6 Ways Fresh Flowers Can Improve The Life Of A College Student

College and university students tend to live their lives on something of an emotional rollercoaster. Pursuing higher education is a challenging endeavor on a number of fronts. These include the academic aspect of working towards a degree as well as the intensity naturally associated with the personal life of a young adult.

There is a reason why a majority of college students cut loose on weekends and when they have some spare time. The seek a respite from what can be a barrage of intense emotions that routinely face. What many, many college students overlook are the benefits that can be derived by being around natural items, including fresh flowers. In fact, fresh-cut flowers are more than items placed in finer bistros, at weddings, and at funerals. There are six ways in which fresh flowers can improve the life of a college student.

It’s Not Just Conjecture: Scientific Research Supports Benefits of Fresh Flowers

Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital undertook a research study on the ways in which fresh flowers can benefit an individual, including a college student. Indeed, the research study focused on a preponderance of college students. The study was entitled The Home Ecology of Flowers Study at Harvard.

The study identified four ways in which fresh flowers can improve the life of a college student:

  • Fresh flowers enhance compassion
  • Fresh flowers reduce anxiety
  • Fresh flowers relieve depression
  • Fresh flowers boost energy and enthusiasm

Fresh Flowers Enhance Compassion

The Harvard and Mass General researchers concluded that people who live with fresh flowers in their residences should increase their level of kindness to and compassion for other people. The enhancement of kindness and compassion remained consistent as long as the research participants maintained fresh-cut flowers in their living environments.

Fresh Flowers Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is a significant issue for many college students. The nature of higher education tends to cause students to experience what can prove be a significant amount of anxiety. The research study revealed that people who incorporate fresh-cut flowers into their living environments are better able to control their anxiety levels.

Fresh Flowers Relieve Depression

A considerable percentage of college students report experiencing depression at some juncture during the course of their academic careers. Indeed, some students are plagued with depression for extended periods of time. Of course, if the need exists, nothing takes the place of professional assistance for chronic or serious depression. With that caveat, the Harvard-Mass General Research study revealed that the inclusion of fresh flowers in a person’s living environment oftentimes did prove beneficial in easing the symptoms of depression. Don’t have fresh flowers? You can try making some homemade potpourri

Fresh Flowers Boost Energy and Enthusiasm

There is no doubt that a typical college student not only burns the candle at both ends but sometimes takes a blowtorch to it. With regularity, a college student can lack energy as well as enthusiasm.

Nothing takes the place of obtaining a healthy amount of sleep. Beyond that, incorporating fresh flowers into a college student’s living environment was shown to boost energy and enthusiasm in the research study. The energy and enthusiasm boost resulted in students enjoying greater success academically and socially.

And Some More Benefits

The Harvard-Mass General research study is not the only resource delineating benefits associated with incorporating fresh flowers into a student’s life. Other research endeavors add two other benefits of fresh flowers to the list.

Fresh Flowers Aid in Concentration and Memory

Keen concentration and sharp memory are important to academic success. Evidence compiled about people who include fresh flowers in their living environments indicates that they have better concentration and memory as a cohort than do individuals who do not take advantage of fresh-cut blooms in this manner.

Recover From Illness Faster

Despite all of the positive aspects of being in a college or university environment, a negative aspect is found in the fact that being in close quarters increases the odds for illness. Colds and flu spread far and wide on college and university campuses. While an initial objective is to avoid getting sick in the first instance, when an illness arises, the goal is to get over it as soon as possible.

Yet another benefit of fresh-cut flowers in the living environment of a college student is that they appear to contribute in a positive manner to the healing and recovery process. People who are ill and have fresh flowers at hand tend to recover faster than those who do not have such an accouterment.

One More Thought

When it comes to incorporating fresh flowers into your daily life and living environment, make sure the placement of the blooms is in a room or rooms in which you spend the greatest amount of time. In most cases, this proves to be the kitchen or living room. The bedroom can be a suitable place for fresh flowers; however, a person ideally is sleeping when in the bedroom. Thus, a person is not awake and enjoying the blossoms. Also, make sure the fresh flowers are placed in clean rooms for a better feel. You can use a house cleaning service to get you set up.

A Final Thought

Yes, these benefits discussed here might be even more significant if a person receives fresh flowers from someone else. Nonetheless, these important benefits can be experienced by a college or university student who obtained fresh-cut flowers for his or her self.

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