so, which Instagram feeds inspire you? Have the accounts we shared in this post inspired you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! 


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