15 Best Cleaning Tips From Pro House Cleaners

Cleaning the house is a necessary task that we must all do. A clean house is not only appealing to the eyes but also a health benefit to those in the house. Accumulation of dirt creates the perfect environment for bacteria and germs to grow, which pose a health hazard.

This article shares some of the best cleaning tips from pro house cleaners to help you consistently maintain a clean house.

  1. Make a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning 

The cleaning schedule you make should be informed by the cleaning needs of the house. Daily cleaning should involve the cleaning of rooms and surfaces that are frequently used.

Kitchen surfaces and dining tables, for instance, should be cleaned daily. Weekly and monthly cleaning depend on the daily cleaning undertaken in the house as well as how easily dirt accumulates. Bathrooms, for instance, should be cleaned weekly, depending on how often they are accessed. Curtains should be cleaned monthly or every other month.

      2. Organize and plan the cleaning you intend to do 

Plan out all the cleaning you plan to do for the day. This prevents you from getting sidetracked by other cleaning opportunities. Additionally, it easy to classify a task as easy or difficult based on the plan. Depending on how you work you can either start with the easier task or, the more difficult tasks. Whatever the order, clearing the tasks at the top of your list will serve as motivation for working on the rest of the list.

3. Avoid any distractions   

Phones, television or computers are distractions that slow down the cleaning process. Cleaning that would normally take three hours can take up to five hours if you allow yourself to get carried away. This also means you use up more energy than necessary. Putting away these distractions and focusing on the task at hand will make the process go faster and save on energy.

4. Change the soap you use

The kind of soap you use makes a big difference in the outcome and the frequency of cleaning. There is the soap that leaves crusty residue on surfaces after you clean. You should, therefore, use soap with vegetable oil or glycerine because they do not leave any residue. Additionally, they leave floors and walls looking shiny for a longer period.

5. Store cleaning tools together

Cleaning requires different tools and products. You should store these items together and where they are easily accessible and close to where most of the cleaning occurs. The kitchen requires frequent cleaning, and it would therefore not make sense to store cleaning items in bedrooms or outside.

6. Use simple cleaning tools and products


It is cumbersome to have multiple complex products and tools each with a different purpose. It is neither efficient nor cost-effective. You should, therefore, invest in steam cleaner, vacuum cleaner, steam mop, like more tools and products like that are multipurpose in design, tool. They should properly clean different surfaces and successfully clear the varying kinds of dirt found in the house.

7.Use protective cleaning items when necessary

You should make use of rubber gloves and aprons when required. They protect your hands and clothes from harsh chemicals found in some cleaning products. Bleaching agents, for example, have a lasting effect on the skin when used over a long period.

8.   Clean from top to bottom

Follow the top to bottom cleaning method. Shake dust particles, pet hair and fur, crumbs and other particles onto the floor. This makes the cleaning process easier. Cleaning the floor before cleaning other surfaces makes the process tedious and repetitive. Over and above cleaning from top to bottom, clean from back to front. Make use of this method to prevent dirtying parts that have already been cleaned.

9.Do not avoid cleaning the bathtub and showers

Putting off weekly or daily cleaning of the bathtub and showers will eventually lead to very involving deep cleaning which is completely avoidable. Bathtubs and showers need cleaning as frequently as the surfaces that are used often.

10. Finish up cleaning during the day

You should start cleaning early in the day before it gets dark. Darkness makes it difficult to see and clean some types of dirt. Cleaning in darkness further increases the frequency of cleaning done because all the dirt is not properly and completely cleared.

11.   Clean the kitchen after every use

The sections of the kitchen used when preparing food should be cleaned immediately after use. This includes the floor because of any spills and food dropped in the preparation process. The utensils used should also be cleaned and should not be kept aside for cleaning at the end of the week. Cleaning the kitchen after use prevents accumulation of bacteria and leaves the kitchen looking neat and tidy.

12. Invest in microfiber cloths 

There are parts of a room that are hidden and easily forgotten when cleaning. You should make a note of these sections and make a point to clean them. These areas include the floor beneath the carpet, lampshades, and shelves.

13.Pay attention to hidden corners

There are parts of a room that are hidden and easily forgotten when cleaning. You should make a note of these sections and make a point to clean them. These areas include the floor beneath the carpet, lampshades, and shelves.

14.Tidy up daily

Spread the bed immediately after waking up, place worn clothes in the laundry basket, return books on the shelf and clear used utensils from the tables. These are some of the actions you can take to tidy up the house. They take a short amount of time and once completed leave the room looking tidy. Leaving these small tasks undone adds to the cleaning you will do at the end of the day or week.

15. Use products and tools as per the instructions provided

Misusing products and tools such as steam cleaners contrary to the instructions given will lead to the damage of surfaces and materials. This becomes expensive in the long run because of the repairs and replacements needed for any damage done.


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