5 Best Guide To Home Cleaning And Maintenances

We all don’t like much to clean home, but, yes it’s true that we all love to live in a clean house. So, we should understand the fact that whether we like the home cleaning activities or not, but it’s the most essential part of life, so we all must make it our daily habit to create a healthy environment all around. Now, possibly you are thinking about the best tips and tricks to clean home that not only make your home look great also get it done quickly with unique ways.

Almost we all get confused that from where to start, from dusting or vacuum first? We waste most of our time to decide whether to start with kitchen cleaning or bedrooms or vice versa.

So, here we have detailed below absolutely unique & ultimate home cleaning tips and tricks” to save your time while making your home look stunning all the time:

1. Begin with the whole house, not just one room at a time

Home Cleaning has considerably become more efficient if you start with one task like vacuuming, dusting & mopping and do that similar task in each room in the house, instead of cleaning the kitchen, the washrooms and after that the rooms alone. Doing home cleaning it that way will keep your cleaning process simple and will prevent you from the stressful thought of endless cleaning circle that begins with the same tasks again and again for every particular portion of the home.

2. Clean your window to see the clear world

Window cleaning is the most tedious chore in the home cleaning process. So, try to make sure you get it the right way. Start with a dry microfiber cloth, sweep off all the dry dust from glass, after then use a spray, sweep the window and clean all the window mirrors and glass surfaces. Repeat the process until glass looks all clear. If, you have large windows at your home and you find it difficult to clean it the right way. They provide quality window cleaning services and with the efficient cleaning equipment & tools, they make your windows sparkle and clean from inside and out.

3. Keep doing dusting & vacuuming

Before you begin dusting, make sure you turn off all your ceiling fans. Focus on your dusting at the top portions of the furniture’s and the inside the shelves, because these places have a lot of dust inside that we usually don’t recognize. Do proper dusting of picture frames, TV screens etc. And, for hard-to-reach spaces in the home, like upper shelves, cabinet top, try to tie a microfiber cloth at the end of a broom or mop. After the deep cleaning and dusting process, change the bedsheets of the bedrooms to give a clean look.

4. Sweep the floor and then mop

After dusting now is the turn to sweep the floors. So, start sweeping kitchen & bathroom floors and then next to bedrooms. Begin mopping from the farthest corner of the bedroom and then move backward near the room door. Try to rinse the mop with clean water every time you complete mopping a 4×4-ft. area.

5. Don’t forget to regularly wash your cleaning equipment

And last, but not the least, mostly unnoticed part of house cleaning is maintaining your cleaning equipment like a mop, broom microfiber clothes etc. So, as soon as you finished with your home cleaning tasks, try to clean the cleaning tools as well. Because next time you will begin cleaning the house, you would not need to buy the cleaning tools again. It will be helpful for saving money and time as well.

Hope you like these 5 best guides to Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks. Let us know your unique ways to clean home in the comments below!

This post was written by Guest Author, Adriana Smith, blogger.


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