4 New Year’s Resolutions for the Entire Family

How was the first week of 2016? Did you make it to the gym? Were you able to stay away from the pizza? While many of us have made the typical commitments towards better health this year, there are a few underrated resolutions you should consider, especially if you’re a homemaker. Examine these top four resolutions that every homemaker should employ this year.

1. Encourage Self Sufficiency

Are your children still babies? While your child will “always be your baby”, it’s very important to realize that they need to assume more responsibility around the house once they’ve entered their teen years (if not beforehand). As an underrated New Year’s resolution, commit to self sufficiency among your children. Take each of their ages into consideration and devise chores or tasks that are appropriate. For example, older children can clean a glass entry door with no injury potential. As a homemaker, you don’t have to perform each chore on your own as the kids grow up.

When you teach self-sufficient tasks, you’re providing the children with life skills. They should know how to wash the dishes and run a load of laundry. The main goal of this resolution isn’t to delegate chores so that you have less to do on a daily basis. Teaching self-sufficiency simply helps the children become more independent. Trust us – in what will seem like a few days, they’ll be off college. Committing to this resolution today will provide a lifelong benefit for your children’s lives.

2. Teach Your Children About Home Economics

Running a household is similar to a business in many aspects. An important resolution that’s often overlooked is explaining home economics. In the past, schools used to incorporate this information into their curriculum. The information, however, was mainly focused on cooking expertise and proper cleaning procedures. As a homemaker, show your children how to run a smooth household. You might discuss chore schedules and organization strategies for extracurricular activities.

Discuss household budgets as the main part of your resolution. Children don’t usually have a concept of money, but it’s important to make them aware of proper budgeting at an appropriate age. You might allocate a certain amount of money each month for a home warranty, for instance. The children can create their own mock budgets so that they see where all of the money goes once it’s earned. As a result, they’ll have a greater appreciation for the family’s income. One day (hopefully soon), they will apply these concepts to their own earnings. Saving and spending money responsibly is a resolution that should be committed to by every homemaker.

3. Employ Clever Ideas for Healthier Eating

We know you want to eat healthier this year (we know you wanted to last year, too). Improve your odds at successfully doing this by looping in the entire family. Don’t bother buying healthy snacks, such as carrots or oranges, if your kids will simply dive head-first into a bag of sour cream chips. Use some clever thinking and make the healthy items conveniently available around the kitchen. Instead of storing these items as whole foods, cut them up into bite-size pieces. Place these pieces into re-sealable bags, and you’ll notice that your children might grab for healthy snacks as a result.

Bagging small food pieces isn’t enough to entice children’s minds and stomachs. Organize the refrigerator with healthy items at eye level. As the children open the refrigerator, they encounter brightly colored fruits, cheeses, and other items. They don’t have to search through a crisper for fruits because they’re ready-to-eat on the appliance’s shelves. These simple changes in the kitchen will encourage healthy eating without a fuss among the children. You might even find yourself enticed by the healthy foods and contribute to your good health as a result.

4. Cherish Your Spouse

Remember that person you supposedly fell in love with, married, and maybe had a few kids with? That person needs some attention from time to time. Your spouse may be overlooked as daily routines grind throughout the week. Every homemaker should make the resolution to focus on their significant other. Discuss your needs as a couple and make them a priority.

Part of this resolution may be a weekly or monthly date night. Commit to this time as a couple because it will strengthen your bond. The date doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated either. You might watch a movie and go out to dinner one night. The children will also appreciate time away from the parents as they learn about independence and dealing with others, such as the babysitter.

Consider some tokens of your affection, and add a little spark to your marriage. Hide small notes in your spouse’s lunch that state your feelings for him or her, for example. Cook a favorite meal as a surprise too. Everyone wants to feel loved, and your resolution can make that possible.

Speak to your entire family about possible resolutions they want to include in the household. Your teenagers might have a few ideas that you never considered before. Involve everyone in these yearly resolutions, and you’ll have a happier household that continues to improve. Lastly, feel free to call Maid Sailors to alleviate you of your cleaning duties – this will give you and your family more time to get out of the house and appreciate each other!


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