6 Tasks Best Left to Professionals

When it comes to hiring a cleaning companies, even residents outside of the USA in other major cities (e.g. Calgary) are spoiled with choices. There are many companies out there, and with good reason. It is becoming increasingly popular for busy people to hire cleaning companies to help clean their homes and offices. Maid Sailors has helped thousands of New Yorkers manage their time and budgets by providing on demand cleaning services.  While home cleaning is generally thought of as “de-cluttering”, professional cleaning companies can do much more. Here’s a list of a few key tasks that a professional can do for you, even if your house seems clean.

1) Carpet cleaning

Whether it is in a busy office setting or a high-traffic home, carpets take beatings. Some stains are very stubborn and won’t come out with traditional, at-home cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies have better equipment and stronger cleaning solutions that are commercially available, in addition to highly trained and experienced staff, and are therefore able to tackle even the dirtiest carpets.

2) Households 

Between brunch, work and birthdays, we all lead very busy lives. Add kids, after-school activities and maintaining your relationship, finding time to keep at tidy house doesn’t happen until it absolutely needs to (e.g. when it’s too late). Whereas it used to be that only the well-to-do hired a cleaning service to clean their homes, these days, many families in all tax brackets are hiring cleaning services to help with their household cleaning. Tasks such as vacuuming, dishes, floor washing, window washing and even laundry can be outsourced to a competent domestic cleaning company, leaving you more time to do the things you really want to do.

3) Offices

While daunting, keeping a business environment clean is necessary. From a hygiene standpoint, it’s important to keep germs at bay when you have so many people coming and going in your workspace daily. From an optics perspective, image is everything in business. To give your business a polished, professional image, you are going to need to ensure that everything is spit-shined.

4) Mattress and Upholstery 

Mattress cleaning is a job that most of us don’t worry about. But the reality is, germs sleep in your mattress 24 hours a day.  Additionally, dead skin and dust mites, which can cause allergies and respiratory issues, sleep with them. Mattresses need to be cleaned periodically. For a truly deep clean, it’s a job best left to professionals. Even if you don’t hire a cleaning service for anything else, this annoying-yet-necessary job should be one you outsource to a professional for best results.

5) End-of-tenancy 

Whether you are moving to a new home or a new office space, end of tenancy cleaning services help you to leave your current space in excellent condition for the next occupants. Many cleaning companies offer specialized EOT cleaning services, which can save you a lot of time, energy, and hassle. Plus, you’ll get your deposit back.

6) Windows

Windows can be a very challenging thing to clean. In some cases, such as in a high-rise building, it simply isn’t possible to tackle this job without the skills, expertise and equipment that professional window cleaners have. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable dangling from a 47th story window. Now ask yourself if you’d rather have someone else do it while you fix the copier.

Stop wasting time, money and stress on certain tasks that simply aren’t fit for an amateur. Also, realize that things don’t have to be in complete shambles before you begin to entertain the idea of cleaning. Maid Sailors is always here to advise promptly and clean magically.

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