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5 Easy Holiday Renovation Projects

There are plenty of simple home renovation projects you can do that will improve the decor in your home and the value of your property. Imagine if you didn’t watch the game this week and took your own shot? All you need is a little motivation to tackle quick home renovation projects that will impress your visitors, and give your home the look you have always wanted it to have. Let Maid Sailors walk you through five easy slam dunk projects.

1. Sprucing Up The Kitchen 

Are you putting off kitchen renovations because you’re afraid of the costs? Here’s are a project you can easily do that’ll transform your kitchen and preserve your bank account.

Your wooden cabinets are probably begging for a replacement. Instead of speeding to the Home Depot, here’s what you can do: sand them down and paint them. Additionally, you can replace the cabinet hardware and put off the big replacement project for a better (more profitable) day. A laminate floor for your kitchen can also be successfully installed in a couple of days. Despite their simplicity, these projects will completely change the look of your kitchen, for the better.

2. Painting A Display Wall 

Let’s be honest, your living room walls have been the same color for years. You’d love to refresh them, but you just can’t commit to a replacement color. Here’s an idea: instead of painting all four walls the same color, paint three walls one color and paint the fourth wall a different color, effectively making it a display wall. You can take a little risk and hang family pictures, set up small shelves or put up anything else to add much need liveliness to your “living room” (e.g. that Picasso you bought last auction).

Choose your display wall’s color wisely. You can choose a color that will either complement the other three walls, or a contrasting color for a unique, bold look. You can consider other options such as getting a rug with the same color as the display wall and painting the ceiling the display wall color as well. To you, it’s just a display wall; to your friends, it’ll be an exclusive art exhibit.

3. Installing Patio Doors 

If you have a standard backdoor to access your backyard, then consider installing glass doors instead. With a glass door kit and some sliding door hardware, you can open up your room to more light and more access to your backyard.

While this could be the type of renovation project that requires the services of a professional contractor, but you should consider trying it yourself. With some help from online tutorial videos and experts at your local home improvement store, you can successfully install your own sliding patio door ( and thus, propelling your home into the future).

4. Adding Light And Color To Your Landscaping 

If you can dig holes, you can add luminosity to your landscaping. Solar-powered landscaping lights can be strategically placed throughout your yard to create a powerful effect that showcases your landscaping prowess. You can light up the trees in your front yard, or you can show everyone how well you trim the hedges in front of the house by lighting them at night.

To add color to your landscaping, you can plant colorful flowers along your walkways and let them bloom into beautiful landscape accents. You can also line the front of your house with colorful flowers while encircling the bases of the trees in your yard for an added effect.

5. Building Pine Closets 

Walk through the pine section in Home Depot. Close your eyes; what do you picture? What do you hear? The gentle trickle of a nearby freshwater stream? A young deer surveying the pond for fish before noticing you and subsequently speeding away? Stop putting off building pine closets right now and begin this manageable task.

All you need to do is line the insides of your current closets with pine planks to get the full effect (SURPRISE!). The look and the aroma of pine planks lining all your closets will be something that will completely change the look of your entire home. Each time you open a closet, those bright and colorful planks will make you glad you took on this quick and easy project.

Get started and watch the Instagram likes to roll on in!
You put off home renovation projects because you think they will cost too much or take too long. The truth is that there are plenty of projects you can do that will cost relatively little, take only a weekend to complete and have a significant impact on the decor of your home. These are the renovation projects you cannot put off any longer, and they are the projects that will completely change the look of your home for the better.

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