5 Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean During The Holidays

Almost everyone can agree that the holidays are a time for increased activities in the home. It seems much harder to keep your house tidy throughout the holiday, too– but with these 5 pointers, you’ll find it’s easy to have a tidy house, even during this hectic time. With a cleaner home, you can concentrate on the important things that truly matter– like hanging out with friends and family.

Make Sure To Vacuum Under the Tree

If you have a fresh cut tree in your home, you understand the challenge of pine needles. Even if you keep your tree effectively watered, pine needles will start to fall from the branches. Once on the floor, they always seem to find a way to stick to your socks or shoes and will travel throughout your home– leaving little pine needles practically everywhere! If you don’t want to spend every day vacuuming though, you can invest in a high-end robot vacuum to do some of the hard work for you. Not only can it clean under the tree, but it can also clean the rest of your floors as well.

Tidy the Kitchen Area After Cooking or Baking

Prior to you starting to bake Christmas cookies or any other holiday treats, clean off the counters and empty the dishwasher. If you do this, your kitchen will always appear clean, and you’ll be ready to fill the dishwasher immediately after dinner.

Clean Out Your Fridge Beforehand

As you head into the holiday season, you’re most likely to have more food piled up in your fridge than you normally would. Take a few minutes to clear out anything you don’t need before you start prepping for your holiday meal. If you will be hosting a big household diner think about getting disposable storage containers beforehand. As you tidy up from the supper, provide guests leftovers to take home.

Put Things Away as You Use Them

This is a tip that can be used throughout the entire year. However, this is a season for crafting and embellishing. It’s likewise a season when mess tends to take control of our houses. If you take craft materials out to make something with the kids, put it away as soon as your crafting session is over. When you lug all of the Christmas decorations out, put the boxes away until it’s time to put everything away again. Keeping stacked boxes around your home makes it look messy, unorganized, and more cluttered than it has to. If you have a bunch of decorations that no longer look nice or work correctly, don’t be afraid to toss them! Purge your storage areas of decorations you never use to make room for things you need.

Avoid the Winter Boot Mess

If you happen to live in an area with snow and sleet, or even just extreme rain, you understand what a mess the winter boots can make! The more people you have in your home, the more mess that gets tracked inside! Before you know it, your home can be covered in rainwater and mud if you aren’t careful Ask your guests to take their boots off before they come inside your house. Then, if it’s cold, place the boots into plastic grocery bags (one/person), so you can bring the boots inside your home and put them, bag and all, on your boot or welcome mat. The plastic bag will gather the snow and ice as it melts and keeps your home dry.

With these tips, you can assure that your holiday season is filled with love and joy, and not with household clutter and excess stress.


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