5 Cheap DIY Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Right Now

For the weekend warrior, one of the greatest joys in the world is the one of being a homeowner. It seems that no matter what projects get checked off the old to-do list, there is always something more to do. If you’re in the mood for some excellent, easy and affordable DIY home improvement ideas, definitely consider the following. If you need to prep your place beforehand or relieve it afterwards, call Maid Sailors and we’ll show up immediately.

First of all, take a look at the one room in every home that always needs a little sprucing up: the kitchen. Surprisingly, this is the area where the smallest changes can actually make the biggest, most aesthetically pleasing impacts. For example, have you ever considered how drab the wall area over your sinkmay be? It won’t appear to make much of a difference to you now because you’ve probably grown accustomed to it. Consider adding a backsplash to that little alcove; the effect will be mesmerizing. Subway-tiled backsplashes are an easy and affordable way to give that common area a real robust pop. Lucky for you, given you’re so busy, it’s also a project that can be completed in short order. It’s becoming such a popular DIY project that several home improvement shopping centers have even incorporated step-by-step instructions to aid you in this homestead endeavor. We recommend picking subway tile, for a classic (yet never understated) look. Use a neutral color, so the contrast with the white grout between the tile will really stand out.

Second, cabinets are not only a blessing for a convenient storage area but also offer a plethora of ideas. For a truly modern style, replace the standard solid doors with glass doors and brushed metallic knobs. The difference is anything but insignificant, as eyes will be immediately drawn to your new cabinet appearance (“where’d you get those cabinets, bro?”). Plus, from a practical perspective, you now have a convenient window into what you have stored and where you’ve placed it.

Third, keep surveying your home like a young Thomas Jefferson (a master surveyor, amongst other things). Do you have a door opening that could use a little attention? If so, sliding door hardware is readily available; further, this will easily fit into your home improvement build and budget. Why not look into barndoor hardware? By repurposing an old door with sliding rollers and a track above the door frame, you’ve instantly added a rustic touch to your living space.

Fourth, you can work on your curb appeal. The front doors on your home’s entrance are a blank canvas for ideas, so why not give it a little improving as well? A door is more than just some wood and a handle (it’s so much more!). Install an old-fashioned knocker, front and center and replace the locks and hinges to match. Choose a brushed finish — chrome, silver or brass will do nicely. It adds noticeable charm and is incredibly easy to install, and won’t leave a dent in your wallet.

Lastly, are you feeling particularly motivated? Do you have hardwood floors that could use some attention? If so, you should undoubtedly, you should consider refinishing the wood’s surface. This may seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually a process that is absolutely doable, and without a doubt will get you compliments. Begin by taking a belt sander to the floor’s surface, to remove imperfections and help level the wood out again. Make sure to follow the wood’s grain, for effective results. For corners, take an edge sander, minding the wood’s grain and keeping your work consistent. If the boards are aged, there are probably holes present, or possibly some gaps, so make sure that you tend to the imperfections with a wood filler (which is a similar color to the natural wood, of course). Finally, the real payoff happens. Pick a stain that really sticks out to you, something that matches your furniture or cabinets. Once you apply a few coats of stain, and follow up with some layers of finish, you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference you’ve made. Plus, you’ve just increased your home’s value as well.

Ultimately, home improvement projects are best when done with your own two hands. You get a real, honest sense of accomplishment, and you make your home new and refreshing once more. It’s easy to see why these home projects have becoming so popular, and addicting. Tour your home, and pick a new DIY adventure today. After you’re done, call Maid Sailors for that quicker-picker-upper.


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