5 Ways to Get Organized Right Now

Looking to get your home organized right now? Organization is key to efficiency and relaxation in your home. Depending on how much space you have and how much you own, however, you will need a strategy.

Maid Sailors has assembled the five best ways to do it:

1. Use Pegboards

Pegboards are commonly used in home workshops to hang tools, but these handy organizers don’t have to be limited to this age-old task. For example, you can hang labeled bags full of items on pegboards to quickly organize smaller items you’re storing. In your kitchen, a pegboard can be used to organize pots and pans within reach.

2. Tag Wires For Your Electronics

Wires from entertainment centers and computer workstations will create chaos when you unplug or move electronics. With wire ties, you can bundle wires from specific areas for easy location later. You can also label ties by writing device names on clothespins or bread bag tags and placing them on wires at the outlet. You’ll never lose track of your Macbook charger ever again!

3. Get A Storage Unit

Clutter can get in the way of a home organizing plan. If you find that you have many items that you rarely use, consider putting them in storage units. This will also make moving easier later because the items can be loaded onto a truck quickly. For long-term storage, plastic totes are often better than cardboard boxes thanks to their durability.

4. Color Code Clothes Hangers

An organized closet can help you find the clothes you need right away every time. For this task, you’ll need hangers of a few different colors. While you can color code clothes by season, you can also go by clothing type, such as shirts and pants, or any other method you like.

5. Use A Whiteboard

To-do lists are handy, but creating a new one each day can become cumbersome thing to do. Instead, make a long-term list of duties that you can mark and erase repeatedly. Just make your list by hand or print it out and cover it with a sheet of clear plastic, which you can write on with a dry-erase marker. For visibility, you can hang it on your refrigerator or on the wall. Each time you finish a task and mark it done, write the date for the next time you’ll need to do it.

Even using one of the tips above will probably revolutionize your life. If you’re still having trouble, you know we’ll be there in a jiffy so you can make it to dinner in a timely fashion.


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