6 Easy Home Investments You Can Make Right Now

A home upgrade is one of the best investments you can make. Not only can an investment complement your home’s architectural style and make your living conditions more favorable but also raises your home’s market value. However, not all home investments have the Midas touch; Maid Sailors believes you should consider the following six, time tested investment strategies.

1. Home Warranty

Home warranty companies provide coverage for various household items and appliances, including: heating and air conditioning systems, appliances, and plumbing and electrical systems. If you want a more advanced coverage for underlying items, you can pay an extra fee for optional, additional coverage. It’s paramount to obtain home warranty coverage for your appliances (especially if they’re new) ; additionally, if you’re planning on making other upgrades ( which you should), opting for a home warranty can save you thousands of dollars down the road.

2. Front Door

A new front door, depending on the design you choose, can increase the value of your home. Do you have a bulky, wooden front door? Opt for a beautiful glass door instead. Not only can a glass entrance make an irresistible, beautiful first impression, but it can also permit ample natural lighting. If you’re feeling extra frugal, all this natural light might even help you save a few dollars on your next electricity bill.

You have plenty of options when it comes to glass doors: full pane glass, half pane glass, or side glass panels. Arched windows on top of the door can also be a good choice (especially if you’re turning your house into a cathedral).

3. Laminate Flooring

If you want to elevate your floor to the next level, consider obtaining laminate flooring. Laminate flooringis self-sufficient since it doesn’t require glue to adhere to the ground. The assembly process is straightforward: the planks have basic tongues and grooves that you just slide, snap and lock together.

Laminate flooring has several advantages. First, apart from the ease of installation, it’s the installation cost itself is, on average, half as much as other types of flooring. It is durable, resists moisture, scratches, and wear and tear. Laminate flooring is easier to maintain and clean on a routine basis. If you’ve always been longing for a wooden floor but have been unable to afford it, you can “fake it ‘till you make it” by going with a faux wood laminate flooring (no one has to know!).

4. Remodel Your Bathroom

Recently, bathrooms have become a more important consideration for homeowners when considering a purchase. Given its central importance, the bathroom is probably the first place that will show signs of wear and tear in your home. This is going to sound counterintuitive, but bear with us: make your small bathroom bigger. Substitute your bathtub for a shower so that you maximize space and make your bathroom easier to clean and maintain.

According to the professionals at the National Association of Home Builders, a bathroom upgrade adds significant value to your home. Consider replacing your simple shower head with a modern shower system such as an Octo 7 shower system. The Octo 7 shower system has the following features:

• A large shower head with adjustable ball joint
• A deluxe rain head shower with a handheld spray
• A stationary shower head with six spray arms and a center spray
• A high shower arm, increasing your showering space

5. Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors are great decorative accessories that enhance the look and feel of your house. While they are mostly hung up in dressing rooms and bathroom spaces, hanging them in your dining area or living space can be a creative solution for a stale open area. Install one that matches your style and your space and see the room transform before your eyes.

6. Toilet Seat Lifter

Sanitation issues are the biggest threats to your lifestyle. Lifting a dirty toilet seat with your hands can (theoretically) cause diseases and other infections. Stop living like this. Improve your restroom hygiene by installing a modern toilet seat lifter such as a Toilet Tabby.

Concluding Remarks

Increase the value of your home with these easy upgrades. They will give you not only a favorable environment but also a good return on investment when you decide to sell your house. Until then, let Maid Sailors maintain your handsome abode.

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