2019’s Trending Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Can you think of your kitchen without a proper backsplash? It’s no less than a decade now that it has become one of the integral parts of any kitchen remodel. Apart from just protecting the walls, present above the work area, backsplash acts as a fine complement for the countertop. Moreover, over a period of time, the design and look of backsplashes have come a long way. In the early years, it was all about some colorful types with fruit and vegetable graphics adorning the 4×4 ceramic tiles.

However, the scenario has changed up to a great extent. The year 2019 has gifted us with an amazing luxury to install a myriad of materials like glass, mirror, natural stone, metal, brick, and so on. Backsplash design is becoming an even more unique and artful concept with each passing day.

What are the current backsplash trends for your kitchen?

Up To The Height Of Your Ceiling

In 2019, it is no more about the old approach of placing the backsplash between the countertop and underside the wall cabinetry only. Now, it is expected to be present throughout the kitchen wall. Higher backsplashes will amalgamate every nook and corner of the space while brightening it up with reflective qualities of the tiles that you’ve chosen. Especially, if you’ve opted for white subway tiles, it totally makes sense.

The backsplashes up to the ceiling of your kitchen can give a fresh and modern look to the classic tile. Experts believe that this idea will let the largely patterned tile showcase itself as loud and vibrant.

Reflective And Metallic Varnish

House owners are basically looking for a subtle look of their kitchen. That’s why mirrored and metallic finishes are on top this year. With such an amusing finish, the tiles in the backsplash will get a glossy look. Especially when struck by natural light, your backsplash will look commendable! As this trend reveals, decorating the kitchen with light will bring out the dramatic effect of the backsplash.

Further, if you think that the glossiness is extremely high for you, go for a chic metallic finish. Just opt for the tiles which are finished by look and texture and definitely resemble real metals. With a metal finished backsplash, your kitchen will get the ultimate kind of ‘stout’ feel.

Unending Types Of Patterns:

Now that quartz countertops are neutral, you should no longer stick to the plain tile backsplash. In recent times, more and more homeowners are expecting a backsplash to totally turn heads. Many have already started to experiment with a number of tile patterns.

The buzz in 2019 includes chevron, Moroccan fish scale, herringbone, laser cut, and many others. Moreover, the use of graphic print or large pattern tiles in vibrant and bold colors is one of the most remarkable types. With such oversized patterns, your kitchen can liven up altogether while making you totally proud. It is also very easy to clean. If you don’t want to do, you can always hire a kitchen cleaning service.

All The Colours Are Expected

You might have been used to neutral colors like white, grey etc. for the kitchen backsplash but now you can go for any prominent color that you want. In 2019, backsplashes have come up with a lot more vibrancy. Whether it is divine black, splashy yellow, blood red or anything that goes as per the design, all are highly trending.

Through an interesting pop of color in your kitchen, the backsplash can introduce your personal style even. For example, if you want to depict a luxurious ambiance, you can opt for either black or chocolaty grey shades. With the contrast of the colors of nearby cabinetry, shelves etc., there will be an opulent and desired drama within.

Replace Individual Pieces With Marble Slabs

Backsplashes had been all about tile. Whether ceramic, porcelain or natural stone, we had seen all the forms. However, people are preferring something different now. The slab has come up as a new concept in 2019. It’s not like tile. Rather, you can find some continuous piece with a few breaks in the case of a slab.

People nowadays prefer one large slab stretching the entire backsplash area instead of a number of individual small tiles. In this context, marble and marble based slabs have become very common. More and more house-owners are getting enticed with the pure beauty, extraordinary variation, aesthetic appeal, and subtle shades of marbles. Interestingly, any design on the surface can become the center of attraction when it is a one large slab backsplash.  

Aren’t these backsplash trends invigorating enough? If you’ve not upgraded your kitchen till now with the recent styles of backsplash yet, it’s time to make a move soon. Finally, you’ll end up having a fabulous place to cook your food daily. Also, your kitchen will end up being one of the neatest and tidiest places all the time.

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