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5 Places You May Be Forgetting To Clean

Most of the time, it’s easy to see what needs to be cleaned in a room. It’s usually things like the pile of laundry on the floor or the pile of dirty dishes in the sink. We tend to pick up the obvious and leave the rest to pile on the dust. Some would say this is what they hire MaidSailors for. And they are right. But what do you do when you need to clean and the maid isn’t there?

Here are five places you’re forgetting to clean in your house:
  1. Walls, Baseboards, and Doorframes

Dust not only clings to horizontal surfaces but it clings to vertical ones as well. Like the walls, baseboards, and around the doorframes. If these surfaces have a textured layout to them, there’s an even bigger chance that dust will cling to them. It’s important to keep these surfaces clean to prevent dust in the air which can cause irritation to allergies. 
  1. Your Closet

When most people clean their closet’ they really just organize it. What they forget to do is, take their shoes out that are on the floor and vacuum. Or quickly wipe down the walls and baseboards that harbor dust. 
  1. The Vacuum 

This is probably the last place anyone would think to clean. When really it should be the first thing that you clean. when you vacuum, you are picking up debris and dust from your floors. You should be emptying the vacuum accordingly and wiping it out at the same time. This will prevent the debris from accidentally shooting back out onto the floor.
  1. Indoor Plants

If you have indoor plants that you’ve never cleaned you might want to go and check on them. Most indoor plants accumulate a good amount of dust. You don’t need to move them or clean them with any chemicals. Just take a microfiber rag, get it a little bit wet, and wipe down the leaves. Not only will your plant love you, you’ll love having a nice clean house. 
  1. Under The Furniture

Nine times out of ten, when you look underneath furniture there is a dust bunny or two hiding under there. These are places like under the couch, under the bed, and even under coffee tables. But no worries, they can be easily taken care of with a dust mop or a vacuum.

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