3 Ways To Avoid Hassles When Moving

Finding a rental in any major urban area ( especially New York City) is puzzling, to begin with. Moving (successfully) into the rental you’ve found is even more exhausting. We know moving into your new dwelling will be overwhelming at first; Maid Sailors has curated and approved the following list of procedures to make your move exceptionally smooth (think kittens).

Keep in mind, similar to procedures you can take to make sure your previous apartment is clean before you move out, you can also hire professionals to facilitate your transition. These organizations operate globally; for example, you can get a proper apartment or flat for rent and move in seamlessly. Without professional help, here’s what you should keep in mind:

Hire Movers & Cleaners

How will you literally move all of your things? It’s 2016 and we still can’t zap things or teleport at the touch of an iPhone. Save yourself the hassle and various risks (parking tickets, injuries, breakages) by hiring movers. Movers are fairly cheap and there are many services that exist throughout New York City ( and other major cities) which employ experienced and efficient movers. You will also need to hire a home cleaning service to make sure your home is clean for new tenants. For example, if you are moving out from Denver (or any other major city) you will need to hire a Denver home cleaning service. Hiring local is important as national cleaning services lack a personal touch.

Book The Freight and/or Service Elevator

Make sure you talk to your building’s superintendent to book the service elevator for a day or two as you move. Don’t be the reason your neighbor’s dog ends up going “number 1 and 2” in the building lounge because you decided to reserve the 30th-floor elevator for a couple of hours. Call your new building and give them a heads up as well; you’ll make a solid first impression, and more importantly, decrease the time it takes to open a bottle of celebration wine.

Box Things Neatly

If you hire movers, they can also help you box. You’re better off taking care of this step yourself; you’ll save money and actually know where your things are once they’re all sitting haphazardly in your new digs. You can pick up cardboard boxes at any department store; buy a sharpie as well. Label each box appropriately and place things neatly; distribute the weight evenly so the movers can stack them. For example, don’t put all of your computer equipment in one box while stuffing your bedsheets in another. This will be a bad surprise. There are a few companies that also provide boxes along with moving services – check Google to see what’s available in your area.


One day, we’ll be able to move at the swipe of a screen. Until then, plan things out and you’ll save even more time (and money) later on. Buy boxes, contact movers, and reserve elevators. When you arrive at your new apartment, you’ll have one more task: call Maid Sailors to give it a thorough clean. Now, you’re all set to live the life you’ve always dreamed of (at least for the term of your new lease)!

This article received meaningful contributions from Shanaya Mehta, a professional writer, and adviser on property & real estate. 

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