4 Clever Ways to Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

Having a tiny kitchen can be a bit of a challenge, especially keeping it clean. Organizing a tiny kitchen can be even more challenging. Before you get frustrated with your space, take some time to organize your valuables deciding what stays and what goes. Before you get to organizing make sure you’ve gotten rid of all of the things you no longer need or use in the kitchen. You can get rid of these items by donating or selling them. If you sell them, there’s some money you can use to splurge on organizing tools for your tiny space.

Here are four clever ways to help you organize your tiny kitchen:

Store Smarter

One of the keys to organizing a tiny kitchen is to store things correctly. Store things in proximity to how you will use them. You can achieve this by putting the things that you rarely use up high in a multi-purpose dish rack attached to your ceiling or in the back of a cabinet behind things that you use more often.

Another cool thing you can do is to install storage units like these inside your cabinet walls to store miscellaneous items like sandwich bags and aluminum foil. The best place to put door storage is underneath the kitchen sink. This way you have more room for things like sponges, soap, and cleaner. Remember the key here is to store smarter, not harder.

Keep Your Sink Tidy

Since you have a tiny kitchen there’s no room for sponges, soap, and dish towels on the counter. To help save you some space grab a sink caddy. These are great for holding your soap and sponge and the best part is that they sit right in the middle of your sink, without taking up room for dirty dishes.

Utilize Your Refrigerator

Instead of using an extra drawer to stuff all those pizza menus in, get a magnetic fridge organizer. These are kind of like the cabinet racks we were talking about only they go outside your fridge. You can put those food menus in there along with other miscellaneous items that might get thrown in a junk drawer. 

Install A Shelf

Insert a little shelf on the wall above your stove where you can place your spices. This way you don’t need to have a spice cabinet and you can use that cabinet for more dishes. Chances are that when you sort through some of your kitchen supplies, dishes are the last thing you will get rid of. Now you’ll have more room to store them while utilizing your space to its full potential.

What do you do to keep your small kitchen organized? Did you find these tip to be helpful? Share your experience with us by writing a comment below.

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