6 Tips To Replace Your Printer Cartridges

Sooner or later, being the owner of the printer you have to face the cartridge replacement issue. If you have a little bit knowledge about the printer, then replacing the cartridge is not such a difficult and complex task for you. In addition, every printer comes with a user manual, where clear instructions for cartridge replacing are mentioned. But the biggest question is what you need to know before replacing? As many of the people are unaware of those tips. So, let’s discuss some useful tips that will help you replace your cartridge.

1. Be Familiar With Printer Cartridge Parts

Before going to replace your cartridge it is better to get familiarize yourself with your printer. Because the more you get familiar, it will be easier for you to take action. Moreover, to eliminate the hassle of removing your and checking the ink and toner, you can also install a system software in your PC. This software will guide you time to time about the ink level and when it reaches below the minimum level it automatically starts alert.

2. Know About Printing Errors

Always be careful about the print quality that your printer is going to produce. Like if you notice some skips and spots between printouts means it is a right time to replace your ink or toner cartridge. But if you are sure that your printer is not quite empty, then consider the printer settings. 

3. Note Down Your Printer Details

Before going to replace your cartridge, it is essential to note your printer model number and other relevant details. This will help you to choose the perfect cartridge for your printer. This information is usually available on the backside of the printer and on printer manufacturer manual booklet.

4. Decide Between Buying And Refilling Option

Basically, there are two options available with the printer owner like whether to buy a new cartridge or to refill your old cartridge. The choice is completely yours and can be based upon your budget. But, let’s discuss some points that you need to know before replacing a cartridge:

  • Check the cartridge grip, because some cartridges have clips that need to be pressed before releasing the ink try.
  • Check all angles of cartridge attachment
  • Never remove your cartridge unless you have its replacement ready.
  • Most important, note down the cartridge detachment steps carefully

5. Shake New Cartridge Before Unpacking

Many people forget to shake the cartridge before its unpacking and install it as it is. But remember, shaking help in making the ink color even. And after unpacking shaking can boost the chances of ink leakages.

6. Check Pages Print Quality After Replacing

Many times, you may found that after replacing the cartridge, the printer still won’t be able to deliver adequate results. This can be disturbing because there are high chances that you may have missed any step. So, in order to get relevant print quality, you must check and fit the cartridge again.

Bottom Line

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you to know best ink or toner cartridge replacement tips. Remember, replacing is not a stressful task you need to simply follow the above tips and keep your self worry free.

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