5 Speed Cleaning Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Cleaning doesn’t need to be a week-long activity. Nor does it need to be an all-day chore. Cleaning can be fun, easy, and fast all at the same time. These five speed cleaning tips will help you streamline your chores while saving time, money, and energy.

Play Some Jams

Music is good for the soul. It’s also good for cleaning. Putting on some good jams can improve your mood allowing you to focus more on the task at hand. But of course, you’ll want to make sure you have something uplifting and upbeat playing. No one wants to clean to a song that reminds them of their loved one that has passed away. Do yourself a favor and make it a good song!

Stay Organized 

In order to effectively clean quickly, you need to make sure you’re keeping all of your cleaning products and supplies together in one place. So when it comes time to clean you’re not searching everywhere for that bottle of Windex that’s on the opposite side of the house.  
Cleaning baskets (or caddies) can help you stay organized. And you can easily carry them anywhere throughout your home. This way you’ll have all your supplies in one place and you can bounce from room to room swiftly. 

Clean As You Go

With you’re newly created cleaning basket, cleaning as you go will be a no-brainer. If you see a mess immediately pick it up. This means grabbing a handful of items that belong upstairs when we are headed that way anyway. Take it with you and put it away.

Being more mindful of cleaning as you go will prevent you from having to backtrack later.  Who wants to go back and do more cleaning after you just got done? No one. 

Use Chemicals Wisely

It’s completely natural to think that the cleaner you use, the more effective it is. In fact, most people think this is the case until they learn otherwise. Using too much cleaner can do a number of damages to the surfaces throughout your home.

Too much cleaner can cause damage to certain surfaces, leave residue like soap scum that will attract dirt and dust, and cause airborne allergies to arise in your home. It’s important that you use the right amount of chemical as directed on the label. And it’s also important to know that no cleaner works instantly. Let it sit on the surface for a few minutes before scrubbing and wiping away. I swear it does the job, every time.

Start Dry, Finish Wet

You always want to start with dry surfaces first. Take a dry cloth and start your dusting. Then get rid of any food debris and anything large that could be in your way. The more you can take care of with a dry cloth, the less streaking, spreading of dirt, and potential for spilling you’ll have when you begin your wet cleaning.

After that wet cleaning might not even be necessary. If the surface needs to be disinfected, then you can spray it and wipe it down with your dry cloth. If it doesn’t then there’s nothing else you need to do.


What’s your favorite speed cleaning tip? Let me know by dropping a comment below.

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