5 Tips Organize Your Kitchen & Get More Space

Organizing the kitchen often gives many people the chills. The kitchen is the most used room in the entire household and hence seems to take the most time as well when it comes to organizing and cleaning the mess. This is mostly because the items and tool in the kitchen are not kept in a certain designated area which is why they just always end up in different places and it is job to find them again when you need them. Trust me, we can all relate to that problem. But not anymore as we have the perfect solution for you. These 5 ingenious tips are going to be a lifesaver when it comes to organizing the kitchen. These will help you to keep things around the kitchen in the place they are supposed to be and keep a clear and neat kitchen top to work on while cooking.


  1. Use clear lid containers to store items in junk drawers

Do you have a drawer full of tools and appliances that is a pile of mess? Well here is an idea. We all have that drawer where we keep all the useful junks. But it is never organized and the pile just keeps on adding on and on till ti come to point where we cannot even find what we are looking for. Bring in some glass containers or jars and fill each of it with items of similar type and then store them in the drawer. That you can see which item is in which jar and use it as you would like when you would need to. This saves up space in the drawer and creates more storage space for you.


  1. Use old LEGO toys to stack the baking or cookie sheets

If you are someone who loves to bake and make cookies then this is something you can sure relate to. Cookie sheets take up a lot of space in the kitchen and make it look disorganized when you pile them here and there. When you are preparing to bake a lot of cookies or anything else, what you can do is, stack up some 2*2 LEGO brick and use them to pile up the cookie sheets. This looks very nice and organized and doesn’t create a mess. In this way, you can keep your cookie sheets stacked up fine in the kitchen.


  1. Use some flatware organizer for holding the longer tools

It is a very painful and difficult job to store the long thin tools and skinny items in the kitchen. There just never seems to be a proper place to store these and often they just lay aimlessness on the kitchen top ruining the appearance of the kitchen and making it look disorganized and eating up a lot of space. Flatware organizers are a great way to avoid all these. Insert some flatware organizer in the kitchen drawer and use it for storing all the thin and flat long items. This way all the items will be in a single spot and is going to be reluctantly easy to find them plus it will remain organized inside the drawer. When you will keep these items in a flatware organizer you will find more space on the kitchen top to work without things falling here and there while cooking or working.


  1. Use a magazine holder as a chopping board holder

Cutting boards are those items in the kitchen that just don’t have a certain place of its own. It sits over the counter or in the sink and never ends up in a spot where it should be kept without making the kitchen look disorganized. But there is a solution to that. Magazine holders are appropriate to hold items that are long and thick in size which perfectly resembles a chopping board. So put a magazine holder in the kitchen top in a convenient place and store all your chopping boards there. It is ideal to hold chopping boards of any size and looks very aesthetically pleasing as well.  


  1. Use hooks that have adhesive to hang items that can be around the kitchen

Adding some adhesive hooks around the kitchen is a great way to store and hang the times that you possibly can like kitchen towels and brushes and long wooden spoons. It saves up a lot of space in the kitchen and gives you a clean and organized area to work in.


Keeping the kitchen tidy and organized is very important. A clean kitchen is much better and comfortable to work in then in a messy one where no items have a particular place to be kept. These tips are sure going to help you keep a very organized kitchen and make extra space around as well.


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