4 Important Components of a Cleaning Product Label

When’s the last time you actually read a cleaning product label? Did you know it was important to read the label on chemicals that you use? Today we’re going to take a look at 4 of the most important sections on the label.


Most, if not all labels on cleaning products have a caution section. This section could be under the warning or it could be a section all to itself. Either way, you want to know what the possible cautions are in regards to the chemicals that you’re using.

Why is this section is important?
If you have any health conditions or complications it’s important to know the possible effects a cleaning chemical can have. Some chemicals should only be used in a well-ventilated area because they can cause respiratory issues or allergies. If you aren’t sure whether a certain product has potential caution check this section of the label.


Every good label has directions. But while most cleaning products are self-explanatory the directions on the label often provide you with a more detailed description of how to use that product. Many directions or instructions will tell you what kind of surfaces you can or can’t when using the product, how long the process should take, and anything else you should know about the product you’re using.

Why is this section is important?
Although all of these sections are important components of the product label, the directions are the second most important. Directions provide you with a method that helps you get the most effective result for the product you’re using.  


The ingredient section of the label can get a little tricky. Most of the ingredients found on a label will be listed using their actual name versus the common name we’ve provided the ingredient with. And this can be confusing for consumers.

Why is this section is important?
Though we use cleaning chemicals avidly in our daily lives, chemicals can be dangerous.  And mixing chemicals can be even more dangerous. Every label, as required by law, has ingredients on it. If for some reason you cannot find the ingredient list on the label you can search for the product on the MDSD (Material Safety Data Sheet) website.

Aside from the dangers of mixing chemicals, they can cause an array of health complications if you use a chemical without knowing what’s inside. You may be allergic to or have an allergic reaction to a certain ingredient. Or the ingredient could cause severe damage to the skin. That’s why it’s always important for you to know what’s inside the products you’re using.


Storage is one of the least common sections you’ll find on a cleaning product label. But the section does exist. This section of the label tells you how and where to store your product as well as why it’s recommended that you store it that way.

Why is this section is important?
Almost all of the cleaning products on the market say keep out of reach from children . And while that’s an important component to storage it’s not the only important aspect of this section. If the product you’re using is a dry chemical and the label says it should be stored in a dry area chances are that’s due to a chemical reaction that will happen if the chemical is stored improperly.


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